The melodica is a free-reed instrument similar to the pump organ and harmonica. It has a musical keyboard on top, is played by blowing air through a mouthpiece that fits into a hole in the side of the instrument. Pressing a key opens a hole, allowing air to flow through a reed; the keyboard covers two or three octaves. Melodicas are small and portable, they are popular in music education in Asia. The modern form of the instrument was invented by Hohner in the 1950s, though similar instruments have been known in Italy since the 19th century; the melodica was first used as a serious musical instrument in the 1960s by composers such as Steve Reich, in his piece titled Melodica. Brazilian multi-instrumentalist Hermeto Pascoal developed a technique consisting of singing while playing the melodica, resulting in a wide tonal and harmonic palette, it is associated with Jamaican dub and reggae musician Augustus Pablo who popularized it in the 1970s, more with Jon Batiste, seen playing the instrument on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Melodicas are classified by the range of the instrument. Melodicas with different ranges have different shapes. Soprano and alto melodicas are thinner sounding than tenors; some are designed to be played with both hands at once: the left hand plays the black keys, the right hand plays the white keys. Others are played like the tenor melodica. Tenor melodicas are a lower-pitched type of melodica; the left hand holds a handle on the bottom, the right hand plays the keyboard. Tenor melodicas can be played with two hands by inserting a tube into the mouthpiece hole and placing the melodica on a flat surface. Bass melodicas exist, but are less common than other tenor and soprano; the Accordina made of metal, uses the same mechanism as a traditional melodica. The keyboard is replaced with a button arrangement similar to a chromatic button accordion's keyboard. Although the majority of melodicas are made of plastic, some are made of wood; the Sound Electra corporation makes the MyLodica, a wooden melodica designed " produce a warmer richer sound than that of its plastic relatives."

The Victoria Accordion company in Castelfidardo, produces a range of wooden melodicas and accordinas that they market under the name Vibrandoneon. The melodica is known by various names at the whim of the manufacturer. Melodion, Melodika, Pianica, Diamonica, face piano, Clavietta are just some of the variants; when a recording technician unfamiliar with the melodica called it a "hooter," the band The Hooters took that as their name. Melodica can be played with two hands employing an air tube. To blow air, a foot pump can be used. Melodica in music Harmonica Accordion Pump organ Claviola Couesnophone Melodica Men Media related to Melodicas at Wikimedia Commons Melodicaworld

Valerik (poem)

"Valerik" is a war poem published in 1843 by the Russian Romantic writer Mikhail Lermontov. The Battle of the Valerik River was fought on July 11, 1840, between the Imperial Russian Army and Chechen mountain tribesman, as part of the Russian conquest of the Caucasus. Mikhail Lermontov, a lieutenant in the Tenginsky Regiment, showed exemplary valor in the battle. Eyewitness accounts describe him astride a white horse, leading his men into battle with reckless abandon; the official battle report stated: This officer, disregarding any danger, fulfilled his duties with outstanding courage and composure, was with the first rank of the bravest soldiers assaulting the enemy's entrenchments. For this, Lermontov was awarded the Order of St. Vladimir Fourth Class, but he never received the award as his name was removed from the final list of recipients by Czar Nicholas I, who harbored a strong dislike for the contumacious poet. After the battle, Lermontov struggled to find a way to express his experience.

His own feelings about combat were mixed - he wrote in a letter that he had developed "a taste for war" as a gamble with death and with breezy sarcasm described "the ravine where this fun took place", but the poem he wrote viewed war as a senseless slaughter, he and the fighters as "beasts" violating the beautiful world of his beloved pristine CaucasusAlthough the poem contains battle scenes both stirring and grisly, it ends on a pensive note as the protagonist sits on a drum after the battle: Heartsick, I pondered the mystery. I thought: poor people. What do we want! The sky is clear, And under the sky Is a place for each of us, but incessantly and needlessly We fight. Why? Galub interrupted my reverie, Struck me on the shoulder. What is the name of this place, I asked him. Valerik, he answered me, and translated into your language, That would be... River of Death. "Valerik" was first published posthumously in 1843 in the anthology Dawn. An analysis of "Valerik" is found in Susan. Russian Literature and Empire: Conquest of the Caucasus from Pushkin to Tolstoy.

Cambridge University Press. ISBN 978-0-521-44443-9. Valerik poem reading Text of Lermontov's poem Valerik Brief description and analysis of Lermontov's poem Valerik

Shea CouleƩ

Jaren Kyei Merrell, known professionally as Shea Couleé, is an American drag queen and musician most recognized as a fixture of the Chicago nightlife scene and as a contestant on season 9 of RuPaul's Drag Race. New York magazine named Coulee one of the top 100 Most Powerful Drag Queens in America in June 2019. Merrell was born in Chicago and raised in Plainfield; the youngest of five children, their mother was a minister. They graduated with a degree in costume design from Columbia College in 2011. In their sophomore year, they were cast in Ten Square. During their senior year at Columbia, they were the lead designer on Shakespeare's The Winter’s Tale. Coulee has performed in theater. Shea Couleé performed at various venues in Chicago, including Roscoe's, Double Door, Hydrate. In Chicago, they worked as a resident host at Smart Bar, was a Co-Host for the Tony Soto Show. At one point, Couleé competed in Miss Roscoe's Pageant. Before doing Drag full-time, Couleé worked part-time as a sales associate and customer service representative for an adult store "Tulip".

