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Mass (liturgy)

Mass is the main eucharistic liturgical service in many forms of Western Christianity. The term Mass is used in the Catholic Church and the Lutheran Church, as well as in Anglican, Western Rite Orthodox, Old Catholic churches. Other Christian denominations may employ terms such as Divine Service or worship service, rather than the word Mass. For the celebration of the Eucharist in Eastern Christianity, including Eastern Catholic Churches, other terms such as Divine Liturgy, Holy Qurbana, Badarak are used instead; the English noun mass is derived from Middle Latin missa. The Latin word was adopted in Old English as mæsse, was sometimes glossed as sendnes; the Latin term missa itself was in use by the 6th century. It is most derived from the concluding formula Ite, missa est. However, there have been other explanations of the noun missa, i.e. as not derived from the formula ite, missa est. Fortescue cites older, "fanciful" etymological explanations, notably a latinization of Hebrew matzâh "unleavened bread.

The French historian Du Cange in 1678 reported "various opinions on the origin" of the noun missa "mass", including the derivation from Hebrew matzah, here attributed to Caesar Baronius. The Hebrew derivation is learned speculation from 16th-century philology. Thus, De divinis officiis explains the word as a mittendo, quod nos mittat ad Deo, while Rupert of Deutz derives it from a "dismissal" of the "enmities, between God and men"; the Catholic Church sees the Mass or Eucharist as "the source and summit of the Christian life", to which the other sacraments are oriented. Remembered in the Mass are Jesus' life, Last Supper, sacrificial death on the cross at Calvary; the ordained celebrant is understood to act in persona Christi, as he recalls the words and gestures of Jesus Christ at the Last Supper and leads the congregation in praise of God. The Mass is composed of the Liturgy of the Word and the Liturgy of the Eucharist; the term "Mass" is used only in the Roman Rite, while the Byzantine Rite Eastern Catholic Churches use the term "Divine Liturgy" for the celebration of the Eucharist, other Eastern Catholic Churches have terms such as Holy Qurbana.

Although similar in outward appearance to the Anglican Mass or Lutheran Mass, the Catholic Church distinguishes between its own Mass and theirs on the basis of what it views as the validity of the orders of their clergy, as a result, does not ordinarily permit intercommunion between members of these Churches. In a 1993 letter to Bishop Johannes Hanselmann of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Bavaria, Cardinal Ratzinger affirmed that "a theology oriented to the concept of succession, such as that which holds in the Catholic and in the Orthodox church, need not in any way deny the salvation-granting presence of the Lord in a Lutheran Lord's Supper." The Decree on Ecumenism, produced by Vatican II in 1964, records that the Catholic Church notes its understanding that when other faith groups "commemorate His death and resurrection in the Lord's Supper, they profess that it signifies life in communion with Christ and look forward to His coming in glory."Within the fixed structure outlined below, specific to the Ordinary Form of the Roman Rite, the Scripture readings, the antiphons sung or recited during the entrance procession or at Communion, certain other prayers vary each day according to the liturgical calendar.

For many variations and options not mentioned here. The priest enters, with a deacon if there is one, altar servers; the priest formally greets them. Of the options offered for the Introductory Rites, that preferred by liturgists would bridge the praise of the opening hymn with the Glory to God which follows; the Kyrie eleison here has from early times been an acclamation of God's mercy. The Penitential Act instituted by the Council of Trent is still permitted here, with the caution that it should not turn the congregation in upon itself during these rites which are aimed at uniting those gathered as one praiseful congregation; the Introductory Rites are brought to a close by the Collect Prayer. On Sundays and solemnities, three Scripture readings are given. On other days there are only two. If there are three readings, the first is from the Old Testament, or the Acts of the Apostles during Eastertide; the first reading is recited or sung responsorially. The second reading is from the New Testament from one of the Pauline epistles.

