M25 motorway

The M25 or London Orbital Motorway is a major road encircling all of Greater London, England. The Dartford Crossing is not part of the motorway; the M25 is one of one of the busiest. The final section was opened by the Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in 1986. Patrick Abercrombie had proposed an orbital motorway around London in the 1944 Greater London Plan, which evolved into the London Ringways project in the early 1960s. By 1966, planning had started on Ringway 3 to the north and Ringway 4 to the south. By the time the first sections opened in 1975, it was decided the ringways would be combined into a single orbital motorway; the M25 was one of the first motorway projects to consider environmental concerns and 40 public inquiries took place. The road was built as planned despite some protest that included the section over the North Downs and around Epping Forest which required an extension of the Bell Common Tunnel. Although the M25 was popular during construction, it became apparent that there was insufficient traffic capacity.

Because of the public inquiries, several junctions served local roads where office and retail developments were built, attracting more traffic onto the M25 than it was designed for. Since opening, the M25 has been progressively widened near Heathrow Airport; the congestion has led to traffic management schemes including variable speed limits and upgrades to smart motorway. The M25 completely encircles Greater London and passes through it to the east. Junctions 1A–5 are in Kent, 6–14 are in Surrey, 15–16 are in Buckinghamshire, 17–25 are in Hertfordshire, 26–31 are in Essex. Policing of the road is carried out by an integrated group made up of the Metropolitan, Thames Valley, Kent and Surrey forces. Primary destinations signed ahead on the motorway include the Dartford Crossing, Gatwick Airport, Heathrow Airport, Stansted Airport and Brentwood. To the east of London the two ends of the M25 are joined to complete a loop by the non-motorway A282 Dartford Crossing of the River Thames between Thurrock and Dartford.

The crossing consists of the four-lane QE2 bridge. With a main span of 450 metres. Passage across the bridge or through the tunnels is subject to a charge between 6 am and 10 pm, its level depending on the kind of vehicle; the road is not under motorway regulations so that other traffic can cross the Thames east of the Woolwich Ferry. At Junction 5, the clockwise carriageway of the M25 is routed off the main north–south dual carriageway onto the main east–west dual carriageway with the main north–south carriageway becoming the A21. In the opposite direction, to the east of the point where the M25 diverges from the main east–west carriageway, that carriageway becomes the M26 motorway. From here to Junction 8, the M25 follows the edge of the North Downs close to several historic buildings such as Chevening, Titsey Place, Hever Castle and Chartwell; the interchange with the M23 motorway near Reigate is a four-level stack. Past this, the M25 runs close to the Surrey Hills AONB. To the west, the M25 passes close to the edge of Heathrow, within sight of Windsor Castle.

North of this, it crosses the Chiltern Main Line under the Chalfont Viaduct, a 19th-century railway bridge. Red kites can be seen overhead to the north of this, up to Junction 21; the northern section of the M25 passes close to All Saints Pastoral Centre near London Colney, Waltham Abbey and Copped Hall. This section features two cut-and-cover tunnels, including the Bell Common Tunnel; the north-eastern section of the motorway passes close to North Ockendon, the only settlement of Greater London situated outside the M25. It runs close to the Rainham Marshes Nature Reserve before reaching the northern end of the Dartford Crossing. In 2004, following an opinion poll, the London Assembly proposed aligning the Greater London boundary with the M25. "Inside the M25" and "outside/beyond the M25" are colloquial, looser alternatives to "Greater London" sometimes used in haulage. The Communications Act 2003 explicitly uses the M25 as the boundary in requiring a proportion of television programmes to be made outside the London area.

