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New Jersey Route 48

Route 48 is an east–west state highway in Salem County in the U. S. state of New Jersey. It is a 4.26-mile route running from U. S. Route 130 and County Route 675 in Penns Grove to US 40 in Carneys Point Township, it is known as East Main Street from US 130 to DuPont Road, as the Harding Highway from DuPont Road to its terminus at US 40. Route 48 is signed east -- west, it is a two-lane, undivided road through its entire length that intersects with Interstate 295 and CR 551. The road was created as Route 18S, running from Penns Grove to Atlantic City, in 1923, before becoming Route 48 in 1927. In Penns Grove, the route ended at a ferry which crossed the Delaware River to Wilmington, connecting with Delaware Route 48 until the ferry service was terminated in 1951, when the Delaware Memorial Bridge opened. US 40 was designated to run along the entire length of the route between Penns Grove and Atlantic City. On two occasions, US 40 has been relocated off portions of Route 48: once following a realignment to a ferry between New Castle and Pennsville and again after the Delaware Memorial Bridge and New Jersey Turnpike opened in 1951.

Route 48 was designated onto its current alignment in 1953, eliminating the concurrency it shared with US 40 from Carneys Point Township to Atlantic City. Route 48 begins at a traffic light with US 130 and CR 675 in Penns Grove, heading to the southeast on Main Street, a two-lane, undivided road. CR 675 continues west on Main Street past US 130; the road passes through residential areas, intersecting with local roads before entering Carneys Point Township. In Carneys Point Township, Route 48 crosses Dupont Road, becoming Harding Highway, passes by Penns Grove High School, located on the south side of the road; the road intersects CR 601 at a signalized intersection. Shortly after CR 601, the road comes to an interchange with I-295. Route 48 continues southeast through a mix of woodland and farmland, intersecting CR 551 at a traffic light. Just past the CR 551 intersection, the road intersects CR 628, passing by Laytons Lake before crossing over the New Jersey Turnpike. Route 48 continues southeast for about another mile, crossing Stumpy Road before ending at an intersection with US 40.

The route was designated as Route 18S in 1923, running from Penns Grove southeast to Atlantic City along what was known as the Harding Highway. US 40 was designated along the length of Route 18S, running east from a ferry dock in Penns Grove where the route crossed the Delaware River to Wilmington, Delaware to continue its journey west; the entire routing of Route 18S was designated Route 48 in the 1927 renumbering of New Jersey state highways, running concurrent with US 40 its entire length. Until the Delaware Memorial Bridge opened in 1951, a ferry connected Route 48 to DE 48 in Wilmington. US 40 had used this ferry, but was moved to a ferry that ran from New Castle, Delaware to Pennsville, with US 40 being rerouted to follow present-day Route 49, various local roads, CR 551 to reach Route 48 and continue east along with that route. Following the completion of both the Delaware Memorial Bridge and the New Jersey Turnpike in 1951, US 40 was routed off more of Route 48 onto a new alignment, joining the route at its current eastern terminus.

In the 1953 renumbering of New Jersey state highways, Route 48 was designated onto its current alignment from US 130 to US 40, with the rest of the route dropped in favor of the US 40 designation. The old alignment of Route 48 to the ferry terminal is now CR 675; the entire route is in Salem County. U. S. Roads portal New Jersey portal New Jersey Highway Ends: Route 48 Speed Limits for Route 48

Abe no Yoritoki

Abe no Yoritoki was the head of the Abe clan of Emishi who were allowed to rule the six Emishi districts in the Kitakami Basin from Morioka to Hiraizumi in what is now Iwate Prefecture. The clan emerged from the Appi River basin in what is now Hachimantai City, Iwate Prefecture, early in the 9th century, they provided a number of generals and governors throughout the 10th centuries. By monopolizing the gold and horse trade in northern Honshū the family became enormously wealthy, they were innovative in designing a new type of stockade which could withstand a long siege. The 9th and 10th centuries saw a weakening of central power as a new land management system of tax-immune estates, or shoen, took hold. Yoritoki and the Abes came into conflict with the Minamoto clan as it began to expand north into Abe territory; the Abe clan began to raid territories south of their border. In 1051 Yoritoki led an army of Emishi into northern Miyagi and defeated a government army at Onikiribe, sent to stop the raids.

