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Da! collective

The DA! Collective is an art collective that squats in London, England, co-founded by Simon and Bogna McAndrew, Stephanie Smith, Samuel Conrad, Julika Vaci, Aishlinn Dowling, Sam Padfield and Murat Bulut Aysan. After squatting in three buildings, they received national attention when they squatted a townhouse in Mayfair, Greater London in October 2008; the property, at 18 Upper Grosvenor Street, is a 30-room grade II-listed 1730s mansion worth an estimated £6.25 million owned by the billionaire Duke of Westminster, Britain's wealthiest private landlord. Simon McAndrew, a hairdresser, co-founded DA! after squatting at Chez Robert in Paris. In 2005, he and partner Bogna McAndrew formed "a London equivalent of Chez Robert" in a six-story home on Kensington High Street; the collective has been self described as "a mix of visual and conceptual artists, musicians, art students, students of other disciplines." McAndrew and Bogna lived in the home for a year, attracted new members such as Stephanie Smith.

DA! continued to use spots at Knightsbridge and Tottenham Court Road before finding the spot at Grosvenor Street. The group had been observing the home for six months, putting tape on the keyhole to see if it was in use and checking the letterbox. One October 2010 night, several members wore high-visibility jackets and climbed to an unlocked window; the members held a 24-hour occupancy in keeping with Land Registration Act 2002, which states that squatters must occupy for ten years before applying for ownership - at the time, squatting in a residential property was still a civil offense. McAndrew referred to this space as MADA!, combining "MA" from Mayfair with DA!. In a statement delivered from the balcony, Stephanie Smith declared: Two art shows were put on in MADA! on 8 November and 21 November. Visual installations and performance art were among the projects displayed in the home. Word-of-mouth spread MADA!, the occupation was reported in The Guardian, The Sun, The Daily Mail, Architects' Journal, more.

By the end of November 2010, DA! was given an eviction notice by lease owners Deltaland Resources Ltd. and left Grosvenor Street. After being evicted, DA! Occupied a £22.5m property nearby in Clarges Mews. This project was titled "The Temporary School of Thought", featured free and open group activities such as deschooling sessions, labyrinth-building and French book-binding, they remained undetected until the lease owners, Timekeeper Ltd. noticed a Christmas tree in the window. In mid-December 2010, they were evicted from this property. In 2011, McAndrew started a project called InEmptyBuildings - named which aimed to "enable artists, to support and stimulate each other. As the Legal Aid and Punishment of Offenders Act 2012 implemented harsher offenses for squatting, the project shifted to creating a "practical, media savvy, pro-squatting campaign to reverse the direction in which the law is heading". has not been updated since March 2014. After lying dormant with no projects for three years, the DA!

Facebook page hinted in December 2013 "Is 2014 the year DA! Returns?" The Facebook page has remained active. Artivist Squatting in England! WOWOW! - a similar art collective that squats in London

Scott Dooley

Scott "Dools" Dooley is an Australian comedian and radio announcer best known for his tenure with state-owned national youth network, Triple J and Nova 96.9. Dooley began his career at Triple J as a work experience kid. Following an on-air revelation that he had a third nipple he went on to be a guest on the Breakfast show with Adam and Wil where he starred in the Friday segment, "Are You Smarter Than Dools?". He has hosted the mid-dawn program - a common shift for new announcers - and the "Summer Nights" weeknight program which airs during the summer non-ratings period. On 7 January 2008, he joined Linda Marigliano to present the afternoon drive program from 3-5:30pm weekdays. Linda left the station on 5 December 2008 leaving Dooley as the sole presenter for the drive program, until his eventual departure on 4 December 2009. In mid-2009, Dooley introduced a segment on his show, Annoying Dom Alessio, which consisted predictably of instances devoted to annoying fellow Triple J presenter Dom Alessio.

A number of methods were hiding Alessio's car keys. Alessio exacted a degree of revenge on Dooley on 3 July 2009 when he posted Scott Dooley's personal mobile phone number on the internet as well as announcing it over the radio. Dooley has hosted jtv and appeared in JTV segments, he appeared in the segment, "Throwing Stuff at Robbie Buck", which involved him and segment co-host Linda Marigliano ambushing fellow Triple J host Robbie Buck, throwing various items at him including a giant plush rabbit, slapping Robbie across the face with a fish. The items used were suggested by a listener or viewer; the segment was banned by ABC management. In January 2010, Dooley joined Nova 96.9 where we co-hosted breakfast alongside Merrick Watts and Ricki-Lee Coulter, finished in August 2011 due to disappointing ratings. Dooley has hosted a range of different comedy gigs from Sydney's own Mic In Hand, to Australia's Raw Comedy, has DJed at Sydney based club "Purple Sneakers", he has appeared in the DVD, Sydney Underground Comedy.

