Naamans Creek

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Naamans Creek
Picture of Naamans Creek at Woods Haven Kruse Park
Naamans Creek at Woods Haven Kruse Park
Location of the confluence of Naamans Creek and Delaware River
Location of the confluence of Naamans Creek and Delaware River
CountryUnited States
CountyNew Castle, Delaware
CountyDelaware, Pennsylvania
Physical characteristics
 ⁃ locationBethel Township, Pennsylvania
 ⁃ coordinates39°50′34″N 75°29′32″W / 39.84278°N 75.49222°W / 39.84278; -75.49222[1]
 ⁃ location
Claymont, Delaware
 ⁃ coordinates
39°48′19″N 75°26′11″W / 39.80528°N 75.43639°W / 39.80528; -75.43639[1]
 ⁃ elevation
sea level (0 ft.)
Basin features
River systemDelaware River

Naamans Creek (spelled Naaman Creek on federal maps[2]) is a tributary of the Delaware River in northeast New Castle County, Delaware and southeast Delaware County, Pennsylvania[3] The stream rises near the intersection of Foulk Road and Naamans Creek Road at 39°50′34″N 75°29′32″W / 39.84278°N 75.49222°W / 39.84278; -75.49222 in Bethel Township, Pennsylvania, flows through Arden, Delaware,[4] and discharges into the Delaware River at 39°48′19″N 75°26′11″W / 39.80528°N 75.43639°W / 39.80528; -75.43639 in Claymont, Delaware.[2] The creek is believed to be named after a Minqua chief who befriended the Swedish settlers of the area.[5] A large tract of land along the creek was deeded to Governor Johan Risingh by chief Peminacka in 1655.[6]

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