A Gospel acclamation is sung as the Book of the Gospels is processed, sometimes with incense and candles, to the ambo. The final reading and high point of the Liturgy of the Word is the proclamation of the Gospel by the deacon or priest. On all Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation, preferably at all Masse

Papa lumière

Papa lumière is a French drama film directed by Ada Loueilh. Charles de Gaulle Airport, in April 2011. Jacques and Safi landed in Abidjan, he has old leather tanned by Africa and he is expat life hotelier. She, her mixed race daughter of 14 years, has become accustomed to live with her mother and does not know what to think of this big mouth and crappy father who embarked with him once. Moved to a reception center in Nice, they will learn to know, to love, perhaps, but there Gloria, the mother of Safi, left in turmoil of Abidjan and unreachable... Niels Arestrup as Jacques Julia Coma as Safi Natacha Lindinger as Elyane Bruno Todeschini as Guy Jennifer Tie Lou as Gloria Venantino Venantini as The hotelkeeper Sabine Pakora as The matron Sylvie Mauté as the humanitarian Papa lumière on IMDb

Massive Monster Mayhem

Massive Monster Mayhem is a children's game show television program that combines live-action and computer-generated imagery animated elements. It premiered on Family Channel and Nicktoons on October 25, 2017; the series was created by Michael Chaves. It aired on Nicktoons in the UK and Ireland on February 26, 2018; each episode begins with the evil intergalactic overlord Master Mayhem threatening Earth with his plans to destroy it. Three kids compete in a series of challenges for a chance to take on one of Master Mayhem's Master Mayhem while the monsters wreak havoc on Earth, it features live gameplay by kids in futuristic challenges against gigantic Monster Superstars for the chance to win prizes and save the planet from destruction. When the featured Monster Superstar is unleashed, the announcer will give a description about them like what planet they are from, their side jobs, their hobbies; each episode features some comical wraparounds involving Master Mayhem at his space condo on another planet.

The rounds of futuristic challenges are: The Megalator – The players must go through a futuristic obstacle course where the two players with the fastest time will go on to the next round. The group, responsible for building the Megalator has varied per episode; the Mega Duel – The remaining two players will compete in a duel where the player with the most points will go on to the final round. The Mash Down – The final round takes place in Mega City where the players must fight the Monster Superstar, break the Prize Buildings, gather Power Pods to throw into the Mega Laser's Mega Reactor so that it can send the Monster Superstar back to Master Mayhem's world; the Mayor of Mega City would promote one of Mega City's locations which results in her getting injured by the Monster Superstar. Before being enlarged, the player will select a certain battle suit that will give them an advantage in battle before being enlarged to 600 ft. for the Mash Down. The Mega Money Suit will grant the players x2 the prizes.

The Mega Ice Suit freezes the monster for 5 whole seconds if the player says "Freeze!" The Mega Hammer Suit enables the user toknock down the monster for and search for power pods if they say "HAMMER!" The Mega Tank Suit will make the player slow. During the fight, there are Boom Buildings in which if they are destroyed, all the prize money will be lost. In addition, the players will obtain a Mayhem Pod which will summon a rival Monster Superstar to fight the featured Monster Superstar for 20 seconds. If the hero manages to beat the featured Monster Superstar, break any prize buildings, load the Mega Reactor with Power Pods before time runs out, the Monster Superstar will be zapped with the Mega Laser, the Earth will be saved, the player will be crowned Earth's Champion and win the prizes. If the featured Monster Superstar wins, Master Mayhem will spare Earth from destruction in exchange that the player sacrifices themselves in the Chamber of Doom as part of the agreement Master Mayhem made with the Intergalactic Battle Alliance.

Either way, the players will go home a hero. The prize money amount ranges from $100, $200, $300, $400, $500, $600, $700, $800, $900 & $1,000; the Gameplay in the highlight episodes is much different to the regular episodes, The Megalator and The Mega Duel are skipped and replaced by highlight clips from previous episodes. The Mash Down is still present at the end but only two monsters can battle against each other and cannot suit up like the human contestants but they can still be sent to earth as giants. If a monster's opponent wins, the losing monster will be zap by Mega Laser just like their losses in the regular episodes. So far, Only RoBro is the only monster who has the most fights during the monster version of the Mashdown. Macho Cheese and Teensy are the only monsters to fought against RoBro in the highlight episodes. Graham Conway – The co-host of Massive Monster Mayhem. Devon Deshaun Stewart – The co-host of Massive Monster Mayhem. Announcer – The announcer is heard describing each of the Monster Superstars when they are unleashed on Earth and describing Mega City.

