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Sam Arnull

Sam Arnull was a British flat racing jockey of the 18th century. He won the inaugural running of Britain's foremost flat race, The Derby, on Diomed, one of the most influential horses in Thoroughbred history, won again on a further three occasions. Arnull hailed from a family of jockeys that dominated British horse racing in the latter part of the 18th century and early 19th, he was uncle of Bill Arnull. Between them, the family won twelve Derbies in the race's formative years, he himself won four of them — 1780, 1782, 1787, 1798 — as well as an Oaks on Hermione in 1794. Such was their dominance that "Newmarket without an Arnull would... have seemed strange"Sam was described as a "quiet and unassuming man" and was a man of some means, being able to ride out at hunts on well-turned out horses, with a well-dressed groom. He and his family were known for being more trustworthy than other jockeys of the day. Although his brother won more Derbies, Sam was the better of the two. For example, in spite of the fact he found that "wasting was a sore burden... performed the unrivalled feat of knocking off 7 lbs in a single day" to meet the weight for a horse he wanted to ride.

The inaugural running of the Derby was low key compared to the event. At the time it merited but a small notice in the London Evening Post of 6 May 1780 but in retrospect was said to have "fairly caught hold on the public imagination". Arnull is said to have been seen going to post wearing: a black velvet'cap with a long French peak, a bow of black satin riband behind long hair falling to the shoulders, a white cambric handkerchief, in ample folds, tied at the back. Diomed, owned by Sir Charles Bunbury, won at odds of 6/4; the breeches that Arnull wore on the day now hang inside the Jockey Club. At Nottingham the following year, suspicion turned on Arnull when Diomed lost to what was considered "a far inferior horse", losing Bunbury a large sum of money; the defeat was a factor in Diomed's retirement. Arnull died in Newmarket in 1800, his death notice declared that "he is supposed not to leave a better behind him." Great Britain Epsom Derby – – Diomed, Assassin, 刘敏Sir Peter Teazle, Sir Harry Epsom Oaks – Hermione List of significant families in British horse racing Mortimer, Roger.

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Hizen-Nanaura Station

Hizen-Nanaura Station is a railway station in Kashima City, Saga Prefecture, Japan. It is on the Nagasaki Main Line; the station is served by the Nagasaki Main Line and is located 61.5 km from the starting point of the line at Tosu. The station consists of two side platforms serving two tracks. Track 1 is a through-track. A siding branches off track 1; the station building is built in Japanese style in timber with a tiled roof. It serves only as a waiting room. Access to the opposite side platform is by means of a footbridge. Japanese Government Railways built the station in the 1930s during the development of an alternative route for the Nagasaki Main Line along the coast of the Ariake Sea, at first known as the Ariake Line; the track was built from Hizen-Yamaguchi to Hizen-Ryūō, opening on 9 March 1930, to Hizen-Hama, opening on 30 November 1930. In the next phase of expansion, the track was extended to Tara which opened on 16 April 1934 as the new southern terminus. Hizen-Hanaura was opened on the same day as an intermediate station along the new stretch of track.

On 1 December 1934, the entire route was completed and through-traffic achieved from Hizen-Yamaguchi through the station to Nagasaki. The track was redesignated as part of the Nagasaki Main Line. With the privatization of Japanese National Railways, the successor of JGR, on 1 April 1987, control of the station passed to JR Kyushu. Kashima Roadside Station Gatalympics List of railway stations in Japan Hizen-Nanaura Station

Robert E. Powell

Robert Ellis Powell, Sr. known as Robert E. "Bob" Powell, was a Democrat who served for more than seventeen years as the mayor of Monroe in Ouachita Parish in northeastern Louisiana. Powell and his wife, the former Nell Colson, had two sons, Robert E. Powell, Jr. and William Gregory Powell, a daughter Elizabeth "Betty" Y. Powell, three grandchildren. A native of Union Parish, Mrs. Powell graduated in 1942 from Ouachita Parish High School and subsequently summa cum laude Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Louisiana at Monroe Northeast Louisiana University, she was an active member of First Presbyterian Church in Monroe, the Garden Club, the Daughters of the American Revolution. A former broadcaster, Powell won a special election in April 1979 to succeed the interim mayor, William Derwood Cann, Jr. a businessman and former World War II lieutenant colonel, appointed to the position following the resignation in October 1978 of five-term Mayor W. L. "Jack" Howard, a Democrat who co-founded Howard Brothers Discount Stores.

