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Naravas was a Berber and Numidian leader in the Mercenary War of the Carthaginian state. Naravas is the Greek form of Narbal or Naarbaal[citation needed].

Alliance with Hamilcar Barca[edit]

During the Punic Wars, Naravas had joined the army of Spendius. During a critical time, he switched his allegiance to Hamilcar Barca of Carthage.

In 239 BC, he arrived at Hamilcar's camp with 2,000 horsemen; this probably saved the Carthaginian army from destruction. His troops pushed back the mercenaries of Mathos, the Libyan chief, at the Battle of Bagradas River. After the battle, he took possession of the town of Utica.


Naravas married the third daughter of Hamilcar Barca, the sister of Hannibal, her name is unknown, but Gustave Flaubert gave her the name Salammbo in his novel of that name.


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