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Nærøysund kommune
Collage Nærøysund kommune.jpg
Nærøysund kommune is located in Trøndelag
Nærøysund kommune
Nærøysund kommune
Nærøysund within Trøndelag
Nærøysund kommune is located in Norway
Nærøysund kommune
Nærøysund kommune
Nærøysund kommune (Norway)
Coordinates: 64°50′21″N 11°27′39″E / 64.8393°N 11.4608°E / 64.8393; 11.4608Coordinates: 64°50′21″N 11°27′39″E / 64.8393°N 11.4608°E / 64.8393; 11.4608
Country Norway
County Trøndelag
District Namdalen
Established 1 Jan 2020
 • Total 1,386.23 km2 (535.23 sq mi)
 • Land 1,325.06 km2 (511.61 sq mi)
 • Water 61.17 km2 (23.62 sq mi)  4.4%
Time zone UTC+01:00 (CET)
 • Summer (DST) UTC+02:00 (CEST)
ISO 3166 code NO-5060

Nærøysund is a new municipality that will be in Trøndelag county, Norway. It will be located in the traditional district of Namdalen. The administrative centre of the municipality has not yet been decided. It will be established on 1 January 2020 after the merger of the old municipalities of Vikna and Nærøy.

On 8 June 2017, the Norwegian Parliament, the Storting, voted to merge the municipalities of Leka, Vikna, Nærøy, and Bindal to form one, large municipality effective 1 January 2020.[1] Leka and Bindal municipalities rejected the merger, but Vikna and Nærøy will merge on that date to form the new municipality of Nærøysund.[2]


The name comes from the Nærøysundet strait. The strait is named after the nearby island Nærøya. The Old Norse form of the name of the island was Njarðøy. The first element is maybe the stem form of the name of the Norse god Njord (but it is suspicious that it is not in the genitive case). The last element is øy which means "island". Historically, the name has had varying spellings such as Nærø or Nærøen.[3][4]


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