Master Mayhem – An evil intergalactic overlord, the main antagonist of the series. He comes up with various plans to destroy Earth and abides by the rules of the Intergalactic Battle Alliance. Master Mayhem lives in a space condo on an unidentified planet. Carl - Master Mayhem's successful brother, he was mentioned a lot during the series. So far, he only physical appears in "The Overlord Awards." Assistant Kyle - Master Mayhem's unseen assistant and cameraman, who films the overlord's space condo live in most of the episodes. Mayor of Mega City – An unnamed woman, the Mayor of Mega City; when attempting to describe a feature of Mega City, she would get hurt by the featured Monster Superstar. The Fat Kid - An overweight young child who appears in some of the episodes during skits. In each episode, Master Mayhem would send one of his Monster Superstars down to Earth to cause havoc which would result in the players fighting them in the Mashdown; each of the Monster Superstars have their own Mayhem Level.

The Monster Superstars consist of: RoBro – A fitness-themed Buff Bot from the planet Dumbell, the result of every super buff robot on the planet melting together into one large Buff Bot following an intense training program. He has plans to whip any planet his visits into shape. RoBro's Mayhem Level is 8. Dome Diddy Dome – The robotic Vessel of Vengeance from the planet Randome, he was fo

Samuel Spring

Rev. Samuel Spring was an early American Revolutionary War chaplain and Congregationalist minister. Spring was born in Uxbridge in the Massachusetts Colony on February 27, 1746, his father was John Spring, a militia man and local wealthy farmer, his mother was Sarah Read. He was a great-great grandson of John Spring, a Founder and early settler of Watertown, who travelled to America under the patronage of his cousin Sir William Spring, 1st Baronet, was the great-grandson of John Spring of Lavenham and the great-great grandson of Thomas Spring of Lavenham. John commanded the company of militia from Uxbridge in the American Revolution, his father was the town's moderator and surveyor of highways, but John lacked a rudimentary education. Sarah remained determined. Spring studied under the Rev. Nathan Webb, founding pastor of the first Congregational church begun in the First Great Awakening period of the Massachusetts Colony. Webb's early training of Spring helped prepare him to enter New Jersey College, where he graduated in 1771.

He took advanced theological studies from Samuel Hopkins of Rhode Island. His former mentor, Rev. Webb died in 1772. Spring was licensed as a minister in 1774 on the eve of the American Revolution. Aaron Burr was one of his classmates in Theological Studies at Princeton; when the Revolution's stirrings began, the Provincial Congress required the militia to have chaplains. Spring took up his colony's call, he served in the invasion of Canada. He served in the regiment commanded by Colonel John Fellows of Sheffield. Burr served at the Siege of Boston; when Colonel Benedict Arnold convinced General George Washington to open a second front against the British in Canada and Burr both joined this force under Colonel Benedict Arnold. Ships sailed from Massachusetts to Maine. At Fort Western, near what is now Augusta, Spring counseled Private James McCormick, sentenced to death, only to be reprieved; the trip through Maine left a tattered ill army to invade Quebec. French Canadians helped the Americans with supplies and clothing.

