N (Los Angeles Railway)

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Type Light rail
System Los Angeles Railway
Locale Los Angeles
Termini Spring and 2nd Street
8th Street and Western Avenue
Stations 21
Opened 1905
Closed 1950
Track gauge narrow gauge
Electrification Overhead lines
Route map


Spring and 2nd9
Spring and 3rd
Spring and 4th
Spring and 5th
Spring and 6th
Spring and 7thJ, R, S
Spring and 8th
Main and 9thF
9th and Broadway5 9 P W
9th and HillVenice Short Line
9th and Olive
9th and GrandJ
9th and Hope
9th and Flower
9th and Figueroa
9th and Blaine
9th and Valencia
9th and Union
9th and Burlington
9th and Alvarado
9th and Park View
9th and Hoover
9th and Westmoreland
9th and VermontV
8th and VermontV
8th and Catalina
8th and Mariposa
8th and Irolo
8th and Harvard
8th and Serrano
8th and Western

N was a line operated by the Los Angeles Railway from 1920 to 1950. It ran from Spring and 2nd Streets to 8th Street and Western Avenue, by way of Spring Street, 9th Street, Vermont Avenue, and 8th Street.


The Ninth Street Line was built by the Los Angeles Railway in 1895 and ran via Spring Street, 9th Street, and Park View to a junction with the Lincoln Heights Line at 10th and Hoover Streets. From there both routes ran along West 10th Street to a terminus at Vermont Avenue. Circa 1911, the Park View section was eliminated and the route was extended along 9th Street, Vermont, and 8th Street to a loop at Western Avenue. In 1920, the route name was changed to "N." In 1950, the route was removed, though the 8th Street section of the line continued to run as part of the re-routed S line.


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