M43 motorway (Hungary)

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M43 motorway shield

M43 motorway
M43 autópálya
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Route information
Part of E 68
Length 57.7 km (35.9 mi)
Major junctions
From M5 (Hu) Otszogletu kek tabla.svg M5 near Szeged
To Csanádpalota
A1-RO.svg A1 border with  Romania
Counties Csongrád
Major cities Szeged, Makó
Highway system

The M43 motorway (Hungarian: M43-as autópálya) is a Hungarian motorway that runs from the junction with the M5 Motorway west of Szeged to the Romanian border at Nagylak via Makó. Since 2015 it connects Hungary with Romania as the first border crossing on a motorway between the two countries.


The M43 motorway runs through the following municipalities:

Openings timeline[edit]

  • 1: Szeged; M5 – Szeged-north (3 km): 2005.12.10.
  • 2/A: Szeged-north – Szeged-Sándorfalva (4.4 km): 2010.04.01.
  • 2/B: Szeged-Sándorfalva – Szeged-Hódmezővásárhely (3.3 km): 2010.10.07.
  • 2/C: Szeged-Hódmezővásárhely – Makó (23.9 km): 2011.04.09.
  • 3: Makó – Csanádpalota (Romania border) (23.1 km): 2015.07.11.

Junctions, exits and rest area[edit]

M5 (Szeged) – Csanádpalota (57.7 km)
Interchange 0 km Budapest / Röszke Border M5 (Hu) Otszogletu kek tabla.svg M5 turns toward -> Budapest or Serbia Motorway-A1-Hex-Green.svg E75-HUN.svg
Bridge 2 km Railway Line 140 (Cegléd-Szeged)
Exit 4 km Szeged-Rókus / Kistelek 5 (Hu) Otszogletu zold tabla.svg
Rest area 5 km Szegedi rest area Hungary road sign F-014.svg
Exit 8 km Szeged-north / Sándorfalva 4519
Bridge 9 km Railway Line 135 (Szeged-Békéscsaba)
Exit 11 km Szeged-Felsőváros / Hódmezővásárhely 47 (Hu) Otszogletu zold tabla.svg
Bridge 16 km Tisza River Ferenc Móra Bridge - 661 m
Exit 19 km Rákóczi telep 4413
Exit 24 km Maroslele 4414
Rest area 31 km Kéthalmi rest area project
Exit 35 km Makó / Hódmezővásárhely 430
Bridge 35 km Railway Line 130 (Szolnok-Makó)
Exit 46 km Apátfalva, Kövegy / Királyhegyes 4425
Rest area 51 km Hungary road sign A-025.svg Szent Gellért rest area, Kövegy under construction
Exit 55 km Nagylak / Csanádpalota, Tótkomlós 4451
Bridge 55 km Railway Line 121 (Békéscsaba-Újszeged)
Rest area 57 km Krak-éri rest area Temporary border crossing
Border control 59 km Csanádpalota (H) – Nădlac (RO) border crossing
A1-RO.svg A1 motorway E68-RO.svg → to Arad, Romania Romania


From February 1, 2016, the M43 motorway is fully charged. The motorway can be used instead of the national sticker with the following county stickers:

Type of vignette Available section
Csongrád County full length (0 km – 57 km)

Significant artifacts[edit]

  • Ferenc Móra Bridge (Móra Ferenc híd; 661 m or 2,169 ft) over Tisza river

European Route(s)[edit]

Name Route
E68-HUN.svg 59 km M5 (Hu) Otszogletu kek tabla.svg junction AB-Kreuz-blau.svg (0) – Romania A1-RO.svg Autostrada A1


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