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Margaret the Virgin

Margaret, known as Margaret of Antioch in the West, as Saint Marina the Great Martyr in the East, is celebrated as a saint on 20 July in the Western Rite Orthodox, Roman Catholic and Anglican Churches, on 17 July by the Eastern-Rite Orthodox Church and on Epip 23 and Hathor 23 in the Coptic Churches. Said to have been martyred in 304, she was declared apocryphal by Pope Gelasius I in 494, but devotion to her revived in the West with the Crusades, she was reputed to have promised powerful indulgences to those who wrote or read her life, or invoked her intercessions. Margaret is one of the Fourteen Holy Helpers, is one of the saints who spoke to Joan of Arc. According to the version of the story in Golden Legend, she was a native of Antioch and the daughter of a pagan priest named Aedesius, her mother having died soon after her birth, Margaret was nursed by a Christian woman five or six leagues from Antioch. Having embraced Christianity and consecrated her virginity to God, Margaret was disowned by her father, adopted by her nurse, lived in the country keeping sheep with her foster mother.

Olybrius, Governor of the Roman Diocese of the East, asked to marry her, but with the demand that she renounce Christianity. Upon her refusal, she was cruelly tortured, during which various miraculous incidents occurred. One of these involved being swallowed by Satan in the shape of a dragon, from which she escaped alive when the cross she carried irritated the dragon's innards; the Golden Legend describes this last incident as "apocryphal and not to be taken seriously". As Saint Marina, she is associated with the sea, which "may in turn point to an older goddess tradition", reflecting the pagan divinity, Aphrodite; the Eastern Orthodox Church knows Margaret as Saint Marina, celebrates her feast day on 17 July. She has been identified with Saint Pelagia, "Marina" being the Latin equivalent of the Greek "Pelagia" who—according to her hagiography by James, the deacon of Heliopolis—had been known as "Margarita". We possess no historical documents on Saint Margaret as distinct from Saint Pelagia.

The Greek Marina came from Antioch in Pisidia. The story was summarized in the 9th-century martyrology of Rabanus Maurus if it was too fantastic for many clergy. In 1222, the Council of Oxford added her to the list of feast days, so her cult acquired great popularity. Many versions of the story were told in 13th-century England, in Anglo-Norman and Latin, more than 250 churches are dedicated to her in England, most famously, St. Margaret's, the parish church of the British Houses of Parliament in London. In art, she is pictured escaping from, or standing above, a dragon, she is recognized as a saint by the Roman Catholic Church, being listed as such in the Roman Martyrology for 20 July. She was included from the 12th to the 20th century among the saints to be commemorated wherever the Roman Rite was celebrated, but was removed from that list because of the fabulous character of the stories told of her; every year on Epip 23 the Coptic Orthodox church celebrates her martyrdom day, on Hathor 23 the Coptic church celebrates the dedication of a church to her name.

Saint Mary church in Cairo holds a relic believed to be Margaret's right hand moved from the Angel Michael Church following its destruction in the 13th century AD. It is displayed to visitors on her feast days. Saint Marina the Monk and Saint Pelagia, both of whom are sometimes conflated or confused with Margaret Acta Sanctorum, July, v. 24–45 Bibliotheca hagiographica. La/ma, n. 5303–53r3 Frances Arnold-Forster, Studies in Church Dedications, i. 131–133 and iii. 19. This article incorporates text from a publication now in the public domain: Chisholm, Hugh, ed.. "Margaret, St". Encyclopædia Britannica. 17. Cambridge University Press. P. 700. Saint Margaret and the Dragon links Middle English life of St. Margaret of Antioch, edited with notes by Sherry L. Reames Book of the Passion of Saint Margaret the Virgin, with the Life of Saint Agnes, Prayers to Jesus Christ and to the Virgin Mary Catholic Online: Saint Margareth of Antioch The Life of St. Margaret of Antioch

Market value

Market value or OMV is the price at which an asset would trade in a competitive auction setting. Market value is used interchangeably with open market value, fair value or fair market value, although these terms have distinct definitions in different standards, may or may not differ in some circumstances. International Valuation Standards defines market value as "the estimated amount for which a property should exchange on the date of valuation between a willing buyer and a willing seller in an arm’s-length transaction after proper marketing wherein the parties had each acted knowledgeably and without compulsion". Market value is a concept distinct from market price, "the price at which one can transact", while market value is "the true underlying value" according to theoretical standards; the concept is most invoked in inefficient markets or disequilibrium situations where prevailing market prices are not reflective of true underlying market value. For market price to equal market value, the market must be informationally efficient and rational expectations must prevail.

