Mariano Ponce

Mariano Ponce, was a Filipino physician and active member of the Propaganda Movement. In Spain, he was among the founders of Asociacion Hispano-Filipino. Among his significant works was Efemerides Filipinas, a column on historical events in the Philippines which appeared in La Oceania Española and El Ideal, he wrote Ang Wika at a discussion on the importance of a national language. He served as Bulacan's representative to the Philippine Assembly. Ponce was born in Bulacan where he completed his primary education, he enrolled at the Colegio de San Juan de Letran and took up medicine at the University of Santo Tomas. In 1881, he traveled to Spain to continue his medical studies at the Universidad Central de Madrid. There he joined Marcelo del Pilar, Graciano López Jaena, José Rizal and other Propagandists in an anti-Spaniard movement; this espoused Filipino representation in the Spanish Cortes and reforms in the Spanish colonial authorities of the Philippines. He was the co-founder of La Solidaridad with fellow co-founder Graciano López Jaena.

Ponce was the head of the Literary Section of the Asociacion Hispano-Filipina, created to aid the Propaganda Movement where he served as secretary. In La Solidaridad, his works included daily editorials on history, politics and travel, he created himself many alias as well. His most common names are his nickname. Ponce was imprisoned when the revolution broke out in August 1896 and was imprisoned for forty eight hours before being released. Fearing another arrest, he fled to France and went to Hong Kong where he joined a group of Filipinos and Filipino-Chinese, who served as the international front of the Philippine revolution. In 1898, Emilio Aguinaldo chose him to represent the First Philippine Republic. Ponce was tasked to draft a framework of the revolutionary government. In 1898, Emilio Aguinaldo selected him as a representative of the First Republic to Japan, he traveled to Japan to seek purchase weapons. During his stay he met with First President of the Chinese Republic. Through discussions and negotiations, Dr. Sun and Ponce became close friends.

Dr. Sun introduces Ponce to a Filipino-Japanese man named José Ramos Ishikawa, who assists Ponce in purchasing weapons and munitions for the revolution, but the shipment did not reach the Philippines due to a typhoon off the coast of Formosa. Mariano returned to Manila with his wife, a Japanese girl named Okiyo Udanwara. In 1909, he was made director of "El Renacimiento", he joined the "Nacionalista Partido" and established "El Ideal", the party's official organization. Ponce ran for a seat in the Philippine Assembly and was elected assemblyman for the second district of Bulacan. Ponce wrote his memoirs, "Cartas Sobre La Revolución", he died in the Government Civil Hospital in Hong Kong, on May 23, 1918, his remains were interred in the Cementerio del Norte, Manila. He is interred in the Ponce family mausoleum in Baliwag, according to local historian Rolando Villacorte. Brando Dimagiba. Mariano Ponce: Founder of La Solidaridad Mariano Ponce: Founder of La Solidaridad Mariano Ponce Timeline Scans of the Cartas Sobre La Revolución

List of Barbados hurricanes

This is a list of hurricanes in Barbados. September 2, 1951: Hurricane Hosa passes 60 miles to the north. October 5, 1954: Hurricane Hazel passes 45 miles to the south. September 22, 1955: Hurricane Janet passes miles to the south-east as a Category 2 hurricane. August 30, 1958: Hurricane Ella passes 50 miles to the north. July 10, 1960: Hurricane Abby smashes the coast hard. September 25, 1963: Hurricane Edith passes 30 miles to the north as a Category 2 hurricane. August 28, 1965: Hurricane Betsy passes 40 miles to the north-east as a tropical depression. September 29, 1966: Tropical Storm Judith passes 20 miles to the north. All these hurricanes passed within 65 miles of the island's center. September 6, 1967: Hurricane Beulah passes 25 miles to the north as a tropical depression. September 25, 1968: Unnamed storm, 1968 passes 20 miles to the south as a tropical depression. July 26, 1969: Unnamed Storm, 1969 makes landfall as a tropical depression. October 1, 1970: Unnamed Storm, 1970 passes 25 miles to the north as a tropical depression.

