Barazai is a village situated in the east of Hazro Tehsil, Attock District in northern Punjab in Pakistan. Its altitude is 315 metres. Barazai village located in Chach, east of Hazro Thesil and the northern part of Attock District of the Punjab province of Pakistan close to the borders of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province. Barazai is the biggest village of Union Council Malak Mala with a population of nearly 16,000; the founder of this village was Barza Khan, a Malik pathan and came from Ghazni, Afghanistan. He had seven sons of whom three died, two as infants and one lost his life in his adolescent years, he was not married and had no offspring; the names of Barza Khan's sons were as follows: Qasim Khan, Maghdoz Khan, Mirza Khan, Shabaz Khan, Kooden Khan. The four mahallahs are named after the four sons who have children; the Maluk cast still live on today aboard however. A large percentage of the population of Barazai has Pashtun roots, they are descendants of the Musa zai and Alizai tribes. The residents of this village speak Hindko and Pashto, they follow the Pashtunwali code of conduct.

Other tribes originated from Peshawar. Many tribes came from other parts of the country to cater and seek employment amongst the pathans, who settled and are now recognized as villagers; these tribes make up the rest of the population living in the village. Pashtu is still speaking in Muhallah Shahba Khail. People from Barazai have migrated to many countries around the world with the majority migrating to the United Kingdom, who reside in the city of Bradford, West Yorkshire, England. Others have become immigrants of United States and Hong Kong. Work In Middle East United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. Most residents of this village work in agriculture. Many people from Barazai work in the Merchant Navy of Pakistan. Barazai has both girls' and boys' secondary public schools. With recent development, external organization have established private primary schools with the aim to improve the education standards the village purveys. With the private institutions offering a higher standard of academia has attracted arisen applications and students from neighboring villages.

There are one Sufi Buzorg Almahroof Baba Ji Sahib. Also. There are some other Ziarat Shaheed Baba. Mian Kamal Baba. Barazai had 4 mahallahs at Start Maghdoobzai, Qasim Khail, Shaba Khail and Mulla Khail but it contains Musa Khaill, Mashriqi Dhwok, Maghrabi Dhowk, Nawab Abad, School Banda and many more. Malik Barza khan lived in the'Mulla Khail' mahallah and the unanimous belief of the Maliks is said that'Barza Khan is buried in the pachokar kabrah. Which is the oldest grave yard in the village and is in mahallah'Mullah Khail'. Barazai contains 25 masjids and one post office

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