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Diving at the 1936 Summer Olympics

At the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin, four diving events were contested, two for men, two for women. The competitions were held from Monday August 10, 1936 to Saturday August 15, 1936; the events are labelled as 3 metre springboard and 10 metre platform by the International Olympic Committee, appeared on the 1937 Official Report as springboard diving and high diving, respectively. Following the reduction of the springboard events to the 3 metre height, in 1932, the platform events were reduced to dives from the 10 metre platform, but only for men. Meanwhile, women still dived from both 5 metre heights. A total of 69 divers from 21 nations competed at the Berlin Games: Australia Austria Canada Czechoslovakia Denmark Egypt Finland France Germany Great Britain Hungary Italy Japan Mexico Netherlands Norway Peru Sweden Switzerland United States Yugoslavia "Olympic Medal Winners". International Olympic Committee. Retrieved 2006-11-21. Organisationskomitee für die XI. Olympiade Berlin 1936 e. V.. "The XIth Olympic Games, Berlin 1936 - Official Report, Volume II".

Wilhelm Limpert, Berlin, S. W. 68. Archived from the original on 2007-07-09. Retrieved 2006-12-31

La Belle Histoire

La Belle Histoire is a French film directed by Claude Lelouch, featuring Gérard Lanvin and Béatrice Dalle. A film with emphasis on visuals and music, the plot concerns characters who meet in present time the male gypsy Jesus, the female thief and con-artist Odona, who share parallel experiences from lives 2000 years in the past; these stories are juxtaposed. Gérard Lanvin: Jésus-Christ Béatrice Dalle: Odona Vincent Lindon: Simon Choulel Marie-Sophie L.: Marie Patrick Chesnais: Pierre Lhermitte Anémone: Madame Desjardins Isabelle Nanty: Isabelle Jean Benguigui: Doga Paul Préboist: The knit teacher Élie Chouraqui: Pierre's associate Amina Annabi: Jesus's sister François Perrot: Marie's uncle Jean-Michel Dupuis: Professor Gérard Darmon: The biker Amidou: The shepherd Pierre Vernier: The director Jean-Claude Dreyfus: The inspector Jacques Gamblin: The young cop Patrick Edlinger: Himself Patrice Laffont: Himself Marie Sara: Herself Hubert Reeves: Himself Laurent Weil: Himself Prior to the film's release, in February 1992 a 70 mm copy of the film was projected onto a 300 m wide screen mounted on the Palais des Congrès in Paris.

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Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous

Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous is an American television comedy series created by comedian Bo Burnham and Dan Lagana that aired on MTV from May 2 to June 29, 2013. The sitcom stars Burnham as Zach Stone, a fresh-out-of-high school teenager who opts to pursue a life of fame and stardom instead of attending college; the series follows Zach, who hires a camera crew to film him throughout his daily life as a part of his quest to become an over-night celebrity though he possesses no real talent. On June 26, 2013, it was announced that Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous had been canceled after one season. Zach Stone, an 18-year-old high school graduate from Boston, opts to pursue his dream to reach the life of fame and stardom instead of attending college. Thanks to his saving income from his grocery store job over the last couple of years, he hires a camera crew from MTV to film him throughout his daily life as a part of his quest to become an over-night celebrity though he possesses no real talent. From Zach's attempts to become a celebrity chef or a ring-tone recording artist or purposely going missing, he will try any avenue he can to get noticed and stop at nothing until he reaches fame.

He has the entire summer vacation to get noticed and to hang out with his friends before they all leave to go to college. The series was commissioned in September 2010 by MTV. Variety magazine reported that MTV had ordered a half-hour-long television "put pilot", from Burnham "about a kid fresh out of high school who's pursuing the new American dream of being a celebrity without having any talent"; the show was inspired by a study that polled graduating high school seniors on their possible career paths, 40% chose "famous" as opposed to extraordinarily low numbers for more realistic choices, such as "doctor". The pilot was filmed in 2011, while the rest of the season was filmed over the course of 2012. Burnham felt the show to be a dark, satirical comedy that slams the title character for having "shallow priorities", but grew to feel the character more a product of the culture surrounding him; the show was inspired by the original British The Office, The Larry Sanders Show and The Comeback. Bo Burnham as Zach Stone, the eponymous protagonist.