Sections of the M25 form part of two long-distance E-roads, designated by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe. The E15, which runs from Inverness to Algeciras, follows the M25 and A282 clockwise from the A1 at junction 23 to the M20 at junction 3; the United Kingdom is formally part of the E-roads network but, unlike in other countries, these routes are not marked on any road signs. The M25 was built as a dual three-lane motorway. Much of this has since been widened to dual four lanes for half, to a dual five-lanes section between Junctions 12 and 14 and a dual six-lane section between Junctions 14 and 15. Further widening is in progress of minor sections with plans for smart motorways in many others. Two motorway service areas are on the M25, two others are directly accessible from it; those on the M25 are Clacket Lane between Junctions 5 and 6 and Cobham betwe

Sunset (Breaking Bad)

"Sunset" is the sixth episode of the third season of the American television drama series Breaking Bad, the 26th overall episode of the series. Written and directed by John Shiban, it aired on AMC in the United States and Canada on April 25, 2010. Walt takes a liking to his new lab assistant Gale. Jesse shows his meth to Badger and Skinny Pete and enlists them to enter the drug trade alongside him again, promising that they won't make the same mistakes which got Combo killed; the two reluctantly agree. Meanwhile, Hank is now conducting surveillance on Jesse due to his connection with Combo, believing that Combo's mother's RV is in his possession, he receives a call from Marie, who suggests that he ask Walt about it due to Walt's previous association with Jesse. Hank takes her advice and calls Walt, asking him if he can recall Jesse owning an RV. Alarmed, Walt realizes that he must now dispose of the RV before Hank can find it; the Cousins show up at Los Pollos Hermanos and sit in a booth, growing impatient and angry that Gus is still standing in the way of them carrying out their hit on Walt.

Gus confronts them and tells them that they will meet at sunset. Walt drives to Clovis' lot, fixing up the RV while chatting with Badger. Walt informs him that they must get rid of it. Clovis tells him about Old Joe, a man who owns a junkyard and will be able to destroy the RV with no questions asked. Badger calls Jesse and tells him that Walt is planning to have the RV destroyed, prompting him to rush to the junkyard. Hank follows him. Walt pays Old Joe to scrap it. An enraged Jesse shows up, Walt, realizes that he has led Hank right to them; the two lock themselves within the RV. Old Joe steps in and tells Hank that an RV is a domicile, therefore he cannot search it without a warrant. Hank relents and phones the DEA office for a warrant. Thinking Walt comes up with a plan to lure him away, he has Saul's secretary call Hank to tell him that Marie has been in a car accident and is being rushed to the hospital in critical condition. Hank leaves the junkyard and rushes to the hospital, but soon after he arrives, he receives a call from Marie and realizes that it was all a hoax.

Seething with anger at having been fooled, Hank realizes. With Hank gone, Old Joe scraps the RV as Jesse watch solemnly. Gus meets with the Cousins at sunset in a remote location, he tells them again that he will not allow them to kill Walt until his business with him has concluded, but gives them his blessing to instead go after the man who pulled the trigger on Tuco: Hank Schrader. The episode was directed by John Shiban. Donna Bowman gave "Sunset" an A. Seth Amitin gave the episode a 9/10, "Amazing", praising the intensity in the climax despite no character being in direct danger. In Breaking Bad 101: The Complete Critical Companion, Alan Sepinwall writes that the conclusion of Sunset is "old-school Breaking Bad", because in the way Jesse and Walt manage to make a bad problem worse, only for Walt to think of an ingenious solution to get out of the situation. In 2019 The Ringer ranked "Sunset" as the 33rd best out of the 62 total Breaking Bad episodes; the episode's original broadcast was viewed by 1.64 million people, a increase from the 1.61 million of the previous episode, "Más".

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Natur all

Natur all is the first studio album released by Serbian hard rock band Cactus Jack. "Model donjeg veša" is a Serbian language cover of U2 song "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me". Album features a cover of Led Zeppelin song "Kashmir". "Kraljica bordela" "Izgubljen raj" "Daleko si, otišla" "Model donjeg veša" "Pod nebom sam sam" "Sada il' nikada" "Voodoo magija" "Mister – twister" "Dama herc" "Kashmir" "Nekada" Stevan Birak – guitar Miodrag Krudulj – bass guitar Vladimir Jezdimirović – vocals Dušan Gnjidić – drums Zoran Samuilov – keyboard EX YU ROCK enciklopedija 1960–2006, Janjatović Petar.