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Masters of the Universe

Masters of the Universe is a sword and sorcery-themed media franchise created by Mattel. The main premise revolves around the conflict between He-Man, against the sorcerer Skeletor on the planet Eternia, with a vast lineup of supporting characters in a hybrid setting of medieval sword and sorcery and sci-fi technology. A follow-up series, She-Ra: Princess of Power, features He-Man's sister She-Ra and her struggle against the The Horde on the planet Etheria. Since its initial launch, the franchise has spawned a variety of products, including multiple lines of action figures, five animated television series, several comic series, video games, a daily newspaper comic strip, two feature films. He-Man and the accompanying Masters of the Universe franchise would make their debut in 1982 with Mattel's release of the original "Masters of the Universe" 5.5-inch action-figure toy line. Masters of the Universe abbreviated as MOTU, would begin its mythos through the minicomics that accompanied the toys throughout the 1980s.

These initial mini comics were soon followed by several children's issues of DC Comics. However, the Masters of the Universe franchise would become best known through Filmation's groundbreaking He-Man and the Masters of the Universe animated series. Debuting in the fall of 1983, the Filmation series ran 130 episodes over two seasons until November 1985. Since its inception, Masters of the Universe has placed its focus on the two primary characters, the blonde muscular He-Man, "the most powerful man in the Universe," and his nemesis, the evil skull-faced, blue-skinned sorcerer Skeletor and their many moral-themed encounters on the planet Eternia. Set in a hybrid world of sword and sorcery and technological sci-fi, He-Man battles with Skeletor to prevent him from conquering Eternia and discovering the secrets of Castle Grayskull—a mysterious ancient fortress with a skull-shaped facade, containing great power and magic; as with many toy franchises that have been transferred to several different media, there are a number of story differences between the various versions of Masters of the Universe.

In most continuities from the Filmation series onward, He-Man is the secret identity of Prince Adam, the son of King Randor and Queen Marlena, the ruling royal family of Eternia. Adam becomes He-Man by holding aloft his magic Power Sword and uttering the words "By the power of Grayskull…" and serves as the protector of good on Eternia, he is first given this ability by the Sorceress of Castle Grayskull, a powerful magic user and mystic guardian of the castle, who in many depictions is able to transform herself into the falcon Zoar. Upon Adam's transformation into He-Man, his cowardly green pet tiger Cringer becomes the mighty Battle Cat, a giant armored beast that He-Man rides into battle. He-Man's most prominent allies include a wise loyal veteran soldier and inventor; the childlike Trollan magician Orko often features as one of He-Man's closest allies. Skeletor is described as an evil being from another dimension and in some MOTU lore as a disfigured and vengeful relative of the royal family, known as Keldor.

From his lair on Snake Mountain, Skeletor would assemble his "Evil Warriors" to assist in his various schemes to conquer Eternia. These core minions include Beast Man, an orange-furred, apelike master of beasts; the series overall would feature a wide and ever-expanding cast of heroic and villainous characters added to the toy line, the Filmation cartoon, other media. The release of the animated cartoon movie He-Man and She-Ra: The Secret of the Sword in the spring of 1985 introduced He-Man's twin sister She-Ra and the arch-villain Hordak on the planet Etheria. Stemming from the animated movie, Filmation went on to produce 93 episodes of the series She-Ra: Princess of Power, which ran until the end of 1986, along with the He-Man & She-Ra: Christmas Special. Other main characters of the She-Ra series would include Swift Wind, winged unicorn and alter ego of She-Ra's trusty steed Spirit.

North Burntbush River

The Burntbush North River is a tributary of the Burntbush River, flowing into the Cochrane District, in Northeastern Ontario, in Canada. Forestry is the main economic activity of the sector; the surface of the river is frozen from early November to mid-May, safe ice movement is from mid-November to the end of April. The hydrographic slopes adjacent to the "Burtbush North River" are: North side: Kesagami River, Burntbush Lake North, Lake George; the "Burntbush North River" originates at the mouth of Lake George. Its mouth is located at 1.2 kilometres east of Highway 652, at 8.2 kilometres west of the mouth of the Burntbush River North and to 56.5 kilometres northwest of the mouth of the Burntbush River. From the mouth of Lake George, the Burtbush North flows over 17.6 kilometres according to the following segments: 9.8 kilometres southeasterly northeasterly, through some wetlands, up to the south shore of North Burntbush Lake. The confluence of the Burtbush North River located at: 45.5 kilometres west of the border Ontario - Quebec.

