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Mookie Blaylock

Daron Oshay "Mookie" Blaylock is an American retired professional basketball player. He spent 13 years in the National Basketball Association with the New Jersey Nets, Atlanta Hawks, the Golden State Warriors. A 6 ft 0 in push-and-pass point guard, he was rated among the best defensive stoppers in the game; the former Garland High School, Midland College, University of Oklahoma star is most regarded for his quick hands and a ball hawking defensive style that produced more than 200 steals in a season five times and two NBA All-Defensive first-team selections. He was a capable outside shooter, a fine passer who ranked among the league's assist leaders, a durable instigator of the fast break. In 1988, he helped to lead the Sooners to the NCAA title game. Blaylock was selected by the New Jersey Nets with the 12th overall pick of the 1989 NBA draft and settled into Nets' rotation, he was traded with Roy Hinson to the Atlanta Hawks prior to the 1992–93 season for Rumeal Robinson, where he flourished under newly signed coach Lenny Wilkens.

He spent seven years with the Hawks, leading them in career three-point field goals and career steals. He was selected for the 1994 NBA All-Star Game, he was traded to the Golden State Warriors in a deal that brought Bimbo Coles, Duane Ferrell, the 1999 10th overall draft pick, Jason Terry, to Atlanta, finished off his career playing as a reserve for the Warriors. Led the NBA in steals two years in a row, joining Alvin Robertson, Magic Johnson, Allen Iverson, Chris Paul as the only players to achieve that feat. Led the NBA in three-point attempts and finished second in three-pointers made in the 1996–97 season. Is the Atlanta Hawks' all-time franchise leader in three-point field goals made, three-point field goal attempts, steals. Set the Atlanta Hawks' single-season franchise records for three-pointers made and attempted in 1995–96. Fans of the basketball player, the band members of Pearl Jam named their group "Mookie Blaylock", but they were forced to change the name, they settled on naming their debut album Ten after Blaylock's jersey number.

In addition, Blaylock himself is a fan of Pearl Jam. In Tom Robbins's 1994 novel Half Asleep in Frog Pajamas, character Larry Diamond uses the name "Mookie Blaylock" as a pseudonym for hotel stays. In the Homestar Runner cartoon "Kick-A-Ball", the Umpire tells the Announcer that Mookie Blaylock gave him the ball featured in the cartoon, a reference to a similar scene in an earlier cartoon about Mookie Wilson. In the CSI: NY episode "Civilized Lies," two persons of interest are implicated in the same crime, although their characters are not featured in a majority of the episode; the suspects names are Eric Blaylock. In 2011, two of Blaylock's sons, twins Daron and Zack, committed to play football for the University of Kentucky; the sons are graduates of Walton High School in Georgia. Mookie Betts, an outfielder for the Los Angeles Dodgers was named after Blaylock. Blaylock resides in Georgia, his youngest son, Dominic, is a graduate of Walton High School, plays football for UGA. During the afternoon of May 31, 2013, Blaylock was involved in a head-on collision in Clayton County, Georgia.

He was placed on life support, but his condition improved. Blaylock's vehicle traveled left-of-center. A family member stated he had a history of seizures, but it was unknown if Blaylock was experiencing any symptoms at the time of the collision. Although surviving the crash, a passenger in the other vehicle died as a result of injuries from the collision. Blaylock was charged with vehicular homicide, driving on a suspended license and failing to stay in his lane. Blaylock had an outstanding warrant in Spalding County, Georgia on charges of DUI and drug-related offenses at the time, but "investigators did not believe alcohol was a factor in the crash." On October 27, 2014, Blaylock pleaded guilty to killing a mother of five. Blaylock was sentenced to 15 years for vehicular homicide and other charges in the head-on collision as part of a plea bargain. According to the plea, Blaylock will serve three years in prison and the fourth as a suspended sentence, followed by eight years of probation. List of National Basketball Association career 3-point scoring leaders List of National Basketball Association career assists leaders List of National Basketball Association career steals leaders List of National Basketball Association players with most assists in a game List of National Basketball Association players with most steals in a game List of NCAA Division I men's basketball players with 11 or more steals in a game Career statistics and player information from

Intermediate parakeet

The intermediate parakeet or Rothschild's parakeet was a kind of parakeet reported from the sub-Himalayan region of India and was described on the basis of about seven undated specimens. Similar individuals have been noted in captivity and the type specimen is now believed to be a hybrid between Psittacula himalayana and Psittacula cyanocephala. More recent captive specimens that appeared similar were found to be hybrids produced by crosses between Psittacula krameri and Psittacula cyanocephala. An analysis of the characters of the specimens suggests that the described P. intermedia was a hybrid between P. cyanocephala x P. himalayana. This parakeet has never been seen in the wild. Six of the seven specimens are considered to show signs of captivity; the characters are intermediate between the cyanocephala and himalayana with considerable variation among the specimens. The intermediate parakeet is 36 cm long, wing length 15 - tail length 16.5 - 19.5 cm. This is a yellowish-green parrot with a slaty-purple head bordered below by a broad black cheek stripe which becomes a narrow band across nape.

