MLB Network

The MLB Network is an American television sports channel dedicated to baseball. It is owned by Major League Baseball, with AT&T's WarnerMedia News & Sports, Comcast's NBC Sports Group, Charter Communications, Cox Communications having minority ownership; the channel's headquarters and studios are located at their leased facilities in Secaucus, New Jersey, a building owned by Hartz Mountain Industries which housed MSNBC's studios. MLB Network's studios house NHL Network, with some studio sharing, which came under the management of MLB Advanced Media in mid-2015 and transferred most operations from the network's former Toronto home base. Tony Petitti, former executive producer of CBS Sports, was named the network's first president. Petitti served as MLB Network's president until December 2014, when he was appointed as Chief Operating Officer of Major League Baseball. Rob McGlarry, who worked as Senior and Executive Vice-president of Business Affairs at MLB Network since 2009, was named the network's second president.

As of February 2015, MLB Network is available to 69,991,000 pay television households in the United States. Major League Baseball became the fourth major North American professional sports league to launch its own 24-hour cable network. NBA TV dates back to 1999, the NHL Network to 2001, the NFL Network to 2003. However, MLB Network is carried in the most households of these four networks, as it is available on all of the top-ten video operators in the United States. MLB Network soft-launched on December 16, 2008, with a rolling automated loop of archival programming and promotions for the network for cable systems that carried the network's transmissions leading up to the January 1 launch; the channel launched at 6 PM EST with the premiere of Hot Stove. In April 2012, MLB Network's standard definition feed shifted to a 16:9 letterbox format. Both of the network's SD and HD feeds now show the same format. On April 4, 2016, MLB Network debuted a new on-air graphics package optimized for the 16:9 format, replacing the previous on-air look used since the network's New Year's Day 2009 launch.

The network has signed contracts with numerous cable and satellite carriers, including DirecTV, Dish Network, Verizon Fios, Charter, Cox Communications, Time Warner Cable, Bright House Networks, AT&T Uverse. In a deal, pioneered by other sports league owned channels, MLB tied carriage of the MLB Network to the ability to carry the popular out of market MLB Extra Innings package. In return and satellite providers were offered a minority share of the new network. On March 26, 2010, it was announced that satellite radio station MLB Home Plate will be rebranded to MLB Network Radio which will simulcast some MLB Network programs such as MLB Tonight and Hot Stove; the switchover began on the first day of the 2010 MLB season. At launch, no announcement was made about MLB Network availability in Canada, home of the Toronto Blue Jays. Network officials had been in contact with Blue Jays owner Rogers Communications about making MLB Network available in Canada, but emphasized prior to the channel's launch that a deal was not imminent.

In August 2008, Rogers secured Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission approval for a Canadian digital channel tentatively called "Baseball TV". This license could have been used to launch a localized version of MLB Network with domestic advertising and additional Canadian content, along the lines of NBA TV Canada, owned by the parent company of the Toronto Raptors but uses much of the content of the league's U. S. channel NBA TV. It was reported that Rogers intended to pursue this approach to bring MLB Network to Canada. However, the licence was issued on the condition the channel launch by August 2011, which did not occur. Rogers agreed to sponsor MLB Network's request to be added to the CRTC's list of approved foreign television services, which would permit Canadian cable and satellite providers to import the American feed, as has occurred with similar niche-sports services such as Big Ten Network, NFL Network, Golf Channel; the application was published for public comment on June 13, 2012 and was approved on November 21, 2012.

In the interim, the Rogers-owned Sportsnet One aired selected programs from MLB Network, including Quick Pitch and Intentional Talk. MLB Network was added to Rogers Cable systems in Ontario on January 8, 2014, in both standard and high definition. On June 3, 2015, SaskTel announced; as of 2017, it is available on MTS and Vidéotron. On March 23, 2017, MLB Network launched on Bell Fibe TV and Bell TV. Shaw Cable, the dominant carrier in Western Canada, does not offer MLB Network. Mediacom does not offer MLB Network; as of 2018, MLB Network is carried nationwide in Canada on the DAZN streaming service. The 720p high-definition simulcast of MLB Network launched to the regular channel. After much discussion, MLB Network decided to use the 720p format instead of 1080-line-interlace because it believes 720p shows the motion of baseball more and will degrade less when recompressed by cable operators to save bandwidth; as Mark Haden says: "That's our best shot of maintaining quality to viewers." All studio programs and original shows are shot in HD, as well as all self-produced games such as those of the 2009 World Baseball Classic and Thursday Night Baseball, as well as simulcasted locally produced games.

