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Megan Ambuhl

Megan M. Ambuhl is a former United States Army reservist and member of the 372nd Military Police Company, convicted in court-martial in connection with the Abu Ghraib torture and prisoner abuse. Ambuhl was born in Virginia, she graduated from high school in 1992 and attended Coastal Carolina University, where she received an Associate of Science degree in biology. Her GT score is 128. Ambuhl entered military service on January 31, 2002, she attended One Station Unit Training at Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri, completing basic training around June 23, 2002. After completing Military Occupational Specialty training, she was released from active duty on August 23, 2002. In civilian life, Ambuhl was a histology technician at LabCorp in Virginia. Including Delayed Entry time, Ambuhl served in the United States Army Reserve for two years and nine months. On February 21, 2003, Ambuhl was activated for service in the Iraq War. In a stipulation made during court-martial proceedings, Ambuhl wrote that she "received Geneva Convention and UCMJ training during an 60-90 minute block of instruction in basic training, but cannot remember any specifics of those classes."Ambuhl was assigned to the 352nd Military Police Company, but was involuntarily transferred to the 372nd Military Police Company.

The 372nd Company spent three months training at Virginia on Law and Order Missions. In May 2003, Ambuhl and the 372nd Company arrived in Kuwait, proceeding north to Al Hillah in Iraq, where the company "was responsible for, among other things and training the Iraqi Police in the surrounding area." On October 15, 2003, the company assumed duties at the Baghdad Central Confinement Facility 12 miles west of Baghdad. From October 2003 to January 2004, Ambuhl worked at Abu Ghraib as a night shift guard for Tier 1B, which housed "certain sub-categories of civilian detainees - including women and detainees suspected of psychiatric/psychological problems or mental instability," as well as "detainees that had caused serious disciplinary problems." Ambuhl's particular responsibility was to guard women and juveniles in Tier 1B. The 372nd Company was not trained in resettlement. In her stipulation, Ambuhl admitted that between October 20 and December 1, 2003, she was derelict of duty in that she had "willfully failed to protect Iraqi detainees from abuse and maltreatment."

Ambuhl stipulated that she witnessed "numerous acts" of abuse and maltreatment, writing that "This time was confusing for me, things were done to detainees that I questioned, but that were permissible. But there were some things that were done that I knew were wrong at the time, I did not act to stop this behavior to protect the detainees."Ambuhl was served with a court-martial in August 2004 in connection with prisoner abuse at Abu Ghraib. She was represented by a Washington, D. C.-based civilian lawyer, Harvey J. Volzer. A June 2004 Newsday article reported that Ambuhl, who had not yet appeared in any of the released photographs, was not involved in the incidents at Abu Ghraib: A key part of the defense being prepared by Harvey Volzer, a lawyer for Spc. Megan Ambuhl, who England and another soldier both have said was not directly involved in the abuse. Volzer will argue Ambuhl could not have been derelict in her duty to guard prisoners because the memos show that the government believed the rough treatment to get information was justified.

"We have multiple legal memoranda... condoning what these people did," he said. In a Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article, Volzer was quoted as saying: They don't have a case against her, they don't... She's not in any of the ones you haven't. She's not mentioned in any of the statements of doing anything other than being there. She's being charged; as part of a plea agreement, Specialist Ambuhl was convicted by court-martial on October 30, 2004, for dereliction of duty. In punishment, she was demoted to Private, discharged from the Army, docked half a month's pay. Additional charges brought against Ambuhl were dropped following a pretrial guilty plea but had included allegations of conspiracy and indecent acts, she was the third MP reservist and fourth U. S. soldier convicted in the Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse scandal. In April 2005, she married Charles Graner. In March 2006, published the most extensive known collection of images relating to the prisoner abuse scandal in Abu Ghraib. Ambuhl appears in several images, including one captioned: 8:16 p.m.