The forehead back to the eye area has a pink-purple tinge. There is a reddish-brown patch on the wing-coverts; the tail feathers are purple with yellowish-white tips, yellow undersides. The upper mandible is reddish with a yellow tip, the lower mandible yellowish; the female has a smaller red wing patch, more slaty head. World Parrot Trust Parrot Encyclopedia - Species Profiles

Annie Awards

The Annie Awards are accolades presented annually by the Los Angeles branch of the International Animated Film Association, ASIFA-Hollywood since 1972, to recognize excellence in animation in film and television. Designed to celebrate lifetime or career contributions to animation, since 1992 it has given awards to individual films. Memberships in the ASIFA-Hollywood consist of three main categories: General Member and Student Member. Joining ASIFA-Hollywood is open to professionals and fans of animation, for a membership fee. Selected professional members are permitted to vote for the Annie; the 47th Annie Awards ceremony took place on January 25, 2020, on the campus of UCLA. In 1972, June Foray conceived the idea that there should be awards for animation as there were no awards for the field. With the approval of ASIFA-Hollywood president Nick Bosustow, Annie Awards ceremony was organized; the first ceremony was held at the banquet room of Sportsmen's Lodge in Ventura Boulevard in Studio City, Los Angeles, California.

Max Fleischer and Dave Fleischer were the first to be honored by the first Annie Awards for creating the characters Betty Boop and Olive Oyl, for inventing the technique of rotoscoping. According to Foray, her husband Hobart Donavan suggested that the awards be called "Annie" since the awards are for excellence in animation; the first Annie Award trophy was given out in the second awards ceremony to Walter Lantz, the founder of Walter Lantz Productions and creator of Woody Woodpecker. The trophy was a brass prize was made out of wood and plastic; the next year, Tom Woodward came up with the current design. In 2008, the Annie Award nominees for Best Short Subject included two Walt Disney cartoons, a Pixar short, two independent films: Picnic Pictures' The Chestnut Tree, Don Hertzfeldt's short Everything Will Be OK. Official rules for the Annie Awards state that voting members must view all nominated achievements in their entirety before casting their ballot for a winner. Members are directed to view the nominated films on a secure website.

When the online ballot launched on January 15, the two independent films were not included for voters to judge. ASIFA acknowledged this error over a week at which point all the votes were thrown out and the balloting system was reset. Voters were instructed to re-vote the category. "The Chestnut Tree" was now uploaded properly to the ballot, however Everything Will Be OK was again not included: this time, the online ballot only played a portion of this film's 17-minute running time to voters, abruptly cutting out in the middle of a scene. ASIFA again took several days to repair the ballot. By the time the ballot closed on February 1, Everything Will Be OK was only available to voters for less than 24 hours of the entire 18-day voting period. Though ASIFA apologized to Don Hertzfeldt, they took no further action and carried on with the event, awarding the prize to the Pixar short Your Friend the Rat. List of animation awards List of Annie Awards ceremonies International Animated Film Association Annie Awards official site.

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Get On Up and Dance

Get On Up and Dance is the only studio album by the Quad City DJ's. The group was made up of Jay Ski and C. C. Lemonhead, both of whom had worked with Chill Deal, 95 South and 69 Boyz, producing hits such as "Whoot, There It Is" and "Tootsee Roll" for them. Singer JeLanna “Lana” LaFleur was added to the group after being discovered dancing at the Tootsie Roll video shoot. Once recognized for her dancing abilities, she decided to show off her vocal skills in the studio and was added as a member contributing all of the vocals to the album; the album contained the major hit single "C'Mon N' Ride It" which peaked at number 3 on the Billboard Hot 100 and went Platinum. Get On Up and Dance peaked at number 31 on the Billboard 200 and was certified Platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America for selling over a million copies in the United States. Despite feeling repetitive at times and lacking tracks that match the catchability of "C'mon N' Ride It", Johnny Loftus from AllMusic said the album works best as a "harmless and entertaining diversion" at parties, concluding that, "Hovering at an average of 132 beats per minute, Get On Up and Dance never makes the mistake of including a ballad or an unfunny skit.

It's all about dancing, all the time." "Work Baby Work""Looking for the Perfect Beat" by Afrika Bambaataa & the Soulsonic Force "Let's Do It""Take Your Time" by The S. O. S. Band "Quad City Funk""Funkin' for Jamaica" by Tom Browne "Summer Jam""We Are Family" by Sister Sledge "The Bass""Bring the Noise" by Public Enemy

Baan Unrak

Baan Unrak is a non-profit humanitarian organization that supports children and single mothers in Sangkhla Buri, Kanchanaburi Province, Thailand. It incorporates the Baan Unrak Children’s home, Primary School, community development projects such as a weaving center where single mothers make handicrafts and earn a fair wage; the children's home was founded in 1991 as a home for orphans and destitute children. It is home to over 140 children, as well as several single mothers. All of the mothers and 80% of the children at Baan Unrak are refugees from Myanmar which borders the district; the children are taught to lead a vegetarian practice meditation and yoga regularly. Besides receiving an education, they are engaged in various holistic activities such as gardening, art and dance; the primary school was opened in 2005 and is a accredited school in Thailand. It was created to provide an education for children that face significant barriers attending Thai government schools. Many of the children are immigrants from Burma, several are many years behind the normal grade level for their age.