Powell won full terms in 1980, 1984, 1988, in 1992. In 1996, he was unseated by his former political ally, Abe E. Pierce, III, the president of the Ouachita Parish Police Jury and the first African American to fill the mayoralty in Monroe. Between Christmas 1982 and New Year's Day 1983, Monroe and the surrounding area, including portions of Mississippi and Arkansas, was flooded with up to eighteen inches of rainfall; the situation was so critical that U. S. President Ronald W. Reagan came to Monroe on an hour-and-a-half inspection trip and promised immediate federal disaster funds. Mayor Powell said at the time, but if we have bad weather, it could all come back."Late in 1985, Powell and Police Chief Willie Buffington decided to present Monroe citizens with a "Christmas gift". The "expired" tags on city parking meters were covered with decorations and bows, parking was free throughout the holiday season; the only enforcement for the holidays was prevention of parking in fire zones. The gesture drew national attention.

Powell's administration is remembered for economic growth, improvements to the municipal infrastructure, reconciliation with the African-American community. In 1990, Powell formed an alliance with the African-American clergyman Roosevelt Wright of the New Tabernacle Baptist Church to establish the "African American Heritage Drama" presented each February during Black History Month, he was the first Monroe mayor to appoint blacks to important positions in municipal government, including public works director, prosecuting attorney, chairman of the city Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. In 1988, Powell was reelected with 77 percent of the vote over three other Democrats, one named "Powell". In 1992, Powell turned back an attempt by Howard to regain the mayoralty. Based on primary returns, Howard could have entered into a runoff election with Powell but declined to do so. By 1996, Powell's support had collapsed, he finished in fourth place with 10 percent of the vote. Pierce narrowly defeated a white Republican challenger, John Bryant, in the general election.

Consistent with his outreach to African Americans, Powell in 1990 was a donor to the committee to elect the African-American Marc Morial to Louisiana's 2nd congressional district seat, based about New Orleans. Morial lost the congressional race to succeed Lindy Boggs to William J. Jefferson, but he was the mayor of New Orleans from 1994 to 2002. Powell donated to the Louisiana Coalition against Racism and Nazism, formed to oppose David Duke, a Republican member of the Louisiana House of Representatives from 1989 to 1992, who ran unsuccessfully for the U. S. Senate in 1990 and for governor in 1991. In July 1996, ten days after he left the mayor's office Powell joined successor Abe Pierce at the unveiling of a historical monument marking the location in Monroe of the first office building used by Delta Air Lines from 1928 until 1941. A former gasoline station and garage, the building was abandoned in 1941. Pieces of two walls and some original bricks of the structure went moved to Atlanta, for display at the Delta Air Lines Transport Heritage Museum there.

On June 17, 1929, Delta began its first passenger service from Dallas, Texas, to Jackson, Mississippi via Shreveport and Monroe. Powell died a year, he is interred with an obelisk monument reading "Love Never Ends" at Hasley Cemetery in West Monroe. Powell is not related to the Monroe comedian Robert Powell III, an African American who worked for the office of the Monroe mayor and in a state government agency

Dan-Virgil Voiculescu

Dan-Virgil Voiculescu is a professor of mathematics at the University of California, Berkeley. He has worked in single operator operator K-theory and von Neumann algebras. More he developed free probability theory. Voiculescu studied at the University of Bucharest, receiving his PhD in 1977 under the direction of Ciprian Foias, he was an assistant at the University of Bucharest, a researcher at the Institute of Mathematics of the Romanian Academy, a researcher at INCREST. He came to Berkeley in 1986 for the International Congress of Mathematicians, stayed on as visiting professor. Voiculescu was appointed professor at Berkeley in 1987, he received the 2004 NAS Award in Mathematics from the National Academy of Sciences for “the theory of free probability, in particular, using random matrices and a new concept of entropy to solve several hitherto intractable problems in von Neumann algebras.”Voiculescu was elected to the National Academy of Sciences in 2006. In 2012 he became a fellow of the American Mathematical Society.

Berkeley page Notes on Free probability aspects of random matrices

Beatriz Mesquita

Beatriz Mesquita is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitor with arguably the best competitive record in both Gi and Nogi of all time having won 23 titles at black belt level in the 4 major Gi Championships. With 9x gold medals, as of Worlds 2019, she holds the record for the most IBJJF World Championship titles at black belt level. Beatriz began training in 1996 aged five and received her brown belt in 2009 from her professor Leticia Ribeiro, she went on to receive her black belt in 2011 again from professor Ribeiro. In 2017 she defeated UFC fighter and 2x World Jiu Jitsu Black Belt Champion Mackenzie Dern in 64 seconds at their first competitive meeting in the Rio Falls Jiu Jitsu open. In June 2018 Beatriz became the Eddie Bravo Invitational Women's Bantamweight Champion submitting Luana Alzuguir in the Semi Final and Bianca Basilio in the final. In the major gi championships she is a:- 9x World Championship champion 7x Pan-American Championship champion 4x European Championship champion 3x Brazilian Nationals championIn the major Nogi championships she is a:- 5x World Nogi Championship champion 7x Brazilian Nationals Nogi Championship champion She won a gold medal at the 2017 ADCC Submission Wrestling World Championship in the 60kg category