Matt Fraction

Matt Fritchman, better known by the pen name Matt Fraction, is an Eisner Award-winning American comic book writer, known for his work as the writer of The Invincible Iron Man, The Immortal Iron Fist, Uncanny X-Men, Hawkeye for Marvel Comics, Casanova and Sex Criminals for Image Comics, Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen for DC Comics. Matt Fraction was born December 1975 in Chicago Heights, Illinois; as a child, he developed an affinity for telling stories, he enjoyed reading comic books and strips. The first comic he remembers buying was Batman #316, he liked newspaper comics Peanuts and Doonesbury, he became a regular weekly comic-book reader around the time that the 1985–86 DC Comics storyline "Crisis on Infinite Earths" ended, but he found that storyline bizarre and impenetrable and gravitated toward Marvel Comics instead. Spider-Man became his favorite character, he read other Marvel publications such as Star Wars and G. I. Joe. In the late 1990s Fraction worked as an employee at the Charlotte, North Carolina-based comics retailer Heroes Aren't Hard to Find, participated in the Warren Ellis Forums under the username "Matt Fraction".

Fraction started in the comics industry by working for smaller publishers including AiT/Planet Lar and IDW Publishing, many of which employed people who he had met on the Warren Ellis Forums. He became known early in his career for his creator-owned work on The Five Fists of Science and Casanova, before taking on a number of assignments for Marvel Comics. Fraction wrote two columns for Comic Book Resources: "Poplife" and "The Basement Tapes", the latter with Joe Casey. Fraction teamed with Ed Brubaker for a run on Marvel's The Immortal Iron Fist; the pair re-teamed on Uncanny X-Men for a short time, after which Fraction wrote the series solo until leaving it in 2011. He wrote The Mighty Thor and The Invincible Iron Man, the latter of which led to his consulting work on the set of the film Iron Man 2 and writing the Iron Man 2 video game that tied into that film sequel. In 2011 Fraction wrote the Fear Itself limited series, the central part of the crossover storyline of the same name. In December 2011 he revived the series The Defenders with artist Terry Dodson and in August 2012 he started a new Hawkeye series with David Aja.

As part of Marvel NOW!, Fantastic Four was relaunched in November 2012 with the creative team of Fraction and artist Mark Bagley. Its spinoff series FF was produced by artist Mike Allred. Fraction left both series due to other work commitments. In February 2013, he was named on IGN's list of "The Best Tweeters in Comics", which described him as "the premier comics Twitter personality."In 2013, Fraction and Chip Zdarsky co-created the Sex Criminals series for Image Comics. He and Christian Ward created the ODY-C series in 2014, a science-fiction retelling of the Odyssey with the characters' genders changed to women. Fraction is married to Kelly Sue DeConnick, a comic book writer and adapter of manga into English, whom he met when they were both participants on the Warren Ellis Forums, they have two children and Tallulah. 2008 Eagle Award for Favourite Newcomer Writer 2009 Eisner Award for "Best New Series" for The Invincible Iron Man 2010 PEN Center USA Literary Award for "Outstanding Body of Work" 2014 Harvey Award "Best Single Issue or Story" for Hawkeye #11, "Pizza Is My Business".

"Best New Series" for Sex Criminals. 2014 Eisner Award "Best Single Issue" for Hawkeye #11, "Pizza Is My Business". "Best New Series" for Sex Criminals. 2016 Inkpot Award 2008 Eisner Award Best Single Issue for The Sensational Spider-Man Annual. Eisner Award for Best New Series for The Immortal Iron Fist 2013 Harvey Award Best Writer for Hawkeye Best New Series for Hawkeye Best Continuing or Limited Series for Hawkeye Best Single Issue or Story for Hawkeye #1, "Lucky" 2013 Eisner Award Best Continuing Series for Hawkeye Best Writer for Hawkeye and Casanova: Avarita 2014 Harvey Award Best Writer for Hawkeye Best Continuing or Limited Series for Hawkeye 2014 Eisner Award Best Continuing Series for Hawkeye Best Continuing Series for Sex Criminals Best Writer for Sex Criminals, Fantastic Four, FF 2014 Angoulême Sélection Officielle for Hawkeye, Vol 1 AiT/Planet Lar: Double Take #6–8 collected as The Annotated Mantooth! Last of the Independents 30 Days of Night: Bloodsucker Tales #1–8: "Juarez or Lex Nova & the Case of the 400 Dead Mexican Girls" collected in 30 Days of Night: Bloodsucker Tales Four Letter Worlds: "Fate" 24Seven Volume 1: "Static" The Five Fists of Science Casanova #1–14 Issues #1–7 were collected as Album 1: Luxuria.