The school specializes in offering a holistic education, teaching through stories, traditional dance and various activities. Baan Unrak offers support services to single mothers who are struggling to provide for their children. Mothers are able to stay at the children’s home with their children and work in the weaving center where they earn a fair wage and can save for the future; the handicrafts are sold at one of the three Baan Unrak clothing stores located in Sangkhlaburi. Teenagers living at the children’s home are in charge of the community relief project to distribute rice and blankets to remote villages in the Sangkhlaburi region. For households without an able-bodied man, the teenagers rebuild their roof-tops before the rainy season. Run by Gemma Ashford, UK actress and social photographer - Gemma Ashford Photography, the Baan Unrak Animal Sanctuary*, was established to control and care for the large feral dog population in Sangkhlaburi and environs, it is sponsored by private donation support and the following the organisations, the Worldwide Veterinary Service, The Humane Society and Lush cosmetics.

Baan Unrak website Baan Unrak primary school "Asia Kids Worldwide website". Archived from the original on 9 May 2008. Retrieved 2008-05-02. "True Travellers Society website". Archived from the original on 2008-05-15. Retrieved 2008-05-02. Baan Unrak Animal Sanctuary website

Clairemont – Great Lakes (Decatur)

Clairemont - Great Lakes is a historic neighborhood in the north central section of the Atlanta, Georgia suburb of Decatur. It consists of residences and churches. However, there are businesses on West Ponce de Leon Avenue, in the southernmost section of the neighborhood, its rough boundaries are Coventry Ponce de Leon Avenue and Commerce Drive on the south. The section of Superior Avenue north of Scott Boulevard is considered part of this neighborhood. Ridgeland Park, located northeast of the Clairemont - Great Lakes neighborhood, is not presently considered part of the neighborhood, it was developed and is in unincorporated DeKalb County. However, in 2008 the city of Decatur began evaluating annexation of this neighborhood, contiguous to the rest of the development; the Clairemont Historic District falls within the Clairemont - Great Lakes neighborhood. Enacted in 2001, the local historic district runs the length of Clairemont Avenue from to Maediris Drive in the north to Commerce Drive in the south.

The small portion from Scott Blvd. to Maediris lies in Decatur's Clairemont - Gateway neighborhood association, not the Clairemont - Great Lakes neighborhood. Clairement Avenue followed part of a Native American trail leading to a shallow crossing at the Chattahoochee, it was known as Shallowford Trail and Webster Street. However, the Clairemont - Great Lakes neighborhood was not laid out until the early 20th Century. Beginning in 1913 and continuing through to the 1930s, it was developed in sections; as can be perceived from the name, the Clairemont - Great Lakes neighborhood consists of four smaller neighborhoods. These include the Great Lakes neighborhood. Robert H. Paris developed Superior St. Michigan St. Seneca St. Huron St. Champlain St. Erie Ave. Geneva St. Lucerne St. and Parkside Circle from 1913 through the 1920s. Clairemont - Great Lakes contains numerous architectural styles; the most common are Craftsman Bungalows, English Vernacular Revival and Georgia Vernacular Bungalows. Other styles include Dutch Colonial and Moderne.

There are late 20th century townhomes and 21st century Brownstone townhomes on Scott Blvd. Churches within the neighborhood include: First Baptist Church, Decatur, 308 Clairemont Avenue. First Church of Christ, Decatur, 446 Clairemont Avenue. Lutheran Church of the Messiah, 465 Clairemont Avenue. Waddell Park, Huron St. & Champlain Rd. Called "Closeburn Park", this neighborhood park features a nature trail, it was donated to the city of Decatur by the neighborhood in 1994, renamed after a benefactor. Peavine Creek Watershed, Wilton Drive. Although not a park, Wilton Drive lies in a unique ecological area, it is monitored by the Peavine Watershed Alliance, is on the City of Decatur's Walking Tour #4. Woodlands, 930 Scott Blvd. A 7.1-acre nature sanctuary donated to the Decatur Preservation Alliance in 2002 by the Morse family. Clairemont Avenue, bisects the neighborhood and is the primary entry point to the neighborhood from Interstate 85; this is known as "Clairmont Road" north of the city limits. Decatur MARTA rail station, is located south of the Clairemont - Great Lakes neighborhood at Decatur Square.

Ponce de Leon Avenue, is located south of the neighborhood, is the primary entry point from Atlanta. Scott Boulevard, is located north of the neighborhood, is the primary entry point from Interstate 285. Clark, Caroline McKinney; the story of Decatur, 1823-1899. DeKalb Historical Society. Price, Vivian. Historic DeKalb County: An Illustrated History. Historical Publishing Network. City of Decatur: Clairemont - Great Lakes Neighborhood Association/Clairemont Clairemont - Great Lakes Neighborhood Association City of Decatur Website: Historic Districts