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Nawab of Junagarh or Junagadh refers to the now defunct ex- lineage of rulers of the princely Junagadh State in British Raj, nowadays Junagadh district in the state of Gujarat in India.[1] There are still several forts and palaces in India which were owned by princely Junagarh family but after Partition of India property claimed by the Indian Government.[2][3][4]

List of Nawabs of Junagadh[edit]

Given below is the list of Nawabs who ruled in the princely Junagadh State before the Partition of India, after the independence of India and Pakistan in 1947, the title of Nawab of Junagarh has no official status. It still carries respect in Pakistan and is used as a courtesy title.[5][6][7]

Nawab Reign Life
1st Nawab Muhammad Bahadur Khanji or Muhammad Sher Khan Babi [8] 1730 - 28 Sep 1758 (b. ... - d. 1758)
2nd Nawab Muhammad Mahabat Khanji l 28 Sep 1758 - 1760 (b. ... - d. 1774)
Nawab Muzaffar Khanji 1760 - 1762
2nd Nawab Muhammad Mahabat Khanji 1762 - 2 Dec 1774 (b. ... - d. 1774)
3rd Nawab Muhammad Hamid Khanji 2 Dec 1774 – 26 Feb 1811 (b. 1766 - d. 1811)
4th Nawab Muhammad Bahadur Khanji II 26 Feb 1811 – 26 May 1840 (b. 1795 - d. 1840)
5th Nawab Muhammad Hamid Khanji II 26 May 1840 - 1851 (b. 1828 - d. 1851)
6th Nawab Sir Muhammad Mahabat Khanji II 1851 - 29 Sep 1882 (b. 1838 - d. 1882)
7th Nawab Sir Muhammad Bahadur Khanji III 29 Sep 1882 – 21 Jan 1892 (b. 1856 - d. 1892)
8th Nawab Sir Muhammad Rasul Khanji Babi 23 Jan 1892 – 22 Jan 1911 (b. 1858 - d. 1911)
9th Mr. H.D Rendall ESQR, Administrator of Junagadh 1911 - 1920
10th Nawab Muhammad Mahabat Khanji III[9] 22 Jan 1911 – 25 Feb 1948 (b. 1900 - d. 1959). He was last 'de facto' Nawab.

Last Nawab[edit]

The Partition of India in 1947 resulted in the exile of Nawab Muhammad Mahabat Khanji III, who was the last ruling Nawab of Junagadh. The Nawab, being Muslim was in favor of declaring the State as part of newly created Muslim majority Pakistan, for this purpose he signed the documents for incorporation of its state in Pakistan. But soon the state was surrounded by Indian forces on the orders of the Indian government, on three sides and occupied the whole territory . Nawab and his family fled to Pakistan to get asylum, after one year of occupation Indian Government held a referendum asking people of state of making them part of India. After his exile, he settled down in Pakistan and the Junagarh family resides at the `Junagarh House' in Karachi, Pakistan.[10]

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