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The Metro ExpressLanes project is a transport project in Los Angeles County, California that debuted in 2012 to "improve traffic flow and provide enhanced travel options on I-10 and I-110 in Los Angeles County". It includes a range of infrastructure developments on the Harbor Transitway and the El Monte Busway; the existing high-occupancy lanes on these transitways were converted to high occupancy toll (HOT) lanes. Associated works included a major upgrade to El Monte bus station, expansion of Metrolink's Pomona Station, the creation of a new transit station at Union Station and increased park and ride capacity and bike lockers at many transit stations. In addition, new vanpool vehicles and buses will be purchased; the project was delivered by the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority, the California Department of Transportation, and others. The budget was $290 million and construction, which began in 2011, was completed in February 2013; some transit improvements for the Metro Silver Line are still being worked on.[1]

Project elements[edit]

The Metro ExpressLanes project includes:[1]



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