The names Upper Burntbush Lake, North Burntbush Lake, Burntbush Lake and Burntbush River are of the same origin. Burntbush River, a watercourse Turgeon River, a watercourse Harricana River, a watercourse James Bay Cochrane District Northeastern Ontario List of rivers of Ontario

2014 Men's Hockey World Cup squads

This article lists the confirmed squads for the 2014 Men's Hockey World Cup tournament to be held in The Hague, Netherlands between 31 May and 15 June 2014. The squad was announced on 28 April 2014. Head coach: Ric Charlesworth The squad was announced on 24 May 2014. Head coach: Marc Lammers The squad was announced on 13 May 2014. Head coach: Bobby Crutchley The squad was announced on 14 May 2014. Head coach: Terry Walsh Head coach: Muhammad Dhaarma Raj The squad was announced on 18 May 2014. Head coach: Salvador Indurain The squad was announced on 6 May 2014. Head coach: Carlos Retegui The squad was announced on 18 May 2014. Head coach: Markus Weise The squad was announced on 13 May 2014. Head coach: Paul van Ass The squad was announced on 21 May 2014. Head coach: Colin Batch The squad was announced on 9 May 2014. Head coach: Fabian Gregory Head coach: Shin Seok-kyo Official website Team rosters

Harvie Andre

Harvie Andre, was a Canadian engineer, businessman and federal Cabinet minister. Born in Edmonton, Alberta, on July 27, 1940, Andre was educated at the University of Alberta and pursued part of his postgraduate studies at the California Institute of Technology before becoming a professor of chemical engineering at the University of Calgary from 1966 to 1972. In the 1972 general election he won a seat in the House of Commons of Canada, where he served as the Progressive Conservative Member of Parliament for Calgary Centre for twenty-one years. In opposition, Andre was a vocal opponent of the National Energy Program, he served as the defence critic. He was appointed to the Cabinet after the 1984 election brought the Tories to power under Brian Mulroney. Andre served as Minister of Supply and Services until 1985 when he became Associate Minister of National Defence. From 1986 to 1989, he was Minister of Consumer and Corporate Affairs and Minister of Regional Industrial Expansion until 1990. In addition, in 1987 Mulroney gave Andre responsibility for Canada Post Corporation.

Andre confronted the Post Office's major labour and cost issues and in the course of two years saw that department go from losses to turn a $98-million profit for the first time in its history. For the last three years of the Mulroney government, Andre was Government House Leader, he did not run for re-election in the 1993 federal election, returned to private life. After leaving politics, Andre was involved in the business world the energy sector, as president of Cresvard Corporation since 1998, chief executive of Calgary-based Wenzel Downhole Tools and chairman of BowEnergy Resources since 2001, he served on numerous corporate boards of directors. Andre was married, had two daughters and one son. Harvie Andre – Parliament of Canada biography Canadian Encyclopedia U of A Engineer Magazine Article

Toby King

Toby King is a professional rugby league footballer who plays as a centre for the Warrington Wolves in the Super League. He has played for the England Knights at international level, he has spent time on loan from Warrington at the Rochdale Hornets in the Championship. King was born in West Yorkshire, England. Toby is the younger brother of George King, they played amateur rugby league together at Meltham All Blacks, they were spotted by the Wires' Yorkshire scout Tommy Gleeson. King was promoted to Warrington first team squad in 2014. King made his début in July 2014 during a 72–10 victory over London, his only appearance in 2014. King next appeared in April scoring twice in an 80 -- 0 rout against Wakefield Trinity, he played in the 2016 Challenge Cup Final defeat by Hull F. C. at Wembley Stadium. He played in the 2016 Super League Grand Final defeat by the Wigan Warriors at Old Trafford, he played in the 2018 Challenge Cup Final defeat by the Catalans Dragons at Wembley Stadium. He played in the 2019 Challenge Cup Final victory over St. Helens at Wembley Stadium.

He played in the 2018 Super League Grand Final defeat by the Wigan Warriors at Old Trafford. In 2016 he was called up to the Ireland squad for the 2017 Rugby League World Cup European Pool B qualifiers. In 2018 he was selected for the England Knights on their tour of Papua New Guinea, he played against Papua New Guinea at the Lae Football Stadium. King played against PNG at the Oil Search National Football Stadium. In 2019 he was selected for the England Knights against Jamaica at Headingley Rugby Stadium. Warrington Wolves profile SL profile

Rona, Inc.

