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  • נֶשֶׁר
  • نيشير
Hebrew transcription(s)
 • ISO 259 Nešr
Yagur – Nesher, the Green Path – Mount Carmel 081.JPG
Official logo of Nesher
Coat of Arms
Nesher is located in Israel
Coordinates: 32°46′N 35°03′E / 32.767°N 35.050°E / 32.767; 35.050Coordinates: 32°46′N 35°03′E / 32.767°N 35.050°E / 32.767; 35.050
District  Haifa
Founded 1925
 • Type City
 • Mayor Avi Binamo
 • Total 12,090 dunams (12.09 km2 or 4.67 sq mi)
Population (2017)[1]
 • Total 23,749
Name meaning "Eagle" or "Vulture"

Nesher (Hebrew: נֶשֶׁר‬) is a city in the Haifa District of Israel. In 2017 it had a population of 23,749.[1]


Nesher Cement factory, 1924
Post office building in Nesher, 1938

Nesher was founded in 1924 as a workers town for the Nesher Cement factory, established in September 1923 by Michael Pollack, a Jewish industrialist from Russia. The area was swampy and malaria-infested, but employees of the factory gradually moved there with their families, bringing the population to 1,500.[2] Nesher was floated as a public company in 1925.[3] In 1929, the Arabs of Balad al-Sheikh attacked the factory and burned down a farm.[4]

By the mid-1930s, Nesher Cement had 700 employees, both Jewish and Arab.[3]

In 1948, thousands of Jewish immigrants from Europe, Iraq and North Africa settled in Nesher. In 1952, a local council was formed comprising four neighborhoods – Nesher, Giv’at Nesher, Ben-Dor and Tel Hanan. The first mayor was Yehuda Shimroni.[5]


CBS statistics for 2005 show Nesher's ethnic makeup as 99.5% Jewish and other non-Arabs. 30.7% of the population in 2005 were immigrants who came to Israel after 1990.[6]


The city's education system comprises six elementary schools, one comprehensive high school, two middle schools and 36 kindergartens and day care centers with an enrollment of 4,000 pupils. Over 70% of Nesher’s high school students take the Bagrut matriculation exams, with a pass rate of 98%, one of the highest rates in Israel. Nesher's high school won the Israeli Education Prize twice in the span of a decade.[5]

Twinning and cultural exchange[edit]

In 2005, the Broward County Jewish Federation established a partnership with Nesher in an effort to create a people-to-people cultural exchange program that includes high school and college student exchanges and video conferencing for events such as school celebrations and concerts.[7]


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Panorama of Nesher View to Mt. Carmel

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