This event triggered the Former Nine Years' War. Minamoto no Yoriyoshi was deputized as the new Chinjufu Shogun and sent to chastise Yoritoki in 1053. In 1056 Yoritoki's eldest son, began skirmishing with the Minamotos. War erupted in 1057 and Yoritoki was killed in battle by a stray arrow. Yoritoki's sons continued fighting for a time but were overwhelmed by combined Minamoto and Kiyowara armies in 1062. Yoritoki was the father of - Abe no Sadato. Through this daughter Yoritoki became the grandfather of Fujiwara no Kiyohira, the founder of the Northern Fujiwara dynasty. Yoritoki is one of the distant forefathers of Shinzō Abe, the prime minister of Japan, through Munetō. Ackroyd, Joyce. Lessons from History: The Tokushi Yoron. Brisbane: University of Queensland Press. ISBN 978-0-702-21485-1. A History of Japan to 1334. Stanford: Stanford University Press. ISBN 978-0-8047-0523-3.

Chapter One (Viking Skull EP)

Chapter One is the debut extended play by English hard rock band Viking Skull. Recorded over the course of two days at Premier Recording Studios in the band's hometown Corby, it was released on 20 October 2003 by Grand Union Recordings; the EP sold over 10,000 copies in the UK, was included as part of the 2010 compilation album Heavy Metal Thunder. Viking Skull were formed in 2002 by vocalist Roddy Stone, guitarists Frank Regan and Darren Smith, bassist Kevin "Waldie" James and drummer Gordon Morrison after a "drunken jam". Intended only to act as the opening band at Raging Speedhorn shows – the band of which Regan and Morrison were members – the group decided to record their own material due to the demand of their crowds. Chapter One was recorded over the course of just two days at Corby's Premier Recording Studios and self-funded by the band with a budget of £500. All guitars and drums were recorded live, with Stone's vocals overdubbed separately. Upon its release by Grand Union Recordings, the EP received critical acclaim from Metal Hammer magazine, who awarded the release the publication's first 11 out of 10 rating.

It sold over 10,000 copies in the UK. In 2010, a remastered version of Chapter One was included as part of the compilation album Heavy Metal Thunder, alongside a remastered version of 2005 album Born in Hell and several unreleased songs. All tracks are written by Viking Skull. Roddy Stone – vocals Frank Regan – guitar Darren Smith – guitar Kevin "Waldie" James – bass Gordon Morrison – drums Chapter One at Discogs

Shawn-Douglas Brady

Shawn-Douglas Brady is a fictional character on the television soap opera, Days of Our Lives. He is the son of supercouple Bo Brady and Hope Williams and one half of the supercouple Shawn Brady and Belle Black. Jason Cook is most identifiable in the role, portraying the character from October 15, 1999, to September 22, 2006. Brandon Beemer was in the role from September 28, 2006, to March 21, 2008. In May 2015, Soap Opera Digest reported the character will be returning for the show's 50th anniversary, once again portrayed by Cook. On November 10, 2015, it was confirmed that Beemer would return to the role in 2016, replacing Cook yet again. In March 2016, it was revealed. However, in May 2016, Daytime Confidential revealed that Beemer was back taping with the show to honor the rest of the contract. Shawn is the son of supercouple, Bo and Hope Brady, born in 1987. Shortly after his birth, he leaves Salem with his parents, but they return in 1990. However, tragedy strikes; that same year, Shawn lost his hearing.