At Quebec Senter took possession of the hotel Dieu on the banks of the St. Charles River. Spring converted the hotel to a chapel. Benedict Arnold's leg was shattered in the siege of Quebec, during the ill-fated New Year's Eve assault on the fortress city walls. Spring carried Benedict Arnold from the battlefield to the Hotel Dieu. American troops maintained the Siege on Quebec. Colonel John Patterson's regiment was dispatched to Quebec to shore up American positions; the American troops retreated back to the Lake Champlain area at Mt. Independence. Regrouped soldiers heard Spring's sermon on November 1776, at this encampment. Chaplain Spring was discharged from the Continental Army at the end of 1776. Reverend Spring returned to Newburyport and married Hannah, daughter of Rev. Samuel Hopkins of Hadley, Massachusetts, on November 4, 1779, he was a founder of the Massachusetts Missionary Society in 1779 and of the Andover Theological Seminary in 1808. He was influential in a fundamentalist wing of the Congregational Church and many of his sermons and discourses were printed and disseminated.

John Quincy Adams was one of many. Spring maintained contacts with Uxbridge, he and his wife had 11 children, although several died young: Margaret Stoddard Spring was born April 26, 1783. In August 1807 she married Jr. a politician from Uxbridge. She died on July 25, 1816, her widower married her cousin Hannah Spring. Rev. Dr. Gardiner Spring was born February 24, 1785, became an influential minister in his own right. Hannah Spring was born September 6, 1788, died March 16, 1796. Walton Spring was born September 15, 1790, died May 8, 1809. Rev. Dr. Samuel Spring Jr. graduated from Yale University in 1811, married Lydia Maria Norton, had 9 children. Lewis Spring was born October 20, 1793, was lost at sea in 1815. Mary Spring was born November 12, 1795, died August 30, 1796. Pickney Spring was born July 19, 1798, died in 1820. Charles A. Spring was born July 25, 1800, married Dorothy B. Norton, he became an influential figure in Presbyterianism in Iowa. Captain John Hopkins Spring was born September 21, 1802, married Sarah Ann Rand, had 6 children.

Samuel Spring died March 1819, in Newburyport. Sermon to the Massachusetts Missionary Society 1802 Moral Disquisitions 1815 "Spring, Samuel". New International Encyclopedia. 1905


Magnetotropism is the movement or plant growth in response to the stimulus provided by the magnetic field in plants around the world. As a natural environmental factor in the Earth, variations of magnetic field level causes many biological effects, including germination rate, flowering time, biomass accumulation, activation of cryptochrome, shoot growth; as an adaptive behavior, magnetotropism is recognizing as a method to improve agriculture success, using the well-studied plant model, Arabidopsis thaliana, a typical small plant, native in the Europe and Asia with well-known genomic functions. In 2012, Xu et al. conducted a Near-Null Magnetic Field experiment under white light and long-day conditions using the homemade equipment of combing three couples of Helmholtz coils in vertical, north-south, east-west direction compensating near-null magnetic field. Xu noted that under the near-null magnetic field, Arabidopsis thaliana delays the flowering time by altering the transcription level of three cryptochrome related florigen genes:PHYB, CO, FT.

Furthermore, the biomass accumulation reduces in the Near-Null Magnetic Field while Arabidopsis thaliana switches from vegetative growth to reproductive growth. Not until Agliassa conducted a similar experiment continuing Xu et al. ’s discovery found out that Arabidopsis thaliana delay flowering by shortening stem length and reduction of leaf size. This expression shows that the near-null magnetic field has caused downregulation of several flowering genes, including FT genes in the meristem and leaves, cryptochrome related. Although preliminary experiments have shown a wide range of effects due to the magnetic field, the mechanism has not yet been elucidated. Having known that the delay of flowering is downregulating in cryptochrome related genes affected by the Near-Null Magnetic Field under blue light, cryptochrome is taking as a potential magneto-sensor by a few considerations. Based on the radical pair model, cryptochrome would be the magneto-sensor in the light-dependent magnetoreception since cryptochrome has evolved a significant role of plant behavior, including blue-light reception and regulation, de-etiolation, circadian rhythm, photolyase.