Mocciaro Li Destri, Picone & Minà have underscored the subtle but important difference between the firms’ capacity to create value through correct operational choices and valid strategies, on the one hand, the epiphenomenal manifestation of variations in stockholder value on the financial markets. In this perspective, they suggest to implement new methodologies able to bring strategy back into financial performance measures. Market value is distinct from fair value in that fair value depends on the parties involved, while market value does not. For example, IVS notes fair value "requires the assessment of the price, fair between two specific parties taking into account the respective advantages or disadvantages that each will gain from the transaction. Although market value may meet these criteria, this is not always the case. Fair value is used when undertaking due diligence in corporate transactions, where particular synergies between the two parties may mean that the price, fair between them is higher than the price that might be obtainable in the wider market.

In other words "special value" may be generated. Market value requires this element of "special value" to be disregarded, but it forms part of the assessment of fair value; the term is used in real estate appraisal, since real estate markets are considered both informationally and transactionally inefficient. Real estate markets are subject to prolonged periods of disequilibrium, such as in contamination situations or other market disruptions. Appraisals are performed under some set of assumptions about transactional markets, those assumptions are captured in the definition of value used for the appraisal; the definition set forth for U. S. federally regulated lending institutions is used, although other definitions may be used under some circumstances: "The most probable price which a property should bring in a competitive and open market under all conditions requisite to a fair sale, the buyer and seller each acting prudently and knowledgeably, assuming the price is not affected by undue stimulus.

Implicit in this definition is the consummation of a sale as of a specified date and the passing of title from seller to buyer under conditions whereby: the buyer and seller are motivated. The Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice requires that when market value is the applicable definition, the appraisal must contain an analysis of the highest and best use as well as an estimation of exposure time. All states require mandatory licensure of appraisers, it is important to note that USPAP does not require that all real estate appraisals be performed based on a single definition of market value. Indeed, there are frequent situations when appraisers are called upon to appraise properties using other value definitions. If a value other than market value is appropriate, USPAP only requires that the appraiser provide both the definition of value being used and the citation for that definition. Market value is the most used type of value in real estate appraisal in the United States because it is required for all federally regulated mortgage transactions, because it has been accepted by US courts as valid.

However, real estate appraisers use many other definitions of value in other situations. Liquidation value is the most probable price that a specified interest in real property is to bring under all of the following conditions: Consummation of a sale will occur within a limited future marketing period specified by the client; the actual market conditions prevailing are those to which the appraise property interest is subject. The buyer is acting knowledgeably; the seller is under extreme compulsion to sell. The buyer is motivated; the buyer is acting in what she considered his or her best interest. A limited marketing effort and time will be allowed for the completion of the sale. Payment will be

Coseley railway station

Coseley railway station is located in the Coseley area of the borough of Dudley, West Midlands, England. It is situated on the Rugby-Birmingham-Stafford branch of the West Coast Main Line; the station, all trains serving it, are operated by West Midlands Trains. The present Coseley station opened in 1902, it replaced an earlier station, named Deepfields and Coseley, which opened in 1852 and was situated 400 yards along the track. Coseley is served by three trains per hour during the day, one of which runs an express service to and from Birmingham New Street which serves Liverpool Lime Street; the main services are the local all stopping services to Walsall via Birmingham New Street. These services terminate at Wolverhampton on the return. Train times and station information for Coseley railway station from National Rail Rail Around Birmingham: Coseley railway station

AFP Eastern Mindanao Command

The Eastern Mindanao Command, known as the EastMinCom, is one of the Armed Forces of the Philippines' Wide Support Commands advocating the Culture of Peace in Mindanao. LtGen Rodolfo S. Obaniana AFP LtGen Cardozo M Luna AFP MGen Armando L Cunanan AFP LtGen Raymundo Escoba AFP LtGen Arthur Tabaquero AFP LtGen Jorge V Segovia AFP LtGen Ricardo Ranier G Cruz III AFP LtGen Aurelio Bartolome Baladad AFP LtGen Rey Leonardo Guerrero AFP LtGen Benjamin Madrigal AFP LtGen Felimon T. Santos Jr. LtGen Jose C. Faustino Jr; the following are the units. 4th Infantry Division, PA 6th Infantry Division, PA relinquished to WestMinCom January 2013 10th Infantry Division, PA Naval Forces Eastern Mindanao, PN Joint Task Force Jaribon, Eastern Mindanao Command, AFP 52nd Engineer Brigade, PA Tactical Operations Wing Easter Mindanao, PAF Tactical Operations Groups 10 & 11, PAF 5th Civil Relations Group, AFP Military Intelligence Groups 11 & 16, ISAFP 10th, 11th, 12th, 15th Regional Community Defense Groups, ARESCOM 22nd Infantry Division, PA 5th & 7th Air Reserve Center, PAF Naval Reserve Center Eastern Mindanao, PN Peace and Development Outreach in Communities to enlighten the people about NPA Propaganda Units' deception and exploitation Protect the Peace Process Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Response Operations EastMinCom Facebook

Everybody Knows (Leonard Cohen song)

