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Mayor of Belgrade
Градоначелник Београда
Gradonačelnik Beograda
Small Coat of Arms Belgrade.svg
Zoran Radojičić (cropped).jpg
Zoran Radojičić

since 7 June 2018
Member ofCity Council
Reports toCity Assembly
ResidenceNo official residence
SeatOld Palace
Term length4 years
Inaugural holderIlija Čarapić
FormationMay 7, 1839 (1839-05-07)
DeputyGoran Vesić

The Mayor of Belgrade (Serbian: Градоначелник Београда / Gradonačelnik Beograda) is the head of the City of Belgrade (capital of Serbia). He or she acts on behalf of the City, and performs an executive function in the City of Belgrade;[1] the position of the Belgrade Mayor is important as the city is the most important hub of economics, culture and science in Serbia. Furthermore the post of the mayor of Belgrade is the third most important position in the government after the Prime Minister and President; the current Mayor of Belgrade is Zoran Radojičić (Independent[a]).


The City Hall (Old Palace) - Office of the mayor. Built in 1884 according to the project of architect Aleksandar Bugarski.

According to the current legislation, the Mayor is elected along with members of the City Assembly at the direct secret ballot for the period of four years; the Mayor may not be a councilor of the City Assembly.[1]

The Mayor has a Deputy who replaces him/her in case of an extended absence and/or due to any other reasons that prevent the Mayor to perform the duties; the Mayor appoints and dismisses the Deputy Mayor based on the approval of the City Assembly.[1]

The Mayor is concurrently the Chairman of the City Council with the right to vote.[1]

Authorities (competences) of the Mayor of Belgrade[edit]

  • Immediate execution and/or looking after carrying out of the decisions and/or other documents of the City Assembly;
  • Proposing of draft decisions and/or other documents to be made by the City Assembly, as well as the manner of resolving the issues to be decided by the City Assembly;
  • Looking after carrying out of the entrusted duties within the scope of rights and responsibilities of the Republic;
  • Directing and coordinating of operations of the City Administration;
  • Proposing of the appointment and/or dismissal of the Head and Deputy Head of the City Administration;
  • Deciding on granting the right to use or lease the property, as well as on terminating the contracts on granting the right to use or lease such property, and charging the mortgage over the property used by the City and/or City Administration under the approval of the Property Directorate of the Republic of Serbia;
  • The Mayor is the executive authority in charge of the budget implementation;
  • Making of individual documents he is authorized to present under the current legislation, Charter or decision of the City Assembly;
  • Establishing of the expert working bodies in charge of their respective terms of references, and
  • Performing of any duties as provided for by the Charter, and/or other bylaws of the City.

List of mayors of Belgrade[edit]

Principality of Serbia[edit]

Kingdom of Serbia[edit]

Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes / Kingdom of Yugoslavia[edit]

Nedić's Serbia / Nazi German occupation[edit]

DF Yugoslavia / FPR Yugoslavia / SFR Yugoslavia[edit]

FR Yugoslavia / Serbia and Montenegro[edit]

No. Portrait Name
Term of Office Party
64 Milorad Unković Crop.JPG Milorad Unković
1991 1993 Socialist Party of Serbia
65 No image.png Slobodanka Gruden
1993 23 June 1994 Socialist Party of Serbia
66 Nebojša Čović Cropped.jpg Nebojša Čović
23 June 1994 21 February 1997 Socialist Party of Serbia
67 Zoran Djindjic Cropped.jpg Zoran Đinđić
21 February 1997 30 September 1997 Democratic Party
No image.png Milan Božić
Acting Mayor
30 September 1997 22 January 1999 Serbian Renewal Movement
68 No image.png Vojislav Mihailović
22 January 1999 5 October 2000 Serbian Renewal Movement
69 Milan St. Milan St. Protić
5 October 2000 20 March 2001 New Serbia
Dragan Jocic Cropped.jpg Dragan Jočić
Acting Mayor
20 March 2001 1 June 2001 Democratic Party of Serbia
70 Radmila Hrustanovic.jpg Radmila Hrustanović
1 June 2001 7 October 2004 Civic Alliance of Serbia
71 Nenad Bogdanovic.jpg Nenad Bogdanović
7 October 2004 5 June 2006 Democratic Party

Republic of Serbia[edit]

No. Portrait Name
Term of Office Party
71 Nenad Bogdanovic.jpg Nenad Bogdanović
5 June 2006 27 September 2007
(died in office[2])
Democratic Party
Zoran Alimpic.jpg Zoran Alimpić
Acting Mayor
27 September 2007 21 July 2008 Democratic Party
Branislav Belić.jpg Branislav Belić
Acting Mayor
21 July 2008 19 August 2008 Democratic Party
72 Dragan Đilas 2013.jpg Dragan Đilas
19 August 2008 20 November 2013[b] Democratic Party
Small Coat of Arms Belgrade.svg Temporary Council
(Serbian: Привремено веће / Privremeno veće)[c]
20 November 2013 24 April 2014 Multipartisan
73 Siniša Mali.jpg Siniša Mali
24 April 2014 28 May 2018 Serbian Progressive Party[6]
No image.png Andreja Mladenović
Acting Mayor
28 May 2018 7 June 2018 Serbian Progressive Party[7]
74 Zoran Radojičić (cropped).jpg Zoran Radojičić
7 June 2018 Incumbent Independent[a]


  1. ^ a b Nominated to the post by the Serbian Progressive Party.
  2. ^ Dismissed by the City Assembly of Belgrade on 24 September 2013.[3]
  3. ^ Members: President Siniša Mali (SNS), Nikola Nikodijević (SPS), Andreja Mladenović (DSS), Tatjana Pašić (DS) (until 10 December 2013[4]) and Nebojša Čović (SNS).[5]

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