Lower Austria

Lower Austria is one of the nine states of Austria, located in the northeastern corner of the country. Since 1986, the capital of Lower Austria has been Sankt Pölten, replacing Vienna which became a separate state in 1921. With a land area of 19,186 km2 and a population of 1.612 million people, Lower Austria is the second most populous federal state. Other large cities are Krems an der Donau and Wiener Neustadt. With a land area of 19,186 km2 situated east of Upper Austria, Lower Austria is the country's largest state. Lower Austria derives its name from its downriver location on the Enns River which flows from the west to the east. Lower Austria has an international border, 414 km long, with Slovakia; the state has the second longest external border of all Austrian states. It borders the other Austrian states of Upper Austria and Burgenland as well as surrounding Vienna. Lower Austria is divided into four regions, known as Viertel: Weinviertel or Tertiary Lowland Waldviertel or Bohemian Plateau Mostviertel Industrieviertel.

These regions have different geographical structures. Whilst the Mostviertel is dominated by the foothills of the Limestone Alps with mountains up to 2,000 m high, most of the Waldviertel is a granite plateau; the hilly Weinviertel lies to the northeast, descends to the plains of Marchfeld in the east of the state, is separated by the Danube from the Vienna Basin to the south, which in turn is separated from the Vienna Woods by a line of thermal springs running north to south. Schneeberg Rax Ötscher Dürrenstein Schneealpe Hochkar Gamsstein Stumpfmauer Göller Hochwechsel Gippel Großer Sonnleitstein Großer Zellerhut Gemeindealpe Scheiblingstein Drahtekogel Sonnwendstein Obersberg Königsberg Großer Sulzberg Reisalpe Gahns Tirolerkogel Türnitzer Höger Unterberg Traisenberg Dürre Wand Hohenstein Eisenstein Hohe Wand Großer Peilstein Weinsberg Hocheck Nebelstein Eibl Hohe Mandling Jauerling Anninger Buschberg Other mountains in Lower Austria may be found at Category:Mountains of Lower Austria. Semmering Wechsel The state border with Styria runs over both passes.

All of Lower Austria is drained by the Danube. The only river that flows into the North Sea is the Lainsitz in northern Waldviertel; the most important rivers north of the Danube are the Ysper, Krems, Lainsitz and Thaya. South of the Danube are the Enns, Erlauf, Pielach, Schwechat, Schwarza, Triesting and the Leitha. Ottenstein Reservoir Lunzer See Erlaufsee Erlauf Reservoir Wienerwaldsee Lower Austria is rich in natural caves. Most of the caves are therefore called karst caves. Cavities form in the marble of the Central Alps and the Bohemian Massif. Among the largest caves in Lower Austria are: Ötscherhöhlensystem: 27,003 m long; the history of Lower Austria is similar to the history of Austria. Many castles are located in Lower Austria. Klosterneuburg Abbey, located here, is one of the oldest abbeys in Austria. Before World War II, Lower Austria had the largest number of Jews in Austria; the names Lower Austria and Upper Austria) are derived from the earlier names Austria below the Enns and Austria above the Enns, references to the river Enns.

Going down from its source on the northern edge of the Central Eastern Alps, the river crosses Upper Austria on its lower reaches forms the boundary between Upper Austria and Lower Austria. Lower Austria is divided into four regions: Waldviertel, Mostviertel and Weinviertel; the Wachau valley, situated between Melk and Krems in the Mostviertel region, is famous for its landscape and wine. Administratively, the state is divided into 20 districts, four independent towns. In total, there are 573 municipalities within Lower Austria. Krems an der Donau Sankt Pölten Waidhofen an der Ybbs Wiener Neustadt Amstetten Baden Bruck an der Leitha Gänserndorf Gmünd Hollabrunn Horn Korneuburg Krems-Land Lilienfeld Melk Mistelbach Mödling Neunkirchen Sankt Pölten-Land Scheibbs Tulln an der Donau Waidhofen an der Thaya Wiener Neustadt-Land Zwettl Media related to Lower Austria at Wikimedia Commons Country of Lower Austria - official webpage Lower Austria - official visitor information webpage PhotoGlobe - georeferenced ph

Georges Moreau de Tours

Georges Moreau de Tours was a French history painter and illustrator. His father was the psychiatrist Jacques-Joseph Moreau, who first suggested hemp as a treatment of mental illness, his brother Paul Moreau de Tours became a psychiatrist and criminologist. In 1865 he entered the École des Beaux-Arts, he was a regular exhibitor at the Salon from that time until 1896. In addition to his canvas paintings, he produced three scenes for the wedding chamber at the Town Hall in the Second Arrondissement; the works he illustrated include Marie Tudor. He was awarded the Légion d'honneur in 1892. A street in Bois-le-Roi is named after him, his wife Thérèse was a painter of some note. Bois-le-Roi website: Moreau de Tours family ArtNet: More works by Moreau de Tours

