Moscow Yaroslavsky railway station

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Moscow Yaroslavsky
Moscow Railway terminal
Yaroslavsky rail terminal.jpg
Location 5 Komsomolskaya Square, Moscow, Russia
Coordinates 55°46′34″N 37°39′29″E / 55.776°N 37.658°E / 55.776; 37.658
Owned by Russian Railways
Line(s) Yaroslavl Line
Platforms 11
Tracks 16

Moscow Metro stations:
 1  Komsomolskaya
 5  Komsomolskaya

Tram: 7, 13, 37, 50;

Bus: 40, 122, А;

Trolleybus: 14, 41;
Other information
Station code 195506
Fare zone 0
Opened 1862
Rebuilt 1904–1910, 1965–1966, 1995
Preceding station   Moscow Railway   Following station
TerminusYaroslavl Line
Moscow Yaroslavsky is located in Moscow Ring Road
Moscow Yaroslavsky
Moscow Yaroslavsky
Location within Moscow Ring Road

Moscow Yaroslavsky railway station (Russian: Ярославский вокзал) is one of the nine main railway stations in Moscow.

Situated on Komsomolskaya Square (close to the Kazansky and Leningradsky Stations), Moscow Yaroslavskaya has the highest passenger throughput of all nine of the capital's main-line terminuses. It serves eastern destinations, including those in the Russian Far East, being the western terminus of the world's longest railway line, the Trans-Siberian. The station takes its name from that of the ancient city of Yaroslavl which, lying 284 rail kilometres (276 miles) north-east of Moscow, is the first large city served by the line.


The first Yaroslavsky station was built on this site in 1862, next to Moscow's first rail terminal, the Oktyabrsky (today: Leningradsky) station.

The existing Neorussian revival building facing Komsomolskaya Square was built in 1902–1904 by Fyodor Shechtel. The main departure hall beneath the fairy-tale roof connected directly into the boarding concourse. In 1910, its platforms and concourse were expanded by Lev Kekushev. Two major additions, in 1965–66 and 1995, further expanded station capacity. Currently, the station serves around 300 pairs of trains daily.[1]

Trains and destinations[edit]

Long-distance from Moscow[edit]

Train number Train name Destination Operated by
001/002 Rossiya
Russia Vladivostok

(»: North Korea Pyongyang, North Korea Tumangan)

Russia Russian Railways
003/004 China Beijing China Chinese Railways
005/006 Mongolia Ulan-Bator (Central)

(»: Mongolia Erdenet)

Mongolia Mongolian Raliways,

Russia Russian Railways

007/008 Kama
Russia Perm Russia Russian Railways
011/012 Yamal
Russia Novy Urengoy Russia Russian Railways
019/020 Vostok
China Beijing Russia Russian Railways
021/022 Polyarnaya Strela
Полярная Стрела
Russia Labytnangi Russia Russian Railways
029/030 Kuzbass
Russia Kemerovo Russia Russian Railways
031/032 Vyatka
Russia Kirov Russia Russian Railways
033/034 Syktyvkar
RussiaKomi Republic Syktyvkar Russia Russian Railways
035/036 Nizhegorodets
Russia Nizhny Novgorod Russia Russian Railways
037/038 Tomich
Russia Tomsk Russia Russian Railways
041/042 Vorkuta
Russia Vorkuta (»: Russia Usinsk) Russia Russian Railways
049/050 Malakhit
Russia Yekaterinburg Russia Russian Railways
055/056 Yenisey
Russia Krasnoyarsk Russia Russian Railways
067/068 Sayany
RussiaKhakassia Abakan Russia Russian Railways
069/070 Russia Chita 2 Russia Russian Railways
083/084 Severny Ural
Северный Урал
Russia Priobye Russia Russian Railways
099/100 Russia Vladivostok via original route Russia Russian Railways

103/104 105/106



Russia Yaroslavl Russia Russian Railways
115/116/117/118 Pomore
Russia Arkhangelsk
Russia Severodvinsk
Russia Russian Railways
125/126 Sheksna
Russia Cherepovets Russia Russian Railways
147/148 Kostroma
Russia Kostroma Russia Russian Railways
973/974 Russia Vladivostok via new route Russia Russian Railways

» : through coach(es)

Other destinations[edit]

Country Destinations
Russia Russia Blagoveshchensk, Chita, Irkutsk, Ivanovo, Kineshma, Kotlas, Naushki, Novosibirsk, Severobaykalsk, Tavda, Usinsk, Vologda

Suburban destinations[edit]

Suburban commuter trains (elektrichka) connect Yaroslavsky Rail station stations and platforms of the Yaroslavsky suburban direction of Moscow Railway, in particular, with the towns of Mytishchi, Korolyov, Yubileyny, Shchyolkovo, Monino, Ivanteyevka, Fryazino, Pushkino, Krasnoarmeysk, Khotkovo, Sergiyev Posad, Alexandrov.



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