August 20, 1970: Tropical Storm Dorothy passes 45 miles to the north as a tropical storm. September 13, 1971: Hurricane Irene-Olivia passes 50 miles to the south as a tropical depression. August 19, 1971: Tropical Storm Chloe passes 40 miles to the north as a tropical depression. October 2, 1974: Hurricane Gertrude passes 55 miles to the south as a tropical storm. October 7, 1976: Unnamed Storm, 1976 passes 60 miles to the north-west as a tropical depression. August 8, 1978: Unnamed storm, 1978 makes landfall as a tropical depression. August 29, 1979: Hurricane David passes 75 miles to the north-east. June 23, 1979: Tropical Storm Ana passes 60 miles to the north as a tropical storm. August 4, 1980: Hurricane Allen makes landfall as a major Category 3 hurricane, it causes $6 million in damage. 129 mile per hour winds battered the island. Over 500 homes were destroyed. Amazingly, no deaths were reported. July 23, 1983: Unnamed Storm, 1983 passes 15 miles to the north. July 25, 1984: Unnamed Storm, 1984 passes 50 miles to the north.

September 8, 1986: Tropical Storm Danielle passes 65 miles to the south. Septer 21, 1987 Hurricane Emily passes 50 miles to the south. September 9, 1988 Hurricane Gilbert passes 75 miles to the north-east. August 14, 1993: Tropical Storm Cindy passes 60 miles to the north. September 9, 1994: Tropical Storm Debby passes 20 miles to the north. September 14, 1995: Hurricane Marilyn passes 50 miles to the north-east. August 25, 1995 Hurricane Iris passes 70 miles to the north. October 4, 2001 Hurricane Iris passes 25 miles to the south. October 7, 2001: Tropical Storm Jerry passes 30 miles to the south-west. September 23, 2002: Hurricane Lili passes 45 miles to the south. August 4, 2004: Tropical Storm Bonnie passes 20 miles to the north. September 7, 2004: Hurricane Ivan passes to the south. August 17, 2007: Hurricane Dean passes 65 miles to the north. September 1, 2007: Hurricane Felix passes 70 miles to the south. October 30, 2010 – Hurricane Tomas skirts the southern coast of Barbados as a strong tropical storm.

Upon striking the island and the rest of the Windward archipelago, Tomas becomes the latest hurricane on record in a calendar year to impact the region. At Grantley Adams International Airport, a wind gust of 105 mph is documented; the same station measured 11.56 in of rain. The strong winds knock down power lines and damage homes. Overall damage amounts to US$8.5 million. August 3, 2012 – Hurricane Ernesto passes 35 mi northwest of Barbados, though despite its proximity, brings minimal effects to the island. August 18, 2017 - Hurricane Harvey made landfall as a storm. Winds left residents throughout Barbados without electricity, with the majority of outages occurring in Christ Church, Saint Joseph, Saint Lucy, Saint Michael provinces. Flooding washed one house off its foundation, while water entered some houses, forcing some people to evacuate. Bridges in Saint Andrew and Saint Joseph were damaged. Additionally, a fuel depot in Speightstown was flooded. Winds from Harvey ripped the roof off of a church

The Darkness (film)

The Darkness is a 2016 American supernatural horror film, directed by Greg McLean and co-written by McLean, Shayne Armstrong, Shane Krause. The film stars Kevin Bacon, Radha Mitchell, David Mazouz, Lucy Fry, Matt Walsh, Jennifer Morrison, Ming-Na Wen and Parker Mack; the film is about a family who visits the Grand Canyon and brings home a supernatural force that feeds off their fears and takes over their lives. Filming ended in May the same year. Blumhouse Tilt and High Top Releasing released the film on May 13, 2016, it grossed $10.9 million against a $4 million budget. Peter and Bronny Taylor go on a vacation to the Grand Canyon in Arizona with Stephanie, their teenage daughter, Mikey, their adolescent autistic son. Mikey discovers a small Kiva cavern, where he finds black rocks with symbols on them, he takes the rocks. When the Taylors return home, strange things begin to happen. Bronny finds that the kitchen taps keep turning on, Stephanie sees handprints on a steamy mirror, both of which Mikey blames on “Jenny”.