October 24, 2003. The detainee "GUS" has a strap around his neck; the detainee is being pulled from his cell as a form of intimidation. SPC AMBUHL is in the picture observing the incident. CPL GRANER is taking the picture. SOLDIER: PFC ENGLAND. Another photograph appears to show Ambuhl administering an injection to a prisoner. However, none of the photographs published by Salon appear to show her directly engaged in prisoner abuse. Megan Graner at one time ran the now-defunct website,, where she posted documents in support of her husband's innocence. In a Washington Post web interview, she stated: " should be let out now because he and the others in prison have served more prison time than any other soldier sentenced for similar cases including murders." Javal Davis Lynndie England Ivan Frederick Charles Graner Sabrina Harman Jeremy Sivits Standard Operating Procedure Support MP Scapegoats - Ambuhl's website

Gothenburg Squadron

Gothenburg Squadron was a naval squadron of the Swedish Navy which has operated in various forms from 1939 to 1951. The unit was based at Gothenburg naval base at Nya Varvet in Gothenburg; the oldest written evidence of a naval station in Gothenburg dates from 1523, when Gustav Vasa based a number of smaller ships at Old Älvsborg Fortress. The Gothenburg Squadron was discontinued in 1959, its war organization was taken over by the Third Squadron. In the peace organization, the newly formed 6th Mine Clearance Department, to be placed at the Gullmarn base in Skredsvik, took over the tasks from the Gothenburg Squadron. During the fall of 1939, the Gothenburg Squadron consisted of the following ships: Coastal defence ships: Manligheten Destroyers: Wrangel and Wachtmeister Submarines: Hajen, Sälen and Valrossen Minesweepers: Starkodder and Styrbjörn Gunboats: Skagerack Patrol boats: 2 x type I and 6 x type IIIn September, the squadron was strengthened with the Coastal Fleet's destroyers Klas Horn and Göteborg as well as two submarines.

Kjellander, Rune. Svenska marinens högre chefer 1700-2005: chefsbiografier och befattningsöversikter samt Kungl Örlogsmannasällskapets ämbetsmän och ledamöter 1771-2005. Stockholm: Probus. ISBN 978-91-87184-83-3. LIBRIS 10452099. Lagvall, Bertil. Flottans neutralitetsvakt 1939-1945: krönika. Marinlitteraturföreningen, 0348-2405. Stockholm: Marinlitteraturfören. ISBN 91-85944-05-X. LIBRIS 7753511. Holmquist, Åke. Flottans beredskap 1938-1940. Sverige under andra världskriget, 99-0108326-5. Stockholm. ISBN 91-38-00216-7. LIBRIS 7257422. Larsson, Kenneth. Flottans neutralitetsvakt 1939-1945: Göteborgseskadern. Lysekil: Flottans män. LIBRIS 19210037

Caproni Ca.22

The Caproni Ca.22 was a single-engine monoplane made by the Italian company Aeronautica Caproni in 1913. Developed on the initiative of Giovanni Battista "Gianni" Caproni was made in a single sample for research purposes to study the characteristics of an aircraft equipped with an angle wing of variable incidence. In fact, the wing was in three pieces and was anteriorly hinged on the front side member which served as a rotation axis for the same. Moreover, with a system of tie-rods, the rear planes of the tail were controlled so as to compensate for the variations in pressure exerted on the wing, maintaining the longitudinal equilibrium of the optimal aircraft; the Ca. 22 in 1913 obtained various world records of ascent. On June 30, 1915 the pilots of the 15th Reconnaissance and Combat Squadron withdraw the Caproni 2 Parasol 100 hp to Vizzola Ticino, taking them to the flight field of Pordenone but after the accidents on the new aircraft, one of which causes the death of a pilot for the breaking of a wing, the squadron was dissolved on September 15, 1915.

Ca.22 Single-engine monoplane with variable-incidence mainplanes, powered by an80 hp Gnome Lambda rotary engine Ca.23 Fixed incidence wing, 100 hp Fiat engine. Ca.24 Fixed incidence wing, 100 hp Gnome 9 Delta engine, produced in series. Data from General characteristics Crew: 2 Capacity: 2 passengers Length: 8 m Wingspan: 14.14 m Height: 3.5 m Wing area: 29.18 m2 Empty weight: 480 kg Gross weight: 980 kg Powerplant: 1 × Gnome Lambda 9-cylinder air-cooled rotary piston engines, 60 kW Propellers: 2-bladed fixed pitch propellersPerformance Maximum speed: 125 km/h Cruise speed: 60 km/h Endurance: 5 hours Service ceiling: 5,200 m Rate of climb: 1.66 m/s Abate, Rosario. Aeroplani Caproni – Gianni Caproni ideatore e costruttore di ali italiane. Museo Caproni. P. 241