Shadow Falls: After Dark

Shadow Falls: After Dark is a sequel series following the fantasy-themed novels, Shadow Falls, written by author C. C. Hunter; the series centers around 16-year-old teen Della Tsang, who must face new challenges that come with being vampire while on her quest to find her place in the world. The three novels are entitled, Reborn and Unspoken. C. C. Hunter confirmed the continuation of the Shadow Falls series from the perspective of vampire Della Tsang. Reborn follows the events after Chosen at Nightfall. In this novel, Della Tsang will take the lead; the novel was to be released on April 15, 2014. However, the release date was pushed back to May 20. Return to the beloved world of Shadow Falls, a camp that teaches supernatural teens to harness their powers—and where a vampire named Della will discover who she's meant to be. For Della Tsang, Shadow Falls is not just a camp: it is home; as a vampire who's never fit in with her human family, it is the one place she can be herself. But when a mysterious new guy arrives at camp, Della's whole world is thrown into turmoil.

Chase is a vampire with secrets. But the more time she spends with him, the more she begins to trust this attractive stranger—and feel drawn to him, but romance is the last thing she wants—as she keeps telling Steve, the hunky shapeshifter who won't stop trying to win her heart. And if Della isn't careful, he just might succeed; when a new case puts everyone she cares about in danger, Della's determined to do everything she can to save them... if it means teaming up with Steve and Chase, who leave her more confused than ever. With their lives on the line, will Della and her friends survive—with their hearts intact? Eternal follows the events after Reborn. In this novel, Della Tsang will take the lead; the novel released on October 28, 2014. All her life, Della's secret powers have made. Now, she's, at Shadow Falls. With the help of her best friends Kylie and Miranda, she'll try to prove herself in the paranormal world as an investigator—all the while trying to figure out her own heart. Should she choose Chase, a powerful vampire with whom she shares a special bond?

Or Steve, the hot shapeshifter whose kisses make her weak in the knees? When a person with dark connection to her past shows up, it'll help her decide which guy to choose – and make her question everything she knows about herself; the ultimatum in Unspoken takes place. This finale was expected to be released in July 2015, but it was moved to October 27, 2015. Despite her superhuman strength and enhanced senses, Della Tsang's life as a vampire hasn't been easy. Since she was reborn and bound to the mysterious and gorgeous Chase Tallman, but if there's one thing that's always kept Della going, it's her dream of being an elite paranormal investigator. Her newest case is the opportunity she's been waiting for, but as Della tries to solve the twenty year old murder and clear her father's name, she uncovers secrets about the vampire council. And about Chase. Feeling betrayed by all the secrets he's kept hidden from her, Della is determined to keep him as far away from her heart as she can, but she'll need his help to solve the case that will lead them into the darkest and ugliest vampire gangs in town and into the scariest reaches of her heart.

Della Tsang is the protagonist of Shadow Falls: After Dark. A spunky and sassy vampire, her quick wit and verbal comebacks will make, she comes across too blunt with others while always trying to hide her own pain. Her brusqueness is a product of her honesty when a little less truth might have sufficed. Loyal to those she cares about, she'll be there for you in the blink of an eye, she is the main character of the spin-off stories - Turned at Dark and Saved at Sunrise. Steve is a powerful shape-shifter, quiet and determined when he sets his mind on something, he unintentionally downplays his power as a supernatural because his parents raised him to live in the human world. A rule follower by nature, he's learning that sometimes to get what you want, you have to color outside the lines. Chase Tallman is a mysterious and amazingly powerful vampire with more secrets than a rogue were has fleas, who shows up at Shadow Falls and wins Burnett's respect and Della's suspicions. Chan Hon is Della's cousin on her father's side.

He died from the rebirthing virus before the start of the series, his ghost followed Della to make sure she wouldn't lose her life the way he did. Lorraine Baker is the ghost in Reborn, she and her boyfriend are murdered by her ex-boyfriend, Phillip Lance. Her death was confirmed to be the work of a vampire, while blaming on a newly-turned teen, Della discovers the true culprit. Bao Yu Tsang is the ghost in Eternal and Unspoken, she got pregnant at a young age, had to give away her child to preserve her family's reputation. Sometime she was killed by Douglas Stone, her spirit became confused with the memory and blamed Della's father for her murder, because he was pulling out the knife plunged into her chest when she died. Mrs. Chi is an acquaintance of Della's family, she was murdered by a gang of hybrids orchestrated by Douglas Stone. Kylie Galen is the protagonist of the first Shadow Falls series. A chameleon, a ghost whisperer, a protector. One of Della's best friends and confidants, whose compassion and gentle approach to life Della wishes she could emulate.

Miranda Kane is a dyslexic witch whose powers have yet to be mastered. Fun and flirty, the girl has a heart of gold, she is one of Della's best f