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Maurice Bouval

Maurice Bouval was a French sculptor of the Art Nouveau period. From 1880 to the first World War, he created a large number of bronze statues or objects including chandeliers, candelabras or table lamps, his main works are Ophelia, Femme assise, Jeune femme, Le Sommeil, Femme aux pavots, Le Secret et la Pensive. He was not a prolific sculptor, he participated in the 1890 Exposition Universelle in Paris and was a member of the Société des Artistes Français. He was a pupil of Alexandre Falguière, his works are signed M. Bouval. Maurice Bouval on Artnet Maurice Bouval in American public collections, on the French Sculpture Census website


The ePORTUGUÊSe network is a platform developed by the World Health Organization to strengthen collaboration among Portuguese-speaking countries in the areas of health information and capacity building of Human Resources for Health, therefore enhancing health information systems in those countries. According to Ethnologue, Portuguese is the sixth most spoken language in the world and there are more than 300 million speakers distributed through eight countries in four WHO Regional Offices. Portuguese is the third most spoken language in the Western hemisphere and the most spoken in the southern hemisphere. In November 2012, ePORTUGUÊSe received a recognition award for its contribution to the South-South and Triangular collaboration at the UN High Level and Directors General Meeting during the Global Development EXPO 2012 held in Vienna, Austria. In May 2015, the ePORTUGUÊSe network ceased to exist as a WHO Programme; the ePORTUGUÊSe network was established in 2005, after the Ministerial Summit on Health Research held in Mexico City in November 2004.

At this event, topics such as digital inclusion and the know-do gap were debated and WHO made a pledge to create health information networks in various languages as a way to contribute to the discussed challenge. In April 2005 the ePORTUGUÊSe network was established, with the mission to develop a Portuguese health information network and strengthen the cooperation and knowledge exchange between the eight Portuguese speaking countries and WHO. Since its establishment, the ePORTUGUÊSe network has been working as a facilitator by establishing alliances with health institutions from different countries, its main purpose is to disseminate and distribute information in Portuguese, thereby reducing existing language barriers. By using diverse media resources, ePORTUGUÊSe facilitates the access to relevant and up-to-date information that contribute to the work of health professionals in rural and distant areas can be facilitated. Brazil is now one of the main partners in south-south cooperation. Working together with Portugal, it has developed the Health Cooperation Strategic Plan for the eight Portuguese-speaking countries, signed by the health ministers of those countries in an official ceremony in Estoril, Portugal, in May 2008.

In January 2010, WHO and CPLC signed a cooperation agreement highlighting the commitment to use the ePORTUGUÊSe network, to encourage training and the strengthening of health information systems in underdeveloped countries. The ePORTUGUÊSe network provides support to Portuguese-speaking countries so that they can reach their Millennium Development Goals. Promoting and improving access to health information available in Portuguese, by developing a Virtual Health Library based on a model created by the Latin American and Caribbean Center on Health Sciences Information, a specialized center of the Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization,. HIFA-pt was developed by the ePORTUGUÊSe network in collaboration with the Global Healthcare Information Network; the ePORTUGUÊSe network is part of the Knowledge Management and Sharing Department of the World Health Organization in Geneva. The ePORTUGUÊSe network has focal points in every country that work together to support the dissemination of health information.

The coordinator of the ePORTUGUÊSe Network is Dr Regina Ungerer. The members of the ePORTUGUÊSe network are: health and information professionals from the eight Portuguese-speaking countries: Angola, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Portugal, São Tomé and Príncipe, Timor-Leste, as well as anyone with an interest in supporting these countries. WHO ePORTUGUÊSe countries AFRO PAHO-AMRO EURO SEARO Blue Trunk Library HIFA-pt Knowledge Management and Sharing ePORTUGUÊSe Network