2007 Chinese Professional Baseball League playoffs

The Chinese Professional Baseball League playoffs included the three top teams from the regular season and saw Uni-President Lions crowned as the champion with the Taiwan Series through the month of October, 2007. The winner represented Taiwan in the Konami Cup in Japan with the champions from Japan, South Korea, an allstar team from China to determine an Asian champion in November. First Seed - La New Bears - Winner of the second half of the season, it is their second appearance in the playoff, the second consecutive appearance. They defeated the Lions in last season's Taiwan Series four games to zero. Second Seed - Macoto Cobras - Winners of the first half of the season, it is their second appearance. Third Seed - Uni-President Lions - Wildcard winner by placing first in the overall standing of the season, it is their 11th appearance in the playoffs, the fourth consecutive appearance since the 2004 season. They were defeated by Sinon Bulls four games to three in 2004 Taiwan Series, eliminated by Macoto Cobras three games to one in 2005 playoffs, defeated by La New Bears four games to zero in 2006 Taiwan Series.

All participating teams are allowed to register 28 players on their roster, contrary to 25 in the regular season. The winner of first round is allowed to change its roster before advancing to Taiwan Series. There will be no tie games. All other aspects that are not described above would be the same as the rules in regular season. In the first round of competition, the Uni-President Lions defeated the Macoto Cobras in 3 games to 0, going on to the Taiwan Series. Hsinjuang Baseball Stadium, Taipei County WP: Nelson Figueroa LP: Chang Hsien-chih HRs: Uni-President - Tilson Brito. Awards: Taiwan Series MVP: Nelson Figueroa Outstanding Player Award: Uni-President - Liu Fu-hao.

Castleisland Desmonds GAA

Castleisland Desmonds are a Gaelic Athletic Association club in Castleisland, County Kerry, Ireland. The club won its first County Championship in 1950, they won others in 1981, 1982 and 1984. They won the Munster Club Championship and All-Ireland Club Championship in 1985. In 2010 the club was selected to enter RTÉ's Celebrity Bainisteoir TV show, their Celebrity Bainisteoir was Derek Burke from Crystal Swing. In the quarter finals Castleisland played against Nuala Carey's Shannonbridge side from County Offaly. In the 2010 season of Celebrity Bainisteoir, home advantage for each game bar the final was determined by an assault course challenge, which took place at the Irish Army's training camp in The Curragh, County Kildare. Having lost the home venue decider in the Curragh, Desmonds travelled to Shannonbridge. In a fought encounter Castleisland were victorious, with a 2-10 to 2-06 scoreline. In the semi-finals, having won the home venue decider in the Curragh, Desmonds hosted Breffny Morgan's Galway team, Kilconly.

The home side started well, at half time led the visitors by 1-5 to 0-4. The second half saw Desmonds consolidate their lead, with ten minutes to go they led Kilconly 2-10 to 0-6. From there to the final whistle Kilconly battled back and had reduced the deficit to just 2 points with two minutes to go. Desmonds replied with a last minute point to win the match by 3 points, with a 2-11 to 1-11 scoreline, thereby securing a place in the final; this match took place on 25 September 2010 and was featured in the episode of Celebrity Bainisteoir which aired on 17 October 2010. In the final of Celebrity Bainisteoir, Desmonds faced Mairéad Farrell's Ballymun Kickhams from Dublin; the match took place at Parnell Park, Dublin on 29 October 2010. Early in the game the Desmonds scored the first point, added 3 more without reply, but by half time Kickhams had fought back to lead Desmonds by 1 point at 1-3 to 0-5. In the second half Ballymun continued strong, scoring a further 2 points, but now it was Castleisland's turn to recover, with ten minutes remaining both sides were level.

Kickhams scored another point, to which Desmonds responded with a goal and began to look more dominant. Now under pressure, Kickhams missed one point-scoring opportunity, but succeeded with another to narrow the gap to a single point; as the game intensified, an incident occurred which resulted in a Desmond's player receiving a second yellow card, being sent off with four minutes remaining. Despite this setback to the Castleisland side, Ballymun failed to capitalise, missing their best chance at scoring the vital point in injury time. Desmonds held their lead, to win the game by a single point with a final scoreline of 1-08 to 1-07; the match was featured in the episode of Celebrity Bainisteoir which aired on 31 October 2010. Donie Buckley Mary Geaney Dermot Hannafin Mossie Lyons Charlie Nelligan Ger Reidy Daithi O Leary All-Ireland Senior Club Football Championship: 1985 Munster Senior Club Football Championship: 1984, 1985 Kerry County Club Championship: 1981, 1982, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1993, 1995 Kerry Intermediate Football Championship: 1976, 1979, 1981 County League Championship: 1981 County League Championship: 1975, 1979 North Kerry Senior Football Championship: 1980, 1988, 2002, 2007, North Kerry Senior League Championship: 1971, 1975, 1979, 1981 A.

