Marlene Schmidt

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Marlene Schmidt
Born (1937-11-11) November 11, 1937 (age 80)
Breslau, Germany
(now Wrocław, Poland)
Height 5 ft 8 in (1.73 m)
Title Miss Baden-Württemberg 1961
Miss Germany 1961
Miss Universe 1961

Marlene Schmidt (born 1937) is a German actress, TV host and beauty queen who won the 1961 Miss Universe beauty pageant.

Born in Breslau, Germany and raised in East Germany, where she earned a masters degree in engineering, in 1960, she and her family moved to Stuttgart in West Germany. In 1961, she entered the state pageant of Baden-Württemberg in the hope of winning the car that was offered as prize, from there, she went on to represent her state in the national pageant in Baden-Baden, where she was crowned Miss Germany 1961. She then went on to win the Miss Universe pageant against 47 other participants, she was at that time the tenth consecutive German entrant to reach the semifinals of the event (then a record) and is the first (and to date only) German to be crowned Miss Universe.

In 1962, Schmidt became the third of eight wives of the American actor Ty Hardin, they settled in the United States. The marriage lasted until 1966, they had one daughter, Schmidt's only child.

From 1972 to 1986, Schmidt was involved in the movie industry, where she acquired credits as actress, producer and writer in eleven productions. None of the films achieved particular merit for plot or other production values apart from generally offering a liberal dose of female nudity, albeit the 1972 skin-fest The Stepmother distinguished itself by receiving an Oscar nomination for its musical score.

Eventually Schmidt returned to Germany, where she lives in Saarbrücken.[1]


Marlene Schmidt was involved in the following movies as actress and producer:

¹ actress and producer
² additional writing credit


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