The Process of Elimination

The Process of Elimination is Leng Tch'e's third full-length album and their first on Relapse Records. A video was made for Derisive Conscience; the Fist Of The Leng Tch'e - 01:50 Don't Touch My Spandex - 01:22 Overkill Bill - 0:51 Another Hit Single - 02:07 Bobby-Joe's Slumber Party - 0:37 Remote Controlled - 01:22 Glamourgirl Concubine - 01:31 Ingest/Dissent - 01:11 Schematic - 0:45 Man's Inhumanity To Man - 0:39 Motorgrinding - 01:27 Fat Camp - 01:11 Icon Resizer - 01:34 Derisive Conscience - 01:22 Patriotic Pleasure - 01:11 The Plastic Motive - 01:14 Testosterone Collar - 01:05 Scene Scenery - 02:04 Clarity Denied - 01:37 Mediocrity Contest - 01:11 P. I. M. P. - 02:04 Reality? TV - 01:16 Alliance of Blockheads - 0:59 Terminal Excess Patient - 02:48 Boris: vocals Sven: drums, vocals Geert: guitar Jan: guitar Nicolas: bass

The Wild Boys (novel)

The Wild Boys: A Book of the Dead is a novel by Beat Generation author William S. Burroughs, it was first published in 1971 by Grove Press. It depicts a homosexual youth movement whose objective is the downfall of western civilization, set in an apocalyptic late twentieth century. In 1972, Burroughs wrote a screenplay based on the novel, with the intent of having it produced as a low-budget hardcore pornographic film, entered into negotiations with gay porn producer Fred Halsted before abandoning the idea at the end of 1972. Russell Mulcahy wanted to direct a film adaptation, talked to Duran Duran about writing the soundtrack, but the project never came to fruition. Nonetheless, the novel inspired the Duran Duran song "The Wild Boys"; the clothes and makeup of David Bowie's character Ziggy Stardust was based on the description of the Wild Boys in the book. According to Bowie, "it was a cross between that and Clockwork Orange that started to put together the shape and the look of what Ziggy and the Spiders were going to become.

They were both powerful pieces of work the marauding boy gangs of Burroughs's Wild Boys with their bowie knives. I got straight on to that. I read everything into everything. Everything had to be infinitely symbolic." Post-punk band The Soft Boys took their name from a combination The Wild Boys and The Soft Machine. Former Joy Division front-man Ian Curtis cited it as one of his favourite books. Johnny, the protagonist of Patti Smith's Horses, is a reference to the homoerotic protagonist of the novel