Navy Expeditionary Medal

The Navy Expeditionary Medal is a military award of the United States Navy, established in August 1936. The General Orders of the Department of the Navy which established the medal states, "The medal will be awarded, to the officers and enlisted men of the Navy who shall have landed on foreign territory and engaged in operations against armed opposition, or operated under circumstances which, after full consideration, shall be deemed to merit special recognition and for which service no campaign medal has been awarded; the Navy Expeditionary Medal is retroactively authorized to February 12, 1874." The medal was designed by A. A. Weinman and features a sailor beaching a craft carrying Marines, an officer, a US flag with the word "Expeditions" above. On the reverse of both the Marine Corps Expeditionary Medal and Navy Expeditionary Medal, in the center of the bronze medallion an eagle is shown alight upon an anchor; the eagle is grasping sprigs of laurel. Above the eagle are the words UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS or UNITED STATES NAVY presented as an arch.

Above the laurel are the words FOR SERVICE presented horizontally. The eagle is the American bald eagle and represents the United States, the anchor alludes to Marine Corps or Navy service, the laurel is symbolic of victory and achievement; the medal is one of the few Navy awards, not concurrently bestowed to the United States Marine Corps, as Marine Corps personnel are eligible for the Marine Corps Expeditionary Medal as an equivalent award. In addition, since 1961, some Navy commands have permitted service members to choose between the Navy Expeditionary Medal and the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal for participation in certain operations. Both awards may not be bestowed for the same action. Additional awards of the Navy Expeditionary Medal are denoted by service stars; the Wake Island Device is authorized for those service members who were awarded the Navy Expeditionary Medal through the defense of Wake Island. As the vast majority of the defenders of Wake Island were U. S. Marines, the Navy Expeditionary Medal with the Wake Island device is one of the rarest awards in the U.

S. military history. Under the “deemed to merit special recognition and for which service no campaign medal has been awarded“ clause, both the Marine Corps Expeditionary Medal and Navy Expeditionary Medal have been awarded for classified operations with proper adjudication by the Secretary of the Navy Special Awards Board; the MCEM and NEM "can be authorized and awarded to individuals or units who have participated in classified operations not in connection with larger operations in which the public is aware.” The SECNAV INSTRUCTION 1650.1H - NAVY AND MARINE CORPS AWARDS MANUAL details the process via the Special Awards Board for issuing classified awards. Anecdotal reports from former service members cite a wide variety of classified operations for which the MCEM and NEM have been awarded, ranging from Marine Corps units clandestinely deployed in Africa, to helicopter gun-crews or force protection units assisting SEAL-DEVGRU or Delta Force teams worldwide, classified submarine operations during the Cold War.

In cases where the Marine Corps Expeditionary Medal or Navy Expeditionary Medal has been awarded for classified operations, the name of the operation is omitted from public documentation including from the individual service member’s DD214 personnel record with only the name of the award and issue date provided. Both the Marine Corps Expeditionary Medal and Navy Expeditionary Medal have been fraudulently worn by military service members convicted under the UCMJ and civilians fraudulently claiming to have been awarded the MCEM or NEM along with other medals such as the Purple Heart, it has been reported that L. Ron Hubbard, founder of the Church of Scientology, fraudulently claimed being awarded the Marine Corps Expeditionary Medal; the issuance of military awards is available via a public records search and from lists of authorized recipients available online. In recent years, a number of television news crews have confronted people fraudulently wearing military awards and “Stolen Valor” websites publicly shame those who fraudulently wear or claim military awards and will notify federal law enforcement when they believe the activity rises to the level of a crime such as fraud for profit-or-gain, falsely receiving veterans services, falsifying a federal document such as the DD214, or violation of the Stolen Valor Act

Silver Sprocket Bicycle Club

Silver Sprocket Bicycle Club is a San Francisco-based bicycle club and independent record label, founded in 2007 by Avi Ehrlich of Springman Records. In addition to publishing records, Silver Sprocket supports a range of independent musicians and other community-based initiatives. Silver Sprocket is an anti-professional art crew and zine publisher, record label, "all-around raging dumpster fire."Silver Sprocket opened their first retail location in December 2017 at 1685 Haight St, San Francisco, CA 94117. The following musicians have released albums under the Silver Sprocket label: Andrew Jackson Jihad Ashtray Big D and the Kids Table Blatz Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children MacNuggits Filth Larry and His Flask Pain The Phenomenauts The Pillowfights River City Rebels Shang-A-Lang Vic RuggieroAdditionally, the label has released the following compilation albums: Rude Remix Revolution Cartoonist Mitch Clem publishes his work through Silver Sprocket. Official website Facebook Twitter Instagram

Tres CaĆ­nes

Los Tres Caínes is a 2013 Spanish-language telenovela produced by RTI Producciones for Colombia-based television network RCN TV and United States-based television network MundoFox. Based on the story of the Colombian paramilitary leaders Carlos Castaño, Vicente Castaño and Fidel Castaño. Gregorio Pernía stars as the protagonist. Gregorio Pernía as Fidel Castaño "El Rambo" Elkin Díaz as Vicente Castaño "El Profe" Julián Román as Carlos Castaño "El Comandante" Luz Stella Luengas as Flor de Castaño Eileen Moreno as Romualda Castaño Luis Fernando Múnera as Jose Castaño Juan Pablo Franco as Pablo Escobar Jenny Osorio as Manuela Cuadrado Carlos Manuel Vesga as Hernan Dario Henao'HH' Yesenia Valencia Mario Ruizn as President German Giraldo Jhon Álex Gil as Marcos Castaño Juliana Posso as Delfina Castaño Brian Moreno Alberto Cardeño as guerrilla leader Margarita Reyes as Tamara Jarol Fonseca as Miguel Rodríguez Orejuela Matilde Lemaitre as Karen David Páez as titi Adrián Jiménez Álex Betancur as Alberto Castaño Official website RCN TV: Official website Mundo FOX