Melk Abbey

Melk Abbey is a Benedictine abbey above the town of Melk, Lower Austria, Austria, on a rocky outcrop overlooking the Danube river, adjoining the Wachau valley. The abbey contains the tomb of Saint Coloman of Stockerau and the remains of several members of the House of Babenberg, Austria's first ruling dynasty; the abbey was founded in 1089 when Leopold II, Margrave of Austria gave one of his castles to Benedictine monks from Lambach Abbey. A monastic school, the Stiftsgymnasium Melk, was founded in the twelfth century, the monastic library soon became renowned for its extensive manuscript collection; the monastery's scriptorium was a major site for the production of manuscripts. In the fifteenth century the abbey became the centre of the Melk Reform movement which reinvigorated the monastic life of Austria and Southern Germany. Today's Baroque abbey was built between 1736 to designs by Jakob Prandtauer. Noteworthy are the abbey church with frescos by Johann Michael Rottmayr and the library with countless medieval manuscripts, including a famed collection of musical manuscripts and frescos by Paul Troger.

Due to its fame and academic stature, Melk managed to escape dissolution under Emperor Joseph II when many other Austrian abbeys were seized and dissolved between 1780 and 1790. The abbey managed to survive other threats to its existence during the Napoleonic Wars, in the period following the Anschluss in 1938, when the school and a large part of the abbey were confiscated by the state; the school was returned to the abbey after the Second World War and now caters for nearly 900 pupils of both sexes. Since 1625 the abbey has been a member of the Austrian Congregation, now within the Benedictine Confederation. In his novel The Name of the Rose, Umberto Eco named one of the protagonists "Adso of Melk" as a tribute to the abbey and its famous library. Among its alumni was the nineteenth-century Austrian dramatist and short-story writer, Friedrich Halm. Melk Abbey is the metaphorical climax of Patrick Leigh Fermor's autobiographical account of his walking tour across pre-WW II Europe in A Time of Gifts, which includes a description of the abbey at that time.

The first fire to impact the Melk Abbey and its invaluable library was in 1297. This left; this fire and famine lead to the “Melk Reform” movement in the early fifteenth century. Most of the manuscripts Melk is famous. During the 1683 Turkish invasion, the Melk Abbey suffered devastation; the abbey that stands today, built in 1702, caught fire in 1974. This second fire marred the ornamented rooms and damaged the interior and its art, leading to its restoration from 1978 to 1995; the nave of the abbey was a part of the restoration. Eight pounds of gold bullion was used to restore the altars; the restoration process focused on the church’s frescoes and brown marble columns. The Marble Hall, a popular guest attraction, was restored during this period; these restoration efforts leave the abbey similar to its 1740 grandeur. In July 2019, Christine Glaßner, from the Austrian Academy of Sciences' Institute of Medieval Research, while researching the abbey's archives, discovered a previously-unknown strip of parchment—measuring 22 centimetres by 1.5 centimetres —bearing 60 partial lines of the poem Der Rosendorn.

The parchment, subsequently recycled into the binding of a much book, has been dated to around 1300. Melk Abbey was selected as the main motif of a 10 euro collectors' coin: the Austrian Melk Abbey commemorative coin, minted on April 18, 2007; the obverse shows a view up to the façade of the abbey church and its two side wings from a low level. The twin baroque towers and the great dome of the church behind them can be seen. In the lower right corner the coat-of-arms of the Abbey of Melk can be seen. Official website

Gianni Bella

Giovanni Bella, best known as Gianni Bella, is an Italian composer and singer-songwriter. Born in Catania, Bella started his career as composer for his sister, singer Marcella Bella authoring several hits with lyricist Giancarlo Bigazzi. In the seventies he debuted as a singer himself, scoring his first major success in 1974 with the song "Più ci penso", which ranked second in the Italian hit parade. In 1976 he topped the hit parade and won the Festivalbar contest with the song "Non si può morire dentro" planned to be sung by her sister. In 1981 he entered the competition at the Sanremo Music Festival with the song "Questo amore non si tocca". In 1983 Bella started a new phase alongside Mogol. In January 2010 he suffered a stroke and subsequently he lost his speech and the use of a leg. 1974 - Guarda che ti amo 1976 - Sogni di un robot 1977 - Io canto e tu 1978 - Toc toc 1980 - Dolce uragano 1981 - Questo amore... 1983 - G.b.1 - Nuova gente 1984 - G.b.2 1986 - Una luce 1988 - Due cuori rossi di vergogna 1991 - La fila degli oleandri 1994 - Vocalist 1998 - Finalmente insieme 2001 - Il profumo del mare 2007 - Forever per sempre 1992 - Gianni Bella live 1996 - Grandi successi - live Gianni Bella at AllMusic Gianni Bella discography at Discogs Gianni Bella on IMDb Gianni Bella on Facebook

2019 Denver Outlaws season

The 2019 Denver Outlaws season is the fourteenth season for the Outlaws franchise of Major League Lacrosse. It will be the first season under head coach Tony Seaman, who served as general manager before B. J. O'Hara took the head coaching job for the New York Lizards. Seaman will try to recreate the magic of the 2018 championship season that saw the Outlaws again get off to a slow start before rattling off a six-game win streak in the regular season and two postseason upsets over the second and top-seeded Chesapeake Bayhawks and Dallas Rattlers; the Outlaws hoisted the Steinfeld Trophy for the third time in five years on August 18 after defeating the Rattlers, 16-12 at MUSC Health Stadium in Charleston, South Carolina. With the season slated to start six weeks in the calendar year, the Outlaws will play their last two home games at Peter Barton Lacrosse Stadium, on the campus of the University of Denver due to conflicting with the NFL season. March 1 - The Outlaws and goalie Dillon Ward agree to a one-year contract for 2019.

May 25 - 44-year-old John Grant Jr. announces he is coming out of retirement to suit up for the Outlaws in 2019. Grant Jr. was serving as the Outlaws' offensive coordinator the past two seasons and will be in a unique role as player-coach. He is second on the league's all-time scoring list behind Paul Rabil; the 2019 Collegiate Draft was held on March 9 in Charlotte, North Carolina at the NASCAR Hall of Fame. Inside Lacrosse gave the Outlaws an "B" in their team-by-team draft grades. On May 16, the Outlaws announced they had signed Chris Aslanian, Brandon Jones, Kyle Pless from their draft class. Additionally, they signed rookies they picked up in the dispersal draft in Sean Eccles and Timmy Kelly; the signing of one of their first round picks, Daniel Bucaro, was announced on May 21. The Outlaws announced on June 13. Team Website