With his mother gone and his father became close with Shawn's doctor and Bo's fiancée, Carly Manning. When Bo and Carly's engagement ended, Shawn bonded with Bo's new girlfriend, Billie Reed, who became Bo's wife. Shawn's mother, returned to Salem. Although Hope did not know who she was at first, her memory returned and Bo and Hope reunited. Shawn regained his hearing. At an early age, Shawn escaped. In high school, Shawn competed with Philip Kiriakis for the romantic affections of both Belle Black and Chloe Lane. Shawn and Belle became a couple, while Chloe enjoyed a brief romance; the following summer and Belle joined other teens from Salem High on an ill-fated trip to Puerto Rico. While hunting for Alice Horton's missing ruby, Shawn got caught up in Jan Spears's personal tragedy, she became pregnant after being raped while on the island, Shawn offered to say he was the father to spare her any additional humiliation, tearing his relationship with Belle apart. By the end of senior year, Belle learned the truth, the two were on the brink of reconciliation.

However, impending college careers, the arrival of Rex and Cassie Brady, old trust issues kept them apart. When Hope and Shawn's baby brother were kidnapped, which brought Belle and Shawn together on a mission to find them. However, Philip Kiriakis returned to Salem, he and Belle were matched up on the dating show "Love is Blind." More trouble ensued. Shawn left Salem distraught and confused by the revelation that Belle's mother, Marlena Evans, was the Salem Stalker and responsible for the death of Shawn's family members; that was just the opportunity. She held Shawn captive in a giant cage; this allowed Belle to grow closer to Philip. Once Shawn escaped, he crashed his motorcycle, leaving him with amnesia. Jan furthered her evil plans by not only convincing Shawn they were in love, but that they were engaged. Fate intervened - Shawn realized his love for Belle, he crashed his motorcycle through the window of St. Luke's, but couldn't stop her marriage to Philip. Shawn helped in a rescue mission when Philip's troop was taken hostage overseas.

He moved on after Belle gave birth to Philip's daughter, although unknown to all, Claire was in fact the daughter of Shawn. Following Belle and Philip's wedding and Mimi explored their feelings for each other. On New Year's Eve they got engaged and married. A DNA test proved to all; this created a complex predicament for Shawn and Belle, since an in vitro mix-up meant that Belle was carrying a second baby fathered by Shawn. When Shawn learned that Mimi knew he was Claire's father and never told him, he declared their marriage was over and left. Upon hearing that Victor knew the truth about Claire's paternity, he ran a race car through a wall at the Kiriakis mansion and declared that he was done with Victor as well. Belle lost the baby. Shortly afterwards, Shawn misunderstood a conversation Belle was having with Carrie, leading him to believe she wanted nothing to do with him, he found solace with Willow, a former hooker, the two moved in together. Shawn insisted Willow hide from Belle, he still wanted to have a relationship with Claire, Belle told him the only way was to clear up his life.

Staying with Willow out of sympathy, which seemed to be a habit with Shawn, he drove Belle further and further away. After yet another bad decision to work for E. J. Wells as a courier, Bo decided it was time to warn his son. After several run-ins with Willow and Belle, Shawn decided to be a good father to Claire and that he needed to quit working for EJ Wells as well as break it off with Willow. Shortly after Shawn asked Willow to move out, she set fire to the apartment and Shawn was kicked out. Shawn was forced to move in with his parents. Just as Belle and Shawn were getting closer, they were issued court papers that Philip was fighting them for custody. Philip was awarded temporary custody of Claire and devastated Shawn and Belle were ordered to take parenting classes; as Victor and Philip left the court room, Shawn overheard Victor saying they would never give up Claire now that they have her. Everyone knew that Victor had paid off the judge just as he had the Child Protective Service worker, Willow to testify in court against Shawn.

