Miqdad ibn Aswad

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Arabic: المقداد
Title: al-Kindi
BirthplaceHadhramaut, Yemen
EthnicityYemeni Arab
Died33 AH[1]
Burial PlaceDamascus
FatherAmr al-Bahrani

Miqdad ibn Amr al-Bahrani (Arabic: المقداد بن عمرو البهراني‎), better known as al-Miqdad ibn al-Aswad al-Kindi (Arabic: المقداد بن الأسود الكندي‎) or just Miqdad, was one of the companions of the Islamic prophet Muhammad.


Miqdad was born in Hadhramaut, Yemen to Amr al-Bahrani, he left for Mecca after a fight with one of his tribesmen. In Mecca, he was adopted by a man named al-Aswad al-Kindi, and came to be known as al-Miqdad ibn Aswad al-Kindi rather than al-Miqdad ibn Amr; when Islam was revealed, Miqdad was among earliest of the believers. He later emigrated to Medina with fellow Muslims.[1]

Miqdad, along with Ammar ibn Yasir, Abu Dhar and Salman al-Farsi, is considered one of the most loyal companions of Ali.[1]

Miqdad died in 33 AH in Damascus and is buried there.[1]

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