The network remastered 30 World Series films


TMZ on TV is an American syndicated entertainment and gossip news television show that premiered on September 10, 2007. It is a television version of its sister operation, TMZ, a news website with a heavy emphasis on gossip of celebrities' personal lives, which debuted in December 2005; the television program is produced at studio facilities that serve as the headquarters for the parent website, located at 13031 West Jefferson Boulevard in Los Angeles, California. TMZ is an insider term. On October 23, 2013, Warner Bros. Television Distribution announced that the program's charter station group, Fox Television Stations, renewed TMZ on TV through the 2016–17 season. TMZ on TV is broadcast in two formats: the weekday edition is broadcast as a half-hour program. Unlike most entertainment news programs, TMZ on TV does not use a format of anchors in a studio delivering the stories and correspondents reporting on many of the stories in each edition; the series delivers most of its stories in a humorous manner about certain celebrities, features tongue-in-cheek jokes and double entendres, though more serious entertainment stories – which appear on the program sparingly – warrant a serious tone.

Pieces feature archived clips from television series and movies for comedic effect, though they may sometimes be used to reference a project that an entertainer is known for performing in. Many pieces are shown in the "man on the street"-type question and answer format synonymous with paparazzi, though some celebrities do not answer certain questions asked to them by the videographer. In lieu of regular daily segments such as a rumor mill segment, the program shows recurring segments that appear over several episodes that feature a humorous or satirical introduction. Harvey Levin – executive producer Adam Glyn – comedian, camera guy from NYC Ben Mankiewicz – former co-host of the Air America/XM radio show The Young Turks. On October 2, 2007, IESB reported that a number of production photos and sensitive documents pertaining to the production budget had been stolen from Steven Spielberg's production office. According to IESB, obtained some of the stolen property and was on the verge of running the story on the TV show until Paramount lawyers stepped in.

After IESB broke the story, TMZ on TV broadcast details about the Indiana Jones production budget on the October 3, 2007, program. On August 26, 2009, 3rd Degree Films released a pornographic parody film based on TMZ called TM Sleaze, featuring Ron Jeremy, Lisa Ann, Tori Black, Faye Reagan. Originating in 2009 on the short-lived NBC primetime talk show The Jay Leno Show and used from 2010–2014 on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, comedian Mikey Day performs a sketch called "JMZ". "Weird Al" Yankovic wrote a song in 2011, "TMZ", about the website and TV show on his album Alpocalypse. A 2016 episode of Inside Amy Schumer titled "Madame President" opens with a parody of TMZ called "AMZ". A Progressive Insurance commercial did a parody of the show called "Look! Famous People!" in which the photographers all take pictures of spokeswoman Flo doing her grocery shopping catch her in a car with a man whom they assume to be her new boyfriend. In Canada, TMZ is shown on E!. In Australia it was broadcast on cable/satellite channel Arena until October 2008.

It began broadcasting on the digital-only free-to-air channel GO! on August 9, 2009. The show was taken off the air in September

Acarospora schleicheri

Acarospora schleicheri, the soil paint lichen, is a bleached to bright yellow areolate to squamulose lichen that grows to 10 cm on soil in arid habitats of southern California and Baja California in Europe and Africa. It produces rhizocarpic acid as a secondary metabolite, which gives it a yellow coloration and serves to protect it from the sun, its lower surface is yellow. It can be greenish. Roundish, angular, or irregularly shaped squamules are 0.5–4 mm in diameter. There are 0–1 apothecia embedded in the thallus, with 0.4–1.2 mm roundish black to reddish-brown, or dark brown discs, which sometimes fill the areola so as to be lecanorine. It divides vegetatively on the soil. Asci have 100 or more spherical to ellipsoid spores. Lichen spot tests are negative, it is UV+ orange under ultraviolet light. Acarospora schleicheri in Index Fungorum