He has contributed to several Chaser Annuals, including the most recent, The Other Secret. Dooley played for the Eastside Kings in the Robert Hunter Cup Australian rules match in October 2012, commemorating the anniversary of the death of Perth hip-hop MC Hunter. Scott was named man of the match for kicking 16 goals. Dooley is the voluntary chairperson of the Australian Goodfellas Appreciation Society, formed in 1998; the group investigates legitimate methods of bringing'Wiseguy' language into mainstream media. Scott's MySpace page Dools on Triple J

List of Wii games with traditional control schemes

This is a list of released video games for the Wii video game consoles which allow use of Classic Controller/Classic Controller Pro and/or GameCube controller. This list does not include games released on Nintendo's Virtual Console as the Classic Controller and GameCube controller can be used for all Virtual Console games, with the exception of some TurboGrafx-16 games. Many of the games on this list are ports of prior generation games or games that were concurrently released on other consoles with traditional control schemes such as PlayStation 2, 3, 4 and the Xbox 360 and One; this list only applies if these games are played with the original version of the Wii console, as the newer, revised late 2011 Wii models are not backward-compatible with GameCube games and accessories, including the controller since the revised console lack the controller ports the original 2006 model had. Like the revised Wii models, the Wii U does not include GameCube controller ports, but a USB peripheral, released in November 2014, allows players to use GameCube controllers with Super Smash Bros. for Wii U.

This peripheral will not work for any other games. The peripheral is incompatible with GameCube controller compatible Virtual Console or Wii games playable on the Wii U. List of Wii games List of WiiWare games List of GameCube games List of Wii U games that use the Wii U Pro Controller

Henry Morton Dexter

Henry Morton Dexter was an American clergyman and editor. He born in son of Henry Martyn Dexter, he graduated from Yale University in 1867, where he was a member of Skull and Bones, from Andover Theological Seminary in 1870, spent three years in travel, was ordained to the Congregational ministry, serving as pastor of the Union Church at Taunton, Massachusetts. From 1878 to 1891, he was editor of The Congregationalist. During several visits to England and the Netherlands he made investigations of the history of the Pilgrims and early American colonists, he prominently promoted the erection of a memorial tablet to John Robinson at Leyden, Holland, in 1891, his work appeared in New England Magazine. The Story of the Pilgrims Congregational Sunday-school and publishing society, 1894 England and Holland of the Pilgrims; this article incorporates text from a publication now in the public domain: Gilman, D. C.. "Dexter, Henry Martin". New International Encyclopedia. 6. New York: Dodd, Mead. Yale University.

Class of 1867. Report of the Trigintennial Meeting with a Biographical and Statistical Record. J. G. C. Bonney. Pp. 151–

Rasta Got Soul

Rasta Got Soul is reggae, dancehall artist Buju Banton's ninth studio album. It was released on April 21, 2009; the album features the hit single "Magic City". The album received a Grammy nomination in the Best Reggae Album category. "Hurt Us No More" - 5:28 "Magic City" - 5:13 "I Rise" - 5:10 "Rastafari" - 6:03 "I Wonder" - 4:44 "A Little Bit of Sorry" - 4:01 "Affairs Of The Heart" - 4:15 "Lend a Hand" - 4:54 "Optimistic Soul" - 4:15 "Make You Mine" - 5:11 "Mary" - 4:09 "Bedtime Story" - 4:09 "Sense of Purpose" - 4:07 "Be on Your Way" - 3:33 "Lights Out" - 4:57 "Mirror" - 4:10 Side A: "Hurt Us No More" - 5:28 "Magic City" - 5:13 "I Rise" - 5:10Side B: "Rastafari" - 6:03 "I Wonder" - 4:44 "A Little Bit of Sorry" - 4:01Side C: "Affairs Of The Heart" - 4:15 "Lend a Hand" - 4:54 "Optimistic Soul" - 4:15 "Mary" - 4:09Side D: "Make You Mine" - 5:11 "Bedtime Story" - 4:09 "Sense of Purpose" - 4:07 "Be on Your Way" - 3:33