Milan Metro Line 4

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Milano linea M4.png
Type Rapid transit
System Milan Metro
Status under construction
Locale Milan, Italy
Stations 21
Website Official website Edit this at Wikidata
Opened 2022
Operator(s) Azienda Trasporti Milanesi
Line length 15 km (when complete)
Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in) standard gauge
Route map
Milano mappa M4 progetto.svg

Line 4 is a new underground rapid transit line under construction[1] in Milan, Italy, part of the Milan Metro. The line was planned to be completed in 2015, as part of the works for the upcoming Milan Expo. However, delays in planning, financing[2] and construction works forced to postpone the opening, and the line is now expected to open in 2022.[3][4][5]

The line will be 15 km (9.3 mi) long with 21 stations.[5] The expected annual ridership is 87 million. The total estimated cost is about €1.7 billion. €786 million will be granted by the Italian government, €512 million will come by private investors and €400 million from the municipal government of Milan.[6] The line will feature completely automatic driverless trains[7] and is designed for a capacity of 24-28,000 passengers per hour in each direction.[8]

The consortium ATM - Impregilo will be responsible for the construction works.[6][9]


Forlanini FS station under construction in 2016

The line is planned to connect the south-western neighborhood of Lorenteggio with the Linate Airport on the east, passing through the city center.

Station Name Transfer Grade
San Cristoforo Milano S9.svg Tren.svg Underground
Segneri Underground
Gelsomini Underground
Frattini Underground
Tolstoj Underground
Washington-Bolivar Underground
Foppa Underground
Parco Solari Underground
Sant'Ambrogio Milano linea M2.svg Underground
De Amicis Underground
Vetra Underground
Santa Sofia Underground
Sforza-Policlinico Milano linea M3.svg Underground
San Babila Milano linea M1.svg Underground
Tricolore Underground
Dateo Milano S1.svg Milano S2.svg Milano S5.svg Milano S6.svg Milan line S12.png Milano S13.svg Underground
Susa Underground
Argonne Underground
Forlanini FS Milano S5.svg Milano S6.svg Milano S9.svg Underground Forlanini Underground
Linate Aeroporto Pictograms-nps-airport-2.svg Underground

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