Rona, Inc. is an American-owned Canadian retailer of home improvement and construction products and services. Founded in 1939, the company operates a mixture of company-owned and franchised retailers under multiple banners, including Rona, its big box formats Rona Home & Garden and Réno-Dépôt, as well as smaller brands such as Rona Cashway, Marcil Centre de Rénovation, Dick's Lumber. In May 2016, American retailer Lowe's acquired Rona for $3.2 billion CAD. In September 1939, Rona was founded as "Les Marchands en Quincaillerie", an alliance of independent Montreal-area hardware retailers who sought the buying power to bypass wholesalers and deal directly with manufacturers. On July 20, 1960, the Ro-Na name was adopted, named after Rolland Dansereau and Napoleon Piotte, two of the founders of Les Marchands en Quincaillerie. Ro-Na member stores begin adding the Ro-Na logo to identify themselves as members of the buying co-operative. In 1982, Rona purchased the assets of Botanix. in 1984, Rona created a purchasing alliance with Ontario-based Home Hardware Stores Ltd. through Alliance Rona Home Inc.

In 1988, Rona merged with Dismat, another building materials company, to create Rona Dismat Group Inc. In 1990, Rona formed an alliance with Inc. of Fort Wayne, Indiana. In 1997, ITM Entreprises S. A. a France-based group, invests $30 million in the Rona Dismat Group Inc. ITM formed a purchasing alliance with Rona. In 1998, Rona stopped using the Le Quincailleur and Dismat names and introduced Rona L'express, Rona L'express Matériaux and Rona Le Rénovateur Régional. Rona changed its name from Rona Dismat Group Inc. to Rona Inc. In 1999, Rona opened a new warehouse adjacent to its headquarters, measuring 654,000 square feet, doubling its warehousing capacity. In the year 2000, Rona acquired Ontario-based Cashway Building Centres, with 66 stores. In the same year, Rona opened its online store on the website. In 2001, Rona acquired 51 Revy Home and Garden, Revelstoke Home Centres and Lansing stores, thus owning many more stores in the Greater Toronto Area. In 2002, Rona closed a public offering consisting of a total offering of $150.1 million of Common Shares.

Rona's Common Shares are traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol "RON". In 2003, Rona acquired Réno-Dépôt Inc. from British Kingfisher plc, including The Building Box stores. Rona opened its third large distribution centre in Calgary, Alberta. In 2004, Rona acquired an Alberta company. Rona joined the Air Miles Award Program the same year, allowing customers to gain Air Miles points while shopping at the store. Two TV shows sponsored by RONA, Rona Dream Home and Ma Maison Rona were released in 2004. In 2006, Rona acquired a company based in Sydney, Nova Scotia. Rona acquired a majority stake in Matériaux Coupal Inc as well as Curtis Lumber Building Supplies and Chester Dawe Limited, a company based in St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador. In 2007, Rona acquired a company based in Burnaby, British Columbia. In 2007, Rona acquired a company based in Concord, Ontario. In 2009, My Rona Home first aired. In 2010, Rona acquired Pierceys, a company based in Nova Scotia, Plomberie Payette & Perreault, a company based in Boucherville, Don Park Canada, TruServ.

In 2012, the U. S. hardware store chain. On February 3, 2016, Rona announced that it had accepted an offer to be acquired by Lowe's for CDN$3.2 billion, pending regulatory and shareholder approval. Post-merger, Lowe's plans to maintain Rona's retail banners, "continue to employ the vast majority of its current employees and maintain key executives from Rona's strong leadership team". Lowe's Canada will be operated from Rona's headquarters in Boucherville, but remain under the leadership of its current CEO Sylvain Prud'homme; the purchase was closed in May 2016. In December 2016, Lowe's announced that it planned to convert selected Rona-branded stores to the Lowe's brand. In 2019, Rona removed signs from their store fronts that read "Truly Canadian" and "Proudly Canadian" after the Advertising Standards Canada council found the signs "conveyed an inaccurate general impression." The signs were removed because Rona was acquired by American-owned Lowe's in 2016. Rona argued that their entire history was in Canada and that, besides one store located in Saint Pierre and Miquelon, all their locations are located in Canada.

The council ruled that did not change the fact the company is not owned and controlled by a Canadian company. In the 1990s, under competitive pressure from The Home Depot and other big box retailers, Rona established the Rona Home & Garden stores. Rona Home & Garden stores are large, ranging from 85,000 to 150,000 square feet, with a warehouse-style similar to the Home Depot and Lowe's. Faced with chronic under-performance in some markets outside of Quebec, Rona closed six big box stores in 2012, five in Ontario and one in British Columbia. While the Home Depot and Lowe's stores are all company owned, Rona Home & Garden stores are a combination of corporately owned and franchised, despite the massive investment required to build such a store; as big box home improvement stores entered the market, Rona countered by bringing together successful owners of small Rona affiliate stores in Quebec to invest in one or more big box format stores. Many Rona Home & Garden locations in that province thus have local owners