Lower Bhavani Project Canal

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Lower Bhavani Project Canal
Lower Bavani canael.JPG
Canal near Perundurai
Length125 miles (201 km)
Branch(es)Thadapalli channel
Arakankottai channel
Branch ofBhavani River

Lower Bhavani Project Canal is a 201-kilometre (125 mi) long irrigation canal which runs in Erode district in Tamil Nadu, India. The canal is a valley-side contour canal, fed by Bhavanisagar Dam and irrigates 2.07 lakh hectares of land.[1][2] The main canal feeds Thadapalli and Arakkankottai channels which irrigate the cultivable lands.[3]The canal was the brainchild M.A Eswaran, member of the legislative assembly of the Erode constituency in the early 1950s.


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