Eugene Kozlovsky

Yevgeni Antonovich Kozlovsky is a Russian writer, theatre director and film director. He lives in Moscow. Moskvaburgskiye povesti / Tales of Moscowburg 1980 — Dissident i chinovnitsa / Dissident and Bureaucrat Woman 1980 — Malen'ky bely golub' mira / The Small White Dove of Peace 1980—1981 — K'gasnaya ploschad' /'Ged Square 1982—1983 — Vodovozov i syn / Vodovozov and Son 1983 — Shanel' / Chanel 1984 — Golos Ameriki / Voice of America Dushny teatr / Stuffy Theatre Vera. Nadezhda. Lyubov' 1981 — Video / The Video 1984 — Boks / The Box 1987 — Pulya / The Bullet Moguschestvo Rossii / Might of Russia 1987 — Ruf' / Ruth 1986 — Mesto rozhdeniya ili Perehod po zebre / Place of Birth or Passage On "Zebra" 1987 — Mnogo kostey ili Veter P. / Many Bones or The P. Wind 1974—1979, 1986 — My vstretilis' v rayu... / We've Met In Paradise... 1988 — Kvartira / The Flat 1990 — Kak zhivete?.. / How Do You Live?.. 1990 — Guvernantka / The Governess 1990—1991 — Ya obeschala, i ya uydu... / I Promised, So I'll Go Away 1991—1992 — Chetyre lista fanery / Four Sheets Of Plywood 1992 — Grekh / The Sin 1985 — Ole v al'bom / Into Olga's Album Homepage of Eugene Kozlovsky Eugene Kozlovsky on IMDb Eugene Kozlovsky's works at the Maksim Moshkow's Library "Ogorod Kozlovskogo" / "Kozlovsky's Garden" at the Computerra website Eugene Kozlovsky's Photo Gallery at

The Fifth of March

You may be looking for March 5. The Fifth of March is a 1993 novel about the Boston Massacre by historian and author Ann Rinaldi, the author of many other historical fiction novels such as Girl in Blue and A Break with Charity; this book is about a fourteen-year-old indentured servant named Rachel Marsh who finds herself changing as she meets many people, including young Matthew Kilroy, a British private in the 29th regiment, not easy to get along with. She has a friend named Jane, her first friend. Rachel Marsh, at age 14, is an indentured servant to John Adams, his wife, Abigail Adams, her father and mother have died. However, Uncle Eb is greedy and exploits Rachel. After a falling out over Uncle Eb wanting Rachel to spy on the Adamses, Uncle Eb disowns her. Rachel confides this to Abigail Adams, who comforts her and gives her money to go buy books at Henry Knox's bookstore. Rachel begins working to better her education. A British ship arrives. Many Bostonians begin rioting; the British post sentries outside of many residences, including the Adamses.

While coming back from the bakery, the sentry outside of the Adamses house, Private Matthew Kilroy, challenges Rachel. She notices that he is hungry looking. Taking pity on him, she gives the freezing sentry a few scraps of food; as their friendship develops, Matthew wants her to kiss him. However, Rachel does not want to do so, would rather remain friends, their relationship is tumultuous. Rachel's close friend, Jane drags Rachel out of bed one night. Rachel follows Jane to find a mob of citizens fighting against the British soldiers, she sees Matthew stab a defenseless man. This event would be known as the Boston Massacre. Matthew is accused of murder. Rachel sneaks food to Matthew. John Adams defends the British soldiers, but two of them, including Matthew, are accused of manslaughter. Matthew is shipped back to England. Matthew proposes matrimony to Rachel but she refuses him. Mr. Adams feels, he gets Rachel. She is about to begin a new chapter in her life