Newbury Park, California

Newbury Park is a town located within the western Thousand Oaks city limits in Ventura County, United States. It makes up all of ZIP code 91320, is within area code 805. Lying within the Conejo Valley in the northwestern part of the Greater Los Angeles Area, Newbury Park abuts the Santa Monica Mountains, it is 35 miles from Downtown Los Angeles and less than 7 mi from the Los Angeles County border in Westlake Village. The closest coastal city is Malibu, 22 mi from Newbury Park, which may be reached through winding roads or hiking trails crossing the Santa Monica Mountains. About 28,000 of Thousand Oaks' 110,000 residents reside in Newbury Park. Newbury Park makes up around 40 percent of Thousand Oaks' total land area. Newbury Park, along with Thousand Oaks proper, have numerous times ranked among the safest and wealthiest communities in the United States. Money magazine has ranked Newbury Park as one of the most affluent cities in the United States, it has the 11th highest per-capita income and the fourth-highest median household income in the country.

Timberville was a 19th century name for Newbury Park. Newbury Park is named after Egbert Starr Newbury, the founder of Newbury Park, as well as the first postmaster in the Conejo Valley in 1875. Egbert Starr Newbury called his ranch here "Newbury Park", which became the name for the entire town. Egbert Starr Newbury and his family owned thousands of acres in the Conejo Valley, but only lived in Newbury Park for a total of six years, he moved from Michigan to Southern California for health reasons in 1871, opened the Conejo Valley's first post office in 1875. He left California two years later; the Newbury Park Post Office has changed locations numerous times but the Newbury Park name has survived and is still used though much of the area was incorporated into the city of Thousand Oaks. Egbert Starr Newbury chose the name "Newbury Park" due to its similarities to a park, he believed the area looked like a park community and ought to have "park" in its name; the first written material on the Conejo Valley was written by anthropologist John P. Harrington in about 1900.

He wrote that this is what he was told by the local Chumash People: Early one morning in 9080 B. C. the ancestral grandfather from whom I took my name, headed west on one of his most adventurous hunting trips ever… As the group climbed Old Boney, they looked back to the north and could see the pleasant openings of the Conejo- and Hidden Valleys. There, there appeared to be good grazing ground for the mammoth herd and they proceeded thence; this story may be related to the lore about the Paleo-Indians, who are believed by some to be the distant ancestors of the Chumash. Mammoth fossils were unearthed in Newbury Park in 1961 and in 1971, are on display at the Stagecoach Inn Museum; the Newbury Park area is believed to have been inhabited by people of the Chumash culture for at least the past 6,000, 7,000, 8,000, or 10,000 years. Newbury Park has been home of three Chumash villages: Satwiwa by the southern edge of town, as well as two villages that were located by today's Ventu Park Road; these villages were settled 2,000 years ago, had a population of 100–200 inhabitants in each village.

In addition to those three, a large Chumash village was located just north of Arroyo Conejo Open Space by Wildwood Regional Park. Other nearby villages include Lalimanux at the base of the Conejo Grade by westernmost Newbury Park, as well as Kayɨwɨš or Kayiwish by the Conejo Grade; this region contains numerous pictographs. Newbury Park contains many ancient burial sites, most near the Santa Monica Mountains in the southern portion of the community. Many burial items have been discovered in the area, most notably by Rancho Sierra Vista in southern Newbury Park. Satwiwa, Chumash for "the bluffs", was the name of a nearby village by the Big Sycamore Canyon; the canyon was a popular trading route for the Chumash- and Tongva people, connecting the Conejo Valley to Mugu Lagoon through the Santa Monica Mountains. Unlike Satwiwa, now protected as a part of the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, the two other Chumash villages once located within Newbury Park are located on private lands by Ventu Park Road.

These are known as CA-Ven-65, CA-Ven-261, CA-Ven-260 near the Fieldhouse in Newbury Park. At CA-Ven-261 is an ancient Chumash burial site as suggested by a village of long duration; the Ventureño Chumash settled in the west end of the Santa Monica Mountains because of the abundant food supply. Roots, seeds, bulbs and walnuts were plentiful in the region, a variety of wildlife including birds and squirrels made for good hunting. Shellfish and fish were transported from the nearby Mugu Lagoon across the Santa Monicas. Here they discovered an abundance of jackrabbits and other rabbit species, which were hunted for fur and meat. At one point, the Chumash here gathered a group of 27 men and killed hundreds of rabbits during a rabbit round-up, a significant event of late summers in the Conejo Valley. Along with Rancho Sierra Vista, various Chumash artifacts from these older settlements, along with petroglyphs, have been found along the Arroyo Conejo in the Santa Monica Mountains; the Satwiwa Native American Indian Culture Center and the Stagecoach Inn Museum in Newbury Park have displays built around some of these finds, as does the Chumash Indian Museum in Thousand Oaks.

In partnership with Friends of Satwiwa, the National Park Service began talks of establishing the current Satwiwa Native American Indian Culture Center and Natural Area in 1978. Boney Mountain in southern Newbury Park is now a sacred site for the Chumash, nearby Satwiwa is used by

The X Factor (British series 12)

The X Factor is a British television music competition to find new singing talent. The twelfth series began airing on ITV on 29 August 2015 and ended on 13 December 2015; the judges were Simon Cowell, Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, who returned for their respective ninth and fifth series as judges, series 9 guest judge and former The Voice UK coach Rita Ora, BBC Radio 1 DJ Nick Grimshaw, with Grimshaw and Ora replacing Louis Walsh, the only judge, on the show from its inception in 2004, Mel B. It was presented by Caroline Flack and Olly Murs, who had both co-presented spin-off show The Xtra Factor on ITV2 and replaced Dermot O'Leary, who left after eight series. Rochelle Humes and Melvin Odoom presented The Xtra Factor. Louisa Johnson was announced as the winner on 13 December 2015. In March 2015, Simon Cowell was confirmed to return as a judge for the twelfth series, his ninth on the show. In April 2015, Louis Walsh cited his desire to quit the show and return to management, that it would take serious thought for him to return for series 12.