I. B. Club of the Year: 1981, 1982, 1983 Celebrity Bainisteoir: 2010 All Ireland Ladies Club Football Championship: 1980, 1983 Official Castleisland Desmonds GAA Club website Castleisland Desmonds on Facebook RTÉ Television - Celebrity Bainisteoir Crystal - Celebrity Bainisteoir Burke

Hermann Alexander Diels

Hermann Alexander Diels was a German classical scholar. He was educated at the universities of Bonn and Berlin and in 1886 became professor ordinarius of classical philology at the latter institution, he reports about Presocratic philosophers. This work, entitled Die Fragmente der Vorsokratiker, is still used by scholars, it was first published in 1903, was revised and expanded three times by Diels, was revised in a 5th edition by Walther Kranz and again in a sixth edition. It consists of three volumes that present, for each of the Presocratics, both quotations from their works transmitted by writers, secondary-source material known as testimonia. Based on Diels' enumeration of the fragments, the testimonia in the Diels collection are known as the "A-fragments", while the quotations from the Presocratics are known as the "B-fragments". Diels's method of labeling the fragments has become the standard way of referring to the works of the Presocratics. For example, what is thought to be the introductory section of Parmenides' poem on the "Ways of Truth and Opinion" was quoted by Sextus Empiricus and Simplicius.

The "28" stands for Parmenides, the "B" indicates that it is a quotation, the "1" means that it is the first quotation in Diels' ordering of quotations of Parmenides. On the other hand, the beginning of Plato's account of an alleged visit of Parmenides and Zeno to Athens is labeled by Diels as fragment 29A11. "29" stands for Zeno, since this particular passage in Plato has more directly to do with Zeno than Parmenides. The ordering of Presocratics in Diels is chronological; the usual way of citing fragments in Diels' edition is to append "Diels–Kranz" or the letters "DK" to the fragment-number. A commentator will refer to a fragment in Diels–Kranz in a more abbreviated form. For example, one may refer to 28B1 as "Parmenides, fragment 1". In spite of the respect paid to Diels' monumental work, there is ongoing controversy among scholars over the details of his arrangement of the fragments. For example, some fragments categorized by Diels as quotations are thought by some scholars to be in reality only paraphrases or explanations of the Presocratic work in question.

Diels–Kranz does not of course include fragments discovered since its publication, such as fragments from the Strasbourg papyrus, which preserves for us pieces of Empedocles' poetry never before known in modern times. An English translation or paraphrase of each of the B-fragments in Diels–Kranz may be found in Kathleen Freeman's Ancilla to the Pre-Socratic Philosophers, though it is based on the fifth edition of Diels–Kranz, whose numbering of fragments is somewhat different from editions. Doxographi Graeci Simplicii In Aristotelis Physicorum libros quattuor priores commentaria Parmenides Lehrgedicht Poetarum Philosophorum Fragmenta. Die Fragmente der Vorsokratiker (Berlin, 1903, 6th ed. rev. by Walther Kranz Kleine Schriften zur Geschichte der antiken Philosophie edited by Walter Burkert, Hildesheim: Georf Olms 1969 "Diels, Hermann". Encyclopedia Americana. 1920. Hermann Diels — works relating to Hermann Diels on the Internet Archive Ancilla to the Pre-Socratic Philosophers — Kathleen Freeman's complete translation of the fragments in Diels: Google Books, HTML Google Books version of Die Fragmente der Vorsokratiker: Vol.

I Vol. II part 1 Vol. II part 2 Polytonic Greek OCR of Diels' books at the Lace collection of Mount Allison University: Die Fragmente der Vorsokratiker Vol. 1 Vol. II part 1 Vol II part 2 Vol. III, Sibyllinische Blätter, Theophrasti Characteres