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Leader Katarzyna Lubnauer
Founded May 2015
Membership (2016) 6,000
Ideology Liberalism[1]
Classical liberalism
European affiliation Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe
International affiliation None
Social position Centre-left
Economic position Centre-right
25 / 460
0 / 100
European Parliament
0 / 51
Regional assemblies
0 / 555

Modern (Polish: Nowoczesna, styled as .Nowoczesna), is a liberal[2] and classical-liberal[3] political party in Poland. The party was founded in May 2015 by the former World Bank economist Ryszard Petru.[4]


The party was founded in late May 2015 as NowoczesnaPL (ModernPL) by economist Ryszard Petru.[5]

Due to some controversy over its name – there had already been a non-governmental organization called the Modern Poland Foundation;[6] in August 2015, the party's name was changed to .Modern (.Nowoczesna).[7]

Around the same time, the party's new logo was presented, and Kamila Gasiuk-Pihowicz became its spokesperson.[8]

The party received 7.6% of votes in the 2015 parliamentary election, which resulted in winning 28 seats in the Sejm.[9][10]

The party was admitted into the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE) on 4 June 2016.[11]


The party has been compared to the Free Democratic Party of Germany (FDP), with its emphasis on economic liberalism in its policy platform.[12]

Election results[edit]


Election year Number of
Percentage of
Number of
overall seats won
2015 1,155,370[9] 7.6 (#4)[9]
28 / 460


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