Mimi told Shawn just a day that while at the Kiriakis mansion to confront Philip she saw a passport for Claire. Shawn m

Nigg, Highland

Nigg is a village and parish in Easter Ross, administered by The Highland Council. It lies on the north shore of the entrance to the Cromarty Firth; the present parish church is an 18th-century building on an early Christian site dating back to at least the 8th century. The Nigg Stone, one of the most elaborate stone monuments of early medieval western Europe, is preserved in a room at the west end of the church; this late 8th century Pictish cross-slab stood in the churchyard, but was moved indoors for preservation in recent years. The nearby manse is one of the oldest to survive in Scotland, dating back to the first half of the 17th century, it is now owned and no longer used as the parish minister's residence. Nigg Old has its curious features. In the churchyard is the Cholera Stone, dating from the cholera epidemic of 1832. One of the elders, on coming out of the church, saw a cloud of vapour hovering above the ground, he believed it to be a cloud of cholera, threw a blanket or cloth over it and placed this large stone on top to keep it from escaping.

And inside the church, according to one tradition, the beadle allowed an illicit still to be kept in the space under the pulpit. Nigg is the site of a crude oil storage and processing depot for oil piped in from the Beatrice oil field in the Moray Firth and of a major multi user energy park including a dry dock operated by Global Energy Group. In the oil boom of the 1970s the oil fabrication yard at Nigg was busy with many of the skilled workers moving up from areas such as Glasgow; this resulted in what was called as Glasgow colonies in towns such as Invergordon and Alness with many of the families choosing to make the move permanent. This can be seen as now with some of residents still possessing a Glaswegian accent. Since the purchase of the fabrication yard by Global Energy Group in 2011 and with investment from the Scottish Government the area has begun to see a new influx of workers to the area again with the yard having plenty of work in the renewable energy sector and in oil drilling rig refurbishment.

In 2012 Global Energy Group set up a skills academy to create new jobs for local residents and young people and this has resulted in a fall in unemployment in the area and a welcome boost to the local economy. The extra work at Nigg has seen an increase in work at the docks in Invergordon; the Nigg to Cromarty ferry route is called The King’s Ferry – the route taken by King James IV of Scotland when on pilgrimage to the shrine of St Duthac at Tain, doing so at least 18 times in the years between 1493 to 1513. It is the only ferry service from the Black Isle; the ferry crosses the entrance to the Cromarty Firth, one of the finest natural harbours in Europe and an area rich in wildlife and world-famous for its dolphin population. The current service is operated by the MV Renfrew Rose, one of the smallest car ferries in Britain, carrying up to 16 passengers and 2 cars. Up until the end of summer 2014, the crossing was provided during the summer by the MV Cromarty Queen. There was no ferry service during 2015.

The former Nigg Ferry Hotel, now a private residence, is near to the ferry pier. James Munro, recipient of the Victoria Cross Rev John Swanson Free Church minister in Nigg from 1847 to 1874 Nigg Bay Nigg Stone Cromarty Ferry Nigg Energy Park Nigg Old Church

2007 World Championships in Athletics – Women's 100 metres hurdles

The 100 metres hurdles at the 2007 World Championships in Athletics was held at the Nagai Stadium in Osaka, Japan from August 27 to August 29. Bursting from the blocks in the final, Susanna Kallur took a narrow lead over the first hurdle ahead of defending champion Michelle Perry. Over the next two hurdles, Kallur established a half metre gap on Perry, with returning silver medalist Delloreen Ennis-London matching Perry. After the fifth hurdle, Ennis-London started to spend more time in the air over the hurdles, losing ground. Virginia Powell and 2003 champion Perdita Felicien were gaining to award challenging Perry for second place. After the sixth hurdle, Kallur's lead began to shrink. By the ninth hurdle, the lead was gone, with Felicien holding a slight advantage over a wall of Powell, Perry and Ennis-London. Going in to the tenth hurdle and Ennis-London lost a little ground while Perry and Felicien were even coming off the final hurdle. Two metres early, Perry began to lean, listing to her left with arms stretched back as in aerodynamic ski jumping form.

She crossed the finish line a foot ahead of Felicien, less ahead of a virtual tie between Ennis-London and Kallur, with Ennis-London getting the knod for bronze. Qualification: First 3 in each heat and the next 4 fastest advance to the semi-finals. Qualification: First 4 in each semi-final advance to the final. Results