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Nigel Terry

Peter Nigel Terry was an English stage and film actor best known by film audiences for his portrayal of King Arthur in John Boorman's Excalibur. Terry dedicated himself to the classical stage; when he extended himself into film and TV outings, it was for historical or period roles. Terry was born on 15 August 1945 in Bristol, the son of Frank Albert Terry OBE, DFC, a pilot in the Royal Air Force, his wife, Doreen, he was the first baby born in Bristol after the end of World War II. The family soon moved to Truro, Cornwall where his father worked as a probation officer.'Nigs' attended Truro School in Truro, where he developed an interest in acting and became skilled at drawing and painting. His parents encouraged him to go on the stage and after working in forestry and as a petrol pump attendant he joined the National Youth Theatre. In 1963, he enrolled at London’s Central School of Speech and Drama, working both on stage and behind the scenes, he joined the Oxford Meadow Players in 1966, working as assistant stage manager.

After training with repertory companies like the Oxford Meadow Players and Bristol Old Vic, Terry appeared in many productions with the Royal Shakespeare Company, the Round House Theatre and the Royal Court Theatre. Among his roles was Bosola in the 1989 Royal Shakespeare Company production of John Webster's The Duchess of Malfi; the same year, he played Pericles in David Thacker's production of Prince of Tyre. In addition to Excalibur, he appeared in about 20 films, most notably The Lion in Winter in 1968 with Katharine Hepburn, Peter O'Toole and Sir Anthony Hopkins, Derek Jarman's Caravaggio in 1986, where he played the title character. Terry appeared in Troy in 2004 playing the Trojan high priest. An early television appearance was as the agoraphobic Harry Mandrake in the Randall and Hopkirk episode "Somebody Just Walked Over My Grave", his main US and British television appearances include Covington Cross, a series set in medieval times. He appeared in Casualty as Denny, as General Cobb in the Doctor Who episode "The Doctor's Daughter" and as Gabriel Piton in Highlander: The Series.

He played Sam Jacobs in a two-part Waking the Dead episode titled "Anger Management". He appeared in Pie in the Sky series 3 episode 23 "Irish Stew" as Byron de Goris, he appeared in an episode of Foyle's War. After 30 years of living in London, he returned to reside in Cornwall in 1993. He died in Newquay, Cornwall of emphysema on 30 April 2015. In the absence of any surviving close family, his memorial service was organised by close friends Maggie Steed and David Horovitch in Truro on 19 May 2015, attended by fellow actors and personal friends. Nigel Terry on IMDb Profile,

Samuel Henderson (Indianapolis mayor)

Samuel Henderson was the first mayor of Indianapolis, Indiana. The first mayoral election was held on April 24, 1847, Henderson, a member of the Whig Party, took office on May 1, he served a two-year term. Henderson was one of the first settlers of Indianapolis, he was appointed the post master from March 1822 to February 1831. By 1935 he was one of the wealthiest people in the town, owning not only a 160-acre farm, but lots within the Mile Square and elsewhere in the state; when Indianapolis was incorporated as a town in 1832, he was chosen to serve as the first president of the town board of trustees, serving for one year. He became one of the eight directors of the first bank in Indianapolis opened in 1834; the directors arranged large loans to themselves, leaving Henderson and the others in a precarious financial position during the Panic of 1837. The advent of the railroads in Indiana prompted the town to obtain a city charter from the Indiana legislature in 1847. Henderson was elected as the mayor on April 1847, for a two-year term.

However, he became convinced that Indianapolis would become a way station on the railroad lines, after his term as mayor, he sold his real estate holdings at reduced prices and headed for California to join the Gold Rush. He died there in 1883

2016–17 FC Barcelona B season

The 2016–17 season FC Barcelona B season is club's 47th season in existence, the 22nd in Segunda División B and second consecutive season in the third top flight of Spanish football. On 3 June Adrián Ortolá renewed his contract until 2019. On 6 June Ignacio Abeledo signed until 2019. On 29 June Varo and Cardona signed a contract. On 30 June Costa, Ros and Agostinho Cá ended their contracts. On 1 July and Nili signed a contract. On 9 July, Marlon Santos signed a loan agreement until the end of the season. On 12 July, Adrián Ortolá transfers by loan to Alavés. On 12 July, Fali extended his loan for another season. On 12 July, 7 reinforcements for the season were presented. On 13 July, Gafarot was loaned to UE Cornella. On 14 July, he began training. On 19 July, Cámara renewed for another season, with option 3. On 20 July, he won the L'escala team 6-0. On 21 July, Enric Franquesa was on loan to Sabadell. On 22 July, Jokin Ezkieta was on loan to Sabadell. On 23 July, he won the Santfeliuenc FC port 2-0. On 27 July, Barcelona B loses to Llagostera away 1-0.

Total spending: €0 million Total income: €0 million Total expenditure: €0 million Last updated: 15 April 2017 – Home.

Tanroh Ishida

Tanroh Ishida is a Japanese actor based in London, UK. Ishida was trained from the age of three in traditional