Dragon's teeth (mythology)

In Greek myth, dragon's teeth feature prominently in the legends of the Phoenician prince Cadmus and in Jason's quest for the Golden Fleece. In each case, the dragons are breathe fire, their teeth, once planted, would grow into armed warriors. Cadmus, the bringer of literacy and civilization, killed the sacred dragon that guarded the spring of Ares; the goddess Athena told him to sow the teeth, from which sprang a group of ferocious warriors called the spartoi. He threw a precious jewel into the midst of the warriors, who turned on each other in an attempt to seize the stone for themselves; the five survivors joined with Cadmus to found the city of Thebes. The classical legends of Cadmus and Jason have given rise to the phrase "to sow dragon's teeth." This is used as a metaphor to refer to doing something that has the effect of fomenting disputes

True Life Blues: The Songs of Bill Monroe

True Life Blues: The Songs of Bill Monroe is a compilation album of bluegrass music released through Sugar Hill Records on October 15, 1996. In 1997, the album won Todd Phillips the Grammy Award for Best Bluegrass Album, as the producer. "Molly and Tenbrooks" – 3:13 "True Life Blues" – 2:45 "I'm on My Way to the Old Home" – 2:08 "Highway of Sorrow" – 2:53 "Old Ebenezer Scrooge" – 2:46 "Memories of You" – 3:06 "Rawhide" – 3:07 "Can't You Hear Me Callin'" – 4:07 "Letter from My Darling" – 3:32 "Sitting Alone in the Moonlight" – 3:16 "Big Mon" – 3:01 "Get Down on Your Knees and Pray" – 3:12 "Used to Be" – 2:03 "Scotland" – 3:08 "Travelin' This Lonesome Road" – 3:02 "Heavy Traffic Ahead Bill Monroe" – 2:25 "Little Cabin Home on the Hill" – 3:49