"Everybody Knows" is a song written by Canadian singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen and collaborator Sharon Robinson. It has been covered and used in soundtracks. "Everybody Knows" was first released on Cohen's album I'm Your Man, February 1988. Five minutes, 37 seconds in duration, "Everybody Knows" is known for its somber tone and repetition of the title at the beginning of most verses. Featuring phrases such as "Everybody knows that the dice are loaded" and "Everybody knows that the good guys lost", "Everybody Knows" has been variously described by critics as "bitterly pessimistic" yet funny, or, more a "bleak prophecy about the end of the world as we know it." The lyrics include references to AIDS, social problems, relationship and religious issues. "Everybody Knows" has been used in television and film. Allan Moyle's 1990 film Pump Up the Volume features the song prominently. A favorite of protagonist Mark Hunter, Cohen's song is played from an on-screen phonograph several times during Mark's clandestine broadcasts.

A cover by Concrete Blonde is used at the film's end, it is this cover version that made it onto the film's soundtrack album rather than Cohen's version. Cohen's original version was featured prominently in Atom Egoyan's 1994 film Exotica, as the theme music of exotic dancer Christina when she performs at the club of the film's title; the soundtrack album for Exotica, featuring music composed by Mychael Danna, does not include Cohen's recording of this song, either. It plays during the credits of the 2016 movie War Dogs and of the 2015 movie The Program. Don Henley's version is heard in episode 219 of the television series Judging Amy, which aired in 2001; the Concrete Blonde version was featured in the third episode of the first season of Dirty Sexy Money entitled the "Italian Banker". "Everybody Knows" was used in a June 2008 anti-smoking advertisement commissioned by the New South Wales government in Australia with the theme "everybody knows smoking causes these diseases... yet you still do it".

A cover of the song by Sigrid plays during the opening credits of Justice League. Cohen's version plays at the end of the Netflix documentary series The Staircase. Like many of Cohen's songs, "Everybody Knows" has been covered by several artists Concrete Blonde, in the film Pump Up the Volume, the TV series Dirty Sexy Money at the end of the third episode of the first season, on their compilation album Still in Hollywood Rufus Wainwright, in Lian Lunson's documentary film Leonard Cohen: I'm Your Man David Ford covered this song live on each date of his January tour and recorded it as the B-side to the single "I'm Alright Now" Claus Hempler, on the Danish compilation På Danske Læber, including 15 other Danish covers of Cohen's songs Sharon Robinson herself, on her debut CD of the same title Stephen Stills and Judy Collins, as the title track to their album of the same name Don Henley ends the "Actual Miles" album with this song Lyrics of this song at MetroLyrics


WROU-FM is an Urban Adult Contemporary radio station at 92.1 FM licensed to West Carrollton, Ohio serving the Dayton area and owned and operated by Alpha Media. WROU is Dayton's affiliate of The Steve Harvey Morning Show, its studios are located in Kettering and its transmitter is in west Dayton. WROU was founded by Ro Nita Hawes-Saunders, an educator and dancer, once an on-air personality at WDAO, in 1991. At the start, it was a typical locally owned Mainstream Urban with live airstaffers until Radio One purchased the station in 2003, after several years of resisting offers to sell the outlet and to fight off bankruptcy. Since the sale of WROU Hawes-Saunders continued to work with the Dayton Contemporary Dance Company as its executive director and serves as a board member of Parents Advancing Choice in Education, Inc., formed in 1998 to help assist families who seek to exercise education choice for their children while helping schools adopt strategies for improvement. Her life as a radio station owner was profiled in 2009 in the syndicated television series "Lifestyles with Rebecca."After Radio One took over the ownership of WROU, it adjusted the format to its current Urban AC presentation due to having WDHT taking the younger demos with its R&B/Hip-Hop heavy Rhythmic product.

WROU was known as WRNB after the sale, but went back to the original calls in 2004. WRNB was at 96.9 FM and licensed to Troy as satellite-formatted "Solid Gold Soul" and was at one time the sister station to WROU, now Contemporary Christian formatted WYDA "K-LOVE". The WRNB calls are now used for Radio One's Urban AC FM station in Philadelphia. On May 17, 2007 Philadelphia-based Main Line Broadcasting announced the acquisition of Radio One's stations in the Dayton and Louisville market areas. Main Line took over the Dayton stations on September 14, 2007. In 2014 Main Line would be acquired by Alpha Media, thus becoming the new owners of WROU and its sister stations in the Dayton cluster. Stan "The Man" Boston Marco Simmons Ebony Foxx Bob Summers Lee Stephens L. A. Rene Ready Action Indigo Blue D. J. SKNO "The Professor" Chris Taylor Theo Smith WROU 92.1 Query the FCC's FM station database for WROU Radio-Locator information on WROU Query Nielsen Audio's FM station database for WROU