Park Road Allotments

Park Road Allotments are allotments in Old Isleworth. They were managed by the local council who rented the land from the estate of the Duke of Northumberland; the allotments are recognised as an asset of community value but, in 2015 when the 100-year lease expired, they were threatened by redevelopment by the Duke, who proposed to build flats and houses upon the site while providing allotment space in nearby Syon Park. These plans were opposed by local parties such as the Isleworth Society and, on 20 June 2017, the planning committee of Hounslow council rejected them; the matter was appealed and a public inquiry started on 9 October 2018. Northfield Allotments Park Road Allotments – Facebook group Planning presentation – material for the planning application

Christian Dorsey

Christian Dorsey is an American politician in Arlington County, Virginia. He worked at the Economic Policy Institute, his areas of expertise are community development, housing and the economy. Dorsey joined EPI in 2008. Dorsey's work there has been to build an awareness of economic policy matters on a grassroots level as an advocate for the EPI with a goal of educating and mobilizing both middle class and disenfranchised communities for shared prosperity. Prior to joining EPI, Dorsey served as chief executive officer for various non-profit organizations promoting children's literacy, prejudice reduction and affordable housing. Dorsey served as the Executive Director of the Bonder and Amanda Johnson Community Development Corporation, as Executive Director for The Reading Connection, a Northern Virginia-based non-profit organization that provides literacy programs for children. Dorsey's commentaries have appeared in a variety of media including The Washington Post and he is a frequent voice on television, namely Fox News Channel's Cashin' In as a frequent guest panelist and radio.

Dorsey holds a B. S. International Relations from Georgetown University School of Foreign Service. Christian Dorsey on Fox News's Cashin' In program, 12-29-2009 on YouTube. Arlington County Board chair Christian Dorsey filed bankruptcy petition in Oct. Metro board weighs penalizing member Christian Dorsey for late disclosure of $10,000 donation from transit union