Lycée Français de Madrid

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Lycée Français de Madrid
Liceo Francés de Madrid
Lycée Français de Madrid 01.jpg
Conde de Orgaz (Main) campus
Main: Plaza del Liceo, 1 28043 - Madrid
Saint-Exupéry Campus: Camino Ancho, 85 28109 - Alcobendas Madrid

Lycée Français de Madrid (LFM, Spanish: Liceo Francés de Madrid) is a French international school in Madrid, Spain. It serves levels maternelle (preschool) until lycée (senior high school). It is directly operated by the Agency for French Education Abroad.[1] It has two campuses: the Conde de Orgaz in Hortaleza,[2] northeast Madrid and Saint-Exupéry in La Moraleja, Alcobendas.[3][4] As of 2012 it is the world's largest French international school.[5]


It was established in an apartment on Calle Santa Isabel in 1885, with 50 students. It previously occupied a campus on Calle Marqués de la Ensenada.[5]

In 1980 the Spanish journalist and writer Enrique Meneses (es) wrote a letter to the editor to El País urging for the school to be saved after an announcement came stating that the school may close due to financial difficulties. [6]

The school celebrated its 125th anniversary in 2011.[7]


As of 2009 there were 290 teachers and 100 other employees. The French government provides salaries for the teachers.[5]

As of 2009 base tuition is 800 euros per student[when?] along with course fees which range from 3,700 euros to 4,200 euros per student.[5]


The Conde de Orgaz campus was designed by Spanish architect Alfredo Rodriguez Orgaz and two French architects, Pierre Sonrel and Jean Duthilleul.[8] The Conde de Orgaz campus has five libraries, a theatre, athletic facilities, and computer rooms.[5]

Campuses in the Madrid area

Student body[edit]

As of 2009 about half of the school's 3,945 students were Spanish and about half came from France and other Francophone countries.[5]

In 2012 the Conde de Orgaz campus had 3,500 students.[9]

As of 2009 the alumni association has over 500 members.[5]


The LFM rugby team was established in 1968 by the efforts of Luis Abad "Luison".[10] As of 2012 it was the most common sport among Conde de Orgaz campus students due to rugby's role in the French school curriculum.[9]

Notable alumni[edit]

The alumni include actors, economists, and politicians.[2]

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