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Martin Eugen Ekström
Martin Ekström 1887-1954.jpg
Martin Ekström
Born (1887-12-06)6 December 1887
By, Sweden
Died 28 December 1954(1954-12-28) (aged 67)
Helsinki, Finland
Allegiance  Sweden
 German Empire
Years of service (1905 - 1941)
Rank Sergeant (Swedish Army)
Captain (Swedish Gendarmerie)
Oberleutnant (Imperial German Army)
Colonel (Estonian Army)
Lieutenant colonel (Finnish Army)
Unit Swedish Army (1905 - 1911)
Swedish Gendarmerie (1911-1915)
Imperial German Army (1915-1916)
Finnish White Army (1918)
Estonian Army (1919)
White Guard (1918 - 1934)
Finnish Army (1940 - 1941)
Commands held 1918 - Mortar Battery (Finnish White Army)
1918 - Vasa Battalion (Finnish White Army)
1918 - Vasa Regiment (Finnish White Army)
1919 - Finnish Volunteer Battalion (Estonian Army)
1923-1934 Vasa Defence Corps (White Guard)
1940 - 3rd Combat Group (Swedish Volunteer Corps)
1941 - Commander of a Finnish Battalion during the Battle of Hangö
Battles/wars World War I
Estonian War of Independence
Latvian War of Independence
Winter war
Continuation War
Awards Gold and Silver Bravery Medals of the Order of the Lion and the Sun
1914 Iron Cross 2nd Class
Ottoman War Medal
Cross of Liberty 3rd and 4th Class with Swords (1918)
Medal of the Finnish Civil War
Medal for the Liberation of Tampere
Cross of Liberty I/1 and II/3 (1920)
Medal of the Estonian Independence War
The Honour Cross of the World War 1914/1918

Martin Eugen Ekström (6 December 1887 – 28 December 1954) was a Swedish military adventurer who became the leader of the National Socialist Bloc, an umbrella organization for various fascist and National Socialist groups. Ekström was born in By, Avesta Municipality. During the 1918 Finnish Civil War, he led the Vasa Regiment which was responsible of the Vyborg massacre. Lieutenant colonel Ekström led the 3rd Battlegroup[1] of the Swedish Volunteer Corps in the Finnish Winter War. He died in Helsinki, aged 67.


Ekström was born in By, Kopparberg County, the son of Anders Gustav Ekström and his wife Johanna Mathilda (née Eriksson).[2] He graduated from the Artillery School in 1916 and completed the German officers examination in Turkey in 1916. Ekström was military Instructor of the Persian Gendarmerie from 1911 to 1915 and was chief of staff of Vaasa White Guard District. He participated in the Finnish Civil War, the Estonian War of Independence and the Lithuanian Wars of Independence.[2]

Ekström was the leader of the National Socialist Bloc from 1934 and editor och Riksposten from 1934.[3]

Personal life[edit]

In 1920 he married Gladys Kurtén (born 1896), the daughter of Karl Henrik Kurtén and Florence Emma Elliott.[2]


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