He revealed that he was in the dark about whom Cowell had the intentions of bringing onto the panel. On 14 May 2015, Walsh confirmed his exit from the show after 11 series on the judging panel, stating, "The truth is I've done it for 11 years. To get 10 was great, to get 11 was amazing – I'm not hanging around for them this year." He continued, "But I wasn't sacked, I haven't been hired and I'm not hanging around." On 16 June, Cheryl Fernandez-Versini was confirmed to be returning for her fifth series followed by new judges, series 9 guest judge and The Voice UK coach Rita Ora, BBC Radio 1 DJ Nick Grimshaw, replacing Walsh and Mel B, who left the show after only one series. The new judges were met with widespread negativity across social media and the press regarding the appointment of Grimshaw. On 27 March 2015, Dermot O'Leary announced that he was quitting the show, after eight series, to pursue other projects. On 16 April, ITV confirmed that former contestant Olly Murs and Caroline Flack would take over presenting the show, having worked together as hosts before on The Xtra Factor.

They became the first duo to host the show. On 18 June 2015, it was confirmed that The Saturdays singer Rochelle Humes and Kiss FM DJ Melvin Odoom would be the new hosts of The Xtra Factor; the show's announcer Peter Dickson announced his departure from the show on 28 July 2015. Dickson was replaced by Redd Pepper for this series, only present for Judges' Houses. However, on 30 October 2015, Dickson confirmed that he would return to The X Factor for the live shows; the minimum age this year was increased back to 16, after being lowered to 14 in the previous series. In addition to the producers' auditions, the "Mobile Audition Tour" took place up and down the UK and Ireland throughout March and April. Auditions ran between 30 March and 23 May 2015, visited Aberdeen, Bradford, Dundee, Peterborough, Stirling, Middlesbrough, Scarborough, Leicester, Coventry, Kingston upon Hull, Chelmsford, Hertfordshire, Southend-on-Sea, Bangor, Isle of Man, Blackpool, Carlisle, Truro, Isle of Wight, Plymouth, Margate, Stoke-on-Trent, Exeter and Yeovil.

Producers auditions ended on 7 June in London. This series, the judges only visited Manchester and London on the audition tour, rather than going all around the UK as in previous series; the room auditions were scrapped and therefore, the format saw the return of the arena auditions. The auditions were scheduled to begin in Manchester on 6 July; as a result, a new day of auditions was announced for 9 July, but this last-minute addition meant that both Ora and Flack were absent due to prior commitments, resulting in just three judges that day and Murs having to host solo. The first day of London auditions were scheduled to be recorded on 14 July, but were cancelled due to the aforementioned bereavement. Flack was absent from filming on 15 July due to her filming the Love Island final in Spain. Grimshaw had to leave the evening sessions of auditions early due to the session over-running and his contract obligated him to have a certain amount of rest between finishing filming and being on BBC Radio 1 the following morning.

Filming was delayed on 20 July due to Fernandez-Versini suffering a burns injury to her foot after stepping on some hair tongs. Cowell was absent from the first session on 17 July due to illness. Ora was again absent from filming on 22 July, due to performing a prearranged gig in Italy. Notable returning auditionees included Havva Rebke, who reached bootcamp in series 9. Bootcamp took place from 27 to 31 July, was recorded at The Grove Hotel, having taken place at The SSE Arena, Wembley every other series; the first challenge of bootcamp was to perform in groups of five acts, with a mix of at least three categories in each group, perform a song from a list. The judges would decide after each performance which of the 180 acts would pass the challenge and which would be eliminated. For the second challenge of bootcamp, the 93 successful acts were to perform a solo performance to the judges, who


The Varvakeio High School is a public Greek junior high school and high school located in Psychiko. It was founded by Ioannis Varvakis, who donated a big part of his fortune to the state, in order to build a public, fee-less high school; the realization of Varvakis' dream came true after his death as the building was opened in 1860 across from the present day central market. Badly damaged in the civil war, the original building was demolished in 1955. All-male, school went coed in 1979; the Varvakeio High School has produced, over the years, notable alumni in varied fields. Some of them include: Freddy Germanos, actor Georgios Drosinis, poet Dimitri Mitropoulos and pianist Alexandros Papadiamantis and poet Antonis Samarakis, writer Evangelos Averoff, former President of New Democracy party and Minister Leonidas Kouris, former Mayor of Athens Theodoros Pangalos, current Member of the Hellenic Parliament Alexandros Papagos, former Prime Minister of Greece Dimitrios Papadimoulis, current Vice-President of the European Parliament Yagos Pesmazoglou, former economist, Member of the Hellenic Parliament and MEP Konstantinos Tsatsos, former diplomat and President of the Hellenic Republic Nikolaos Vettas, AUEB professor of Economics Constantinos Daskalakis, MIT professor of computer science Constantinos Apostolou Doxiadis, architect Christos Papakyriakopoulos, mathematician Mihalis Yannakakis, Columbia University professor of computer science Kostas Axelos, philosopher Saint Nectarios of Aegina Michael Stathopoulos, former UoA Professor of Law and member of the Greek Academy Official website Website of the Varvakeio Alumni Association