Nick van der Lijke

Nick van der Lijke is a Dutch racing cyclist, who rides for UCI ProTeam Riwal Readynez. 2012 1st Overall Tour de Gironde 1st Stage 12013 1st Beverbeek Classic 1st Overall Kreiz Breizh Elites 1st Stage 22016 3rd Overall Tour des Fjords 1st Young rider classification2017 3rd Volta Limburg Classic 2018 9th Overall Okolo Slovenska 10th Overall Deutschland Tour 2019 3rd Veenendaal–Veenendaal Classic 10th Overall Tour de Yorkshire 10th Druivenkoers Overijse Nick van der Lijke at ProCyclingStats

Blade Heart

Blade Heart is a Hong Kong television series released on 12 March 2004 by TVB. Ling Fung and Tong Bik are a married couple belonging to a clan of famous japanese and chinese sword smiths, however one night their extended family are massacred, their riches seized and their reputations ruined; each believing themselves the sole remaining survivor of the attack, Ling Fung and Tong Bik, each individually plot their revenge. Ling Fung becomes a masked swordsman, an enforcer for a powerful eunuch faction at court, promised that if he serves loyally he will be aided in his revenge. Tong Bik remarries into a family of caravan guards and seeks to use jianghu instead of being wandering connections to find and destroy her enemy; as the path of the two cross again decades Ling Fung comes to realise that he has become the puppet of the man who destroyed his family and happiness. However to take his revenge Ling Fung must now first remove the eunuch's new puppet, Mang Lui and Tong Bik's son, who they had both long given up for dead.

Note: Some of the characters' names are in Cantonese romanisation. Adam Cheng as Ling Fung / Yu Man-fung Liza Wang as Tong Bik / Mrs Wong Raymond Lam as Mang Lui / Captain Cho Ngan Shirley Yeung as Wong Yee Mimi Lo as Chun Wai Yeung Suet as Sima Ping-ting Carlo Ng as Sima Siu-yiu Gregory Lee as Ho Fei Lo Hoi-pang as Fung Bo / Fung Kung-kung Olivia Fu as Chun Mui Wong Shu-kei as Lau Sin-leung Zhang Heng as Wong Hap Chan Hung-lit as Cheung Sing / Eunuch Yu Yeung as Ho Kwan Chen Zhihui as Fo Sang Information and lyrics of theme songs