In the photoactivation process, blue light hits cryptochrome and accepts a photon to Flavin while tryptophan receives a photon by another tryptophan donor simultaneously. Due to the geomagnetic field, this combination would rotate from south pole to north pole of the Earth and convert the two single photons back to its inactive resting states under aerobic environment. Based on a few behavior changes due to variations of the magnetic field, many plant scientists have paid attention to cryptochrome being the candidate for the magneto-sensory receptor. So far, the interactions between signals and magnetoreceptor molecules have not yet discovered, thus leaving potential space for future research while understanding magnetotropism would be significant for improving life forms and ecology such as agriculture

Syd Butler

Syd Butler is the bassist and founding member of the indie rock and post-hardcore band Les Savy Fav. A few years Butler became the owner and founder of Frenchkiss Records. Butler is a current member of The 8G Band from the show Late Night with Seth Meyers, he has two children with his long-term partner, actress Amy Carlson. Syd Butler was born on August 1972 in Memphis, Tennessee to Syd and Kay Butler. Despite being born in southwest Tennessee, Butler spent most of his adolescent years growing up in Washington, D. C. Butler grew up in the 1980s during the height of Dischord Records, who became an influential factor that led to his creation of Frenchkiss. After graduating high school, Butler continued his education at the Rhode Island School of Design, where he met his bandmates of Les Savy Fav. Butler formed Les Savy Fav while studying film and video at the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, Rhode Island, along with his now bandmates; the energy and idiosyncrasies of their live performances soon attracted a following, the band started playing shows and touring across the United States and Europe.

Butler started Frenchkiss in 1999 from an office in the Meatpacking District of New York City. The label's first purpose was to release Les Savy Fav's second full-length album The Cat and the Cobra. Although they did release The Cat and the Cobra, Frenchkiss started discovering and signing a wide array of bands; some of these bands include Local Natives, The Dodos, Bloc Party and Passion Pit. It wasn't until that Frenchkiss started gaining the exposure that they needed in order to be taken in the tenacious industry they were in, they started to sell some records and they continued to sign quality artists who were ready for the challenge of making it in the music industry. Butler directed some of the music videos for Frenchkiss bands including Ex Models's "Sex Automata", S Prcss's "Our Bikes Are Silver", Smoke and Smoke's "Into The Smoke And Smoke", The Dodos' "Winter", as well as his own band's videos for "Patty Lee" and "Rodeo." Frenchkiss' future was looking bright. In April 2010, Butler formed a partnership with BMG/Chrysalis and started Frenchkiss Publishing, signing bands such as Gauntlet Hair, Dana Boy, Les Savy Fav and Exitmusic.

In December 2011, Billboard released a story stating that Frenchkiss had signed a new, all-encompassing agreement with The Orchard for U. S. and international distribution, both digitally and physically. The following January, Frenchkiss Label Group formed as a hands-on boutique distributor, for smaller labels like ATP Recordings, Cavity Search, Godmode, Holiday Friends, JAXART, Pendu Sound, Underwater Peoples, White Iris, etc; when March 2013 rolled around, Butler partnered with actor-comedian David Cross and The Orchard Video Network to launch FKR. TV. FKR. TV's focus was to create original creative content with new shows weekly; this would include music videos, rare live performances by FKR artists, unique content from the Frenchkiss archives. Butler has performed in various musical side projects such as Juiced Elfers, with Nicholas Thorburn of Islands, on Desiderata with Amanda McKaye. In November 2012, it was announced that he, Les Savy Fav bandmate Seth, Amy Carlson had formed a short-term band called Office Romance and released their Holiday EP, I Love The Holidays via Frenchkiss.

As avid hockey fan, it was an exciting for him when he was a guest celebrity blogger for the National Hockey League during the Playoffs. The 8G band is the house band for Late Night with Seth Meyers, formed by Butler's long-time friend Fred Armisen. One day Butler got a text from Armisen, he along with Armison, Eli Janney, Marnie Stern, Les Savy Fav guitarist Seth Jabour make up the current roster of the 8G band. There are special guest each episode on the drums and some notable alumni include Kenny Aronoff, Matt Cameron, Patrick Carney, Dave Lombardo. On April 22, 2012, Butler's book, Who Farted Wrong?, a collection of humorous drawings and anecdotes, was published via Write Bloody Publishing