After Stephanie gets home from school, she puts it under her bed. Bronny catches her, she and Peter learn that Stephanie has been throwing up for a while, they take Stephanie to a hospital for help. Bronny's mother finds Mikey trying to kill her cat, much to Peter’s disbelief. At home, Bronny searches online for answers to the strange activity and learns about the Anasazi Indians, who have believed that demons were bound to rocks hidden in caves. If the rocks are taken, the demons take the shape of a crow, coyote and buffalo; the family has had encounters with a crow and a snake. The demons connect to young children who are dragged into their world, triggering an event known as'The Darkness'; the only way they can be banished is if the rocks are returned to where they were found by someone, not afraid. Bronny finds a wall on fire in Mikey's room, they find Mikey covered in black marks from the fire, with blood pouring from his mouth. That night, Bronny has a nightmare of a wolf. Depressed, she starts drinking.

In Mikey's room, the fire-damaged part of the wall is revealed to be a portal. Stephanie begins being choked by handprints appearing all over her body. In the tree house, Peter sees a coyote, sees the shadow of a demon in Stephanie's window; the force stops choking Stephanie. Peter breaks down Mikey's bathroom door, finds him with marks all over the walls and ceiling. Peter calls a number given to him by his boss, it is a woman named Teresa, said to perform spiritual healings. Teresa comes over with her granddaughter named Gloria; as they cleanse the house and Gloria go into Mikey's room, note that this is where the real evil lives. They recite a chant; when they realize Mikey's gone, the family races upstairs. Peter sees Mikey walking into the portal with the demons, he finds the stones and follows Mikey into the portal, but can't set the stones down due to his fear. He offers to swap places with Mikey but Mikey ends the event of'The Darkness' by picking the stones up and putting them back down, saying that he is not afraid.

The demons have been banished, Peter and Mikey jump out of the portal together. It disappears, Gloria declares that the house is clean of evil energy as Peter and his family reunite together. Kevin Bacon as Peter Taylor Radha Mitchell as Bronny Taylor David Mazouz as Michael Taylor Lucy Fry as Stephanie Taylor Matt Walsh as Gary Carter Jennifer Morrison as Joy Carter Ming-Na Wen as Wendy Richards Parker Mack as Andrew Carter Trian Long-Smith as Sammy Levin Paul Reiser as Simon Richards Ilza Rosario Ponko as Gloria Ortega Tara Lynne Barr as Kat Judith McConnell as Trish Krista Marie Yu as Tasha Alma Martinez as Teresa Morales A. J. Tannen as H. Quinlan On February 25, 2014, Kevin Bacon and Radha Mitchell signed on to star in the film. On March 5, director Greg McLean stated, "The story is based on a true story, relayed to me first-hand many years ago about an actual haunting." On April 11, David Mazouz was added to the film. On May 6, Ming-Na Wen joined the cast of the film, on May 7, Lucy Fry was added to the cast to play Stephanie, the Taylor family's daughter.

Trian Long-Smith joined the film on the same day, to play Sammy Levin, the savvy and flirtatious intern working for Peter Taylor’s character. On May 9, Matt Walsh joined the cast of the film. Parker Mack joined the film. On May 14, Jennifer Morrison was added to the cast to play Joy Carter, Gary's wife and a mother of a child. Principal photography began in April 2014 in Los Angeles, ended in May 2014; the film was shot with the camera Arri Alexa Plus 4:3. On June 2, 2014, Johnny Klimek was hired to score the film; the Darkness was projected to gross $3–5 million from 1,755 theaters in its opening weekend. The film grossed $2.1 million on its first day. It went on to gross $4.9 million in its opening weekend, finishing 4th at the box office, behind Captain America: Civil War, The Jungle Book, fellow newcomer Money Monster. On Rotten Tomatoes, the film has a rating of 3%, based on 32 reviews, with an average rating of 2.7/10. The site's consensus reads, "The Darkness clumsily relies on an assortment of genre tropes, leaving only the decidedly non-frightening ghost of superior horror films in its wake."

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