In 2016, Couleé was photographed for Found magazine. In April, Couleé was featured in Peppermint's Too Funky music video. In May 2017, Couleé performed as part of the Werq the World 2017 tour; the tour, hosted by Bianca Del Rio and Michelle Visage featured drag queens Alaska Thunderfuck, Alyssa Edwards, Latrice Royale, Violet Chachki. Shea Couleé co-produced and starred in their own film Lipstick City in July 2017. In April 2018, Couleé premiered Call Me Couleé, a web series documenting Couleé's life post Drag Race; the series lasted six episodes, concluded on October 18, 2018. In September 2018, Shea Couleé performed as a background dancer for Christina Aguilera for Opening Ceremony's Spring 2019 collection, alongside other Drag Race alumni, they were photographed with Farrah Moan for Manny MUA's Lunar Beauty palette. In June 2018, Couleé and other RuPaul's Drag Race alum Asia O'Hara and Monét X Change performed in The Vixen's popular Black Girl Magic, a drag show created to showcase the talent of black drag queens.

In November, Coulee was featured as a part of Lush's "Merry DRAGMas" Campaign, alongside Detox and Kim Chi. In March 2019, they appeared in the music video for Iggy Azalea's "Sally Walker"; the same month, they joined the Drag World UK lineup. In May, they were photographed with Farrah Moan and Violet Chachki for Huda Beauty’s new Setting Spray. Couleé was one of the Inspirations for Sina Grace's character of Shade, Marvel's first Drag Queen superhero. Couleé has embarked on several world tours following their success on Drag Race including headlining the "War on the Catwalk" and "A Drag Queen Christmas", among others. Coulee was added to the Drag Race "Haters Roast: The Shady Tour" comedy tour with other Drag Race alumnae in 2019, they headlined a one-woman show in 2019, entitled "Coulee With A'C'". An autobiographical show, it combined song and comedy, revolving around their upbringing and how they got into drag. Couleé's makeup and look transformations have been featured in publications such as Cosmopolitan.

In October, Coulee published their first article for Metro. In January 2020, Couleé attended the first RuPaul's DragCon UK. In March 5th and 6th, Couleé will be performing alongside fellow drag race alum Bebe Zahara Benet, Bob The Drag Queen, Monique Heart and The Vixen in Nubia tour. After auditioning five times, every year since they started doing drag Couleé became one of 14 queens to compete on the ninth season of RuPaul's Drag Race. After portraying Naomi Campbell in the Snatch Game challenge, Campbell tweeted Couleé in approval. Couleé won their first challenge alongside Sasha Velour, they again won the following episode, portraying Blac Chyna for "Reality Stars: The Musical". Couleé won another challenge in the ninth episode, "Your Pilot's On Fire", again alongside Sasha Velour. In the following episode, "Makeover: Crew Better Work", Coulee lip synced for their life against Nina Bo'nina Brown, sending her home to Demi Lovato's "Cool for the Summer". Couleé won once again during the season's "Gayest Ball Ever", after creating a look inspired by the Village People's "construction worker".

In the season's penultimate episode, the final four queens wrote, recorded and performed a verse in RuPaul's "Category Is", choreographed by Todrick Hall. In a series first, all four queens ended up advancing to the finale. In the season finale, Couleé received a personalized video from Blac Chyna, whom Couleé had portrayed earlier in the "Reality Stars: The Rusical" challenge. In this finale, for the first time in Drag Race history, the final four queens all participated in a "lip sync for the crown". Coulee lost, they placed in joint third/fourth place. Couleé's loss was met with controversy, with many people claiming that Shea Couleé should have won the crown. Coulee themself responded to the controversy, defending Velour's win, saying "Ultimately Sasha was more successful than myself and the other girls."While on tour and fellow Drag Race contestant Farrah Moan were harassed by a woman at a kebab shop in Newcastle in April 2018 who first yelled at and tried to hit the off-duty queens. Since losing Season 9, Couleé has been requested by fans to compete on an All Star season.

In June 2017, Shea Couleé released three music videos to promote their debut EP, Couleé-D. They co-directed the music videos, co-produced the EP. Azealia Banks and Shea Couleé announced plans to release a studio collaboration; the collaboration never came intro fruition after Banks ghosted Couleé. On May 18