List of tallest buildings in Saint John, New Brunswick

This a list of the tallest buildings in Saint John, New Brunswick. Saint John is a city on the Fundy coast of New Brunswick and is the first incorporated city in Canada. In Saint John, there are 6 buildings; the tallest building in the city is the 19-storey, 81 m Brunswick Square. This building is tied with Assumption Place in Moncton for tallest building in New Brunswick; however this building is the second largest office building by floor space in all of Atlantic Canada after the Maritime Centre in Halifax. The second-tallest building in the city is Saint John City Hall, standing at 55.2 m tall with 15 storeys. As of February 2017, the city contains 1 skyscraper over 80 m and 12 high-rise buildings that exceed 30 m in height; as of July 2018, Irving Oil has begun construction on a new headquarters in Uptown Saint John, next to the imperial theatre. This building will be 11 storeys and 59 m in height, making it the city's second tallest building upon completion; the tallest proposed development that could be under construction soon in Saint John is the Coast Guard Redevelopment project, with three proposed towers all 52 m tall with 12 floors.

If constructed, the Coast Guard Redevelopment will be the single largest residential construction project undertaken in New Brunswick. As of February 2017 there are no other high-rises under construction, approved for construction, or proposed for construction in Saint John; this list ranks buildings in Saint John that stand at least 30 metres tall, based on CTBUH height measurement standards. This does not include antenna masts; the Saint John City Market is the oldest continuing farmer's market in Canada, with a charter dating from 1785. Located in Saint John, New Brunswick and completed in 1876, the current market building has a unique roof structure that resembles an inverted ship's keel. Made of wooden trusses, the structure was built by unemployed ship carpenters of the day; the floor slopes with the natural grade of the land. The architecture is in the Second Empire style; some of the businesses in the market have been operating continuously there for more than 100 years. Facing onto Kings Square, the market is connected to the city's indoor pedway system.

The market was designated a National Historic Site of Canada in 1986. The Courtenay Bay Generating Station is a decommissioned oil-fired power plant owned by NB Power; the plant generated 113 megawatts of baseline electricity for the province between 1960 and 2008. In 1998, the plant was considered for conversion to natural gas as the primary fuel source, but this never came to be. List of tallest buildings in Atlantic Canada Canadian architecture

Cutumay Camones

Cutumay Camones was a band from El Salvador, formed in 1982. Its stated objective was to recover Salvadorean cultural roots and to provide popular music for the national liberation movement. In May 1982, Cutumay Camones was formed by a directive from the People's Revolutionary Army of El Salvador, a part of the FMLN, as cultural ambassadors for the national liberation movement; the name comes from the Nahuatl for a town in Santa Ana in western El Salvador, where the FMLN had an uprising in January 1981. The group had three members: Eduardo and Ricardo, two months Paco and Israel joined. By 1984, Lolo had joined, the group consisted of five permanent members: Lolo, Israel and Teresa. Except for Eduardo, Israel none of the members were musicians prior to joining. Cutumay Camones used different rhythms such as Son cumbia classical and rancheras, instruments such as marimba and guitarrón. In 1988, the group disbanded. Lolo left El Salvador in 1990 and played in the band Los Jornaleros del Norte, he has a daughter named Alejandra.

Paco was assassinated in 1996 by the National Civil Police, Eduardo died in 2007 from cancer. In 2012, Teresa from Cutumay Camones joined with members of another revolutionary Salvadron music group from the 1980s, Guinama, to form a new group; the fusion of these historic bands is called Cutumay Guinama. Their mission is to keep alive the memories of the sacrifices made for liberty during the civil war, to continue promoting social change with their new recordings. Vamos Ganando La Paz Por Eso Luchamos Patria Chiquita Mia Llegó la Hora El Salvador, un Canto por la Memoria de Eduardo y Paco Contra la Explotacion Mineraincludes tree songs "Bolivar" recorded in Venezuela in the first "Festival de la cancion bolivariana" with the help of "Ali Primera" "Primer instrumental" a collection of traditional music in marimba and "Palomita Blanca" recorded in the former soviet union Media related to Cutumay Camones at Wikimedia Commons