Stone will do anything to get famous, including attempts to become a celebrity chef, a ring-tone recording artist, purposefully going missing. Kari Coleman as Sydney Stone, Zach's patient mother Tom Wilson as Andrew "Drew" Stone, Zach's exasperated father Cameron Palatas as Andrew Michael "Andy" Stone, Zach's successful younger brother. Caitlin Gerard as Amy Page, Zach's best friend who lives four houses down and love interest. Armen Weitzman as Greg LeBlanc, Zach's shy, Jewish best friend. Rory Scovel as Pat, Zach's attention-seeking boss Robbie Amell as Nick, Amy's friendly boyfriend and Zach's rival Shelley Hennig as Christy Ackerman, the hottest girl in Zach's old high school Jason Rogel as Marcus, member of Zach's camera crew Justin Dray as Phillip, member of Zach's camera crew Arshad Aslam as Hasaad, member of Zach's camera crew Zach Stone spoofs youth culture and the pursuit of fame. Outwardly, the character of Zach Stone projects the image he feels will most make him famous and casts a thin layer over his true feelings.

Stone, in reality, is insecure and the idea of fame presents a "fix-all" to him. Australia – The series premiered on October 21, 2013 on MTV Australia. Canada – The series premiered on May 3, 2013 on Muchmusic but stopped airing halfway through the series. Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous struggled in the ratings during its run; the series premiered to 650,000 viewers and saw its numbers decrease to half of that midway through its season. The show aired at 10:30 p.m. on Thursdays, but was moved to 11 p.m. in June 2013 to expand its dwindling audience. MTV scheduled its eighth and ninth episodes to air back to back, burned off the following three the next week. MTV cancelled the series on June 26, 2013. Zach Stone Is Gon na Be Famous. Brian Lowry of Variety wrote, "While the concept is hardly original... the series still feels fresh and timely," adding, "this single-camera satire zeroes in on a burning, warped desire to be famous that MTV, as much as anyone, has stoked and exemplified.... Indeed MTV appears oddly oblivious to the ironies of this dichotomy."

Entertainment Weekly called the pilot a "promising debut", positively reviewing Burnham's portrayal of the titular character: "Because there's an inherent empathy to the character, it's a delight watching him strive and fail to make the mundane ordinariness of his suburban reality sexy." While noting the premise of parodying reality shows covered no new ground, The New York Times did commend the show's attempt to aim "straight for the dark underbelly of all these fantasies. It's one thing. V. Club noted that the character's "off-camera moments", such as his appeasement of girl-next-door Amy in the pilot, were more satisfying than watching "a abhorrent character do awful thing after awful thing.... It's clear that the writers are so knowledgeable of this particular world that the end result is smarter than you'd expect the average reality show send-up to be." Newsday called the show "almost too clever and ironic for MTV" praising the show's softer moments: "Zach is both commentary and send-up of the ephemera that MTV and the Internet at large celebrate – instantly forget....

But there's a core gentleness here and while Zach's frenetic attention span is splintered, he still manages to be relatable."In contrast, David Wiegand of the San Francisco

Colin Greenwood

Colin Charles Greenwood is an English musician and the bassist for the alternative rock band Radiohead. Along with his younger brother, Radiohead guitarist Jonny Greenwood, Greenwood attended Abingdon School in Oxford, where he met the future band members. Radiohead have sold over 30 million albums. Along with bass guitar, Greenwood plays electronic instruments. Greenwood, whose father served in the British army, lived in Germany as a child for enough time to become fluent in German, he is the older brother of Radiohead guitarist Jonny Greenwood. The family had ties to the British Communist Party and the Fabian Society. Greenwood credited his older sister, with influencing his and his brother Jonny's taste in music as an adolescent: "She’s responsible for our precocious love of miserable music; the Fall, Joy Division. We were ostracised at school because everyone else was into Iron Maiden."When Greenwood was 12, he met future Radiohead singer Thom Yorke at Abingdon School, an independent school for boys in Oxford.

Their future bandmates Ed O'Brien, whom Greenwood met during a school production of the opera Trial by Jury, Philip Selway attended the school. Greenwood bought his first guitar when he was 15, he studied classical guitar under the Abingdon music teacher Terence Gilmore-James, who introduced him and the other future members of Radiohead to jazz, film scores, postwar avant-garde music, 20th-century classical music. Greenwood said: "When we started, it was important that we got support from him, because we weren't getting any from the headmaster. You know, the man once sent us a bill, charging us for the use of school property, because we practiced in one of the music rooms on a Sunday."According to Greenwood, he began playing bass out of necessity, teaching himself by playing along to New Order, Joy Division and Otis Redding. Among his musical influences are Booker T and the MGs, Bill Withers and Curtis Mayfield, he said: "We were people who picked up their respective instruments because we wanted to play music together, rather than just because we wanted to play that particular instrument.

So it was more of a collective angle, if you could contribute by having someone else play your instrument, cool. I don’t think of myself as a bass player anyway. I’m just in a band with other people."Greenwood studied English at Peterhouse, Cambridge between 1987 and 1990, read modern American literature including Raymond Carver, John Cheever and other postwar American writers. In late 1991, after a chance meeting between Colin Greenwood and A&R representative Keith Wozencroft at Our Price, the record shop where Greenwood worked, On a Friday signed a six-album recording contract with EMI and changed their name to Radiohead. By 2011, Radiohead had sold more than 30 million albums worldwide, they were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in March 2019. Greenwood plays a number of instruments for Radiohead, including bass guitar, acoustic bass, double bass, keyboards and synthesisers, a variety of percussive instruments, he favours Fender basses. He said: "My involvement is to play bass guitar, but our ideas and suggestions in certain areas, as to where the music should go or develop, are listened to.

We are much a band."Of being in a band with his younger brother Jonny, Colin said: "Beyond the normal brotherly thing, I respect him as a person and a musician." On another occasion, he said: “It’s wonderful, it’s good, it makes my promise to keep an eye on him for my mother a lot easier, having him right next to me all the time. But he’s easy to look after anyway,'cause he’s well behaved." In 1997, Greenwood participated in a marketing campaign for his alma mater Cambridge University, posing for a photo with students from both state and private schools for a poster titled "Put Yourself in the Picture". The poster was "designed to break down some of the stereotypes that deter able students from applying to Cambridge and encourage more state school applicants". Greenwood contributed bass to Jonny Greenwood's debut solo work Bodysong, the score for the 2018 film Woodpecker, the 2018 album Amir by Belgian-Egyptian singer Tamino, the debut solo album by his Radiohead bandmate Ed O'Brien, due for early 2020.

He contributed beat programming to Thom Yorke's 2009 single "Hearing Damage" and a track from Yorke's 2014 solo album Tomorrow's Modern Boxes. In 2004, Greenwood participated on a panel in the annual sixth form conference run by Radley College in collaboration with School of St Helen and St Katharine, speaking on digital-rights management from. In 2013, Greenwood soundtracked a Dries van Noten runway show. In 2018, he reviewed Michael Palin's book Erebus: The Story of a Ship for the Spectator. Greenwood enjoys writers such as Thomas Pynchon, V. S. Naipaul and Delmore Schwartz. In December 1998, he married an American literary critic and novelist, they have three sons, born in December 2003, born in December 2005, Henry, born in December 2009. They live in Oxford. Greenwood is an amateur photographer. In 2003, he discussed his favourite photographs in the Victoria and Albert Museum, choosing images by Frederick Sommer and Harold Edgerton among others. List of Old Abingdonians Talk in Maths: Fansite How to Be Like Colin Greenwood – In Ten Easy Steps Colin Greenwood News

Lee Adams

Lee Richard Adams is an American lyricist best known for his musical theatre collaboration with Charles Strouse. Born in Mansfield, Adams is the son of Dr. and Mrs. Leopold Adams and is a graduate of Mansfield Senior High School, he received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Ohio State University and a Master's from Columbia University. While attending Ohio State University he was a brother of the Nu chapter of the Zeta Beta Tau fraternity, he worked as a journalist for newspaper and magazines. He met Charles Strouse in 1949 and they wrote for summer-time revues. Adams won Tony Awards in 1961 for Bye Bye Birdie, the first Broadway musical he wrote with Strouse, in 1970 for Applause and was nominated for a Tony Award in 1965 for Golden Boy. In addition, he wrote the lyrics for All American, It's a Bird... It's a Plane... It's Superman, Bring Back Birdie, A Broadway Musical, the book and lyrics for Ain't Broadway Grand. Additionally and Adams co-wrote "Those Were the Days", the opening theme to the TV situation comedy All in the Family.

Adams was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 1989. Adams and his wife, Dr. Kelly Wood Adams, have lived in Briarcliff Manor, New York since 2007, he has three grandchildren. In addition to his work with lyrics, Adams "had a lifelong fascination with words," which led to his being an editor for the Sunday newspaper magazine supplement This Week and a member of the staff of Pageant magazine. A Pound in Your Pocket Bye Bye Birdie All American Golden Boy It's a Bird... It's a Plane... It's Superman Applause I and Albert Bring Back Birdie A Broadway Musical, contributed the song Dancing Aint Broadway Grand! Contemporary Authors Online, Detroit: Gale, 2001, ISBN 978-0-7876-3995-2 Lee Adams at the Internet Broadway Database Lee Adams at The Interviews: An Oral History of Television