Sándor Juhász Nagy

Sándor Juhász Nagy was a Hungarian politician, who served as State Secretary of Religion and Education between 1918 and 1919 with ministerial competence. He finished his law studies in Kolozsvár and Budapest, he worked as a lawyer in Debrecen from 1910. He was member of the National Assembly of Hungary between 1917 and 1919, he supported Mihály Károlyi, joined to the Károly Party, after the Independence Party was collapsed to two parts. Dénes Berinkey appointed him Minister of Justice on 25 January 1919. After the establishment of the Hungarian Soviet Republic he retired from the politics and lived in Debrecen, he emigrated to Vienna, only returned to Hungary in 1923. From the 1930s he participated in the oppositional liberal movements, he supported the politics of Endre Bajcsy-Zsilinszky. During the Operation Margarethe he was arrested by the Nazis for some days, he served as Deputy Speaker of the Interim National Assembly between 21 December 1944 and 5 September 1945. He was member of the assembly from 4 November 1945.

A magyar októberi forradalom története – 1945, book about the Aster Revolution. Magyar Életrajzi Lexikon

The Deep End (Madrugada album)

The Deep End is the fourth album by Norwegian rock band Madrugada. Recorded at Sound City studios in Los Angeles and produced by George Drakoulias, It was released on EMI Records in February 2005. Featuring some of their most accessible songs to date, the album cemented the bands' place as one of Norway's most successful of all time; this album has been released with the Copy Control protection system in some regions. All tracks written except 10 & 12 by Burås, Høyem and Madrugada. "The Kids Are on High Street" – 4:57 "On Your Side" – 3:53 "Hold on to You" – 6:34 "Stories from the Streets" – 5:19 "Running Out of Time" – 6:08 "The Lost Gospel" – 3:53 "Elektro Vakuum" – 4:50 "Subterranean Sunlight" – 3:59 "Hard to Come Back" – 4:04 "Ramona" – 3:55 "Slow Builder" – 6:14 "Sail Away" – 6:09 "Life in the City" - 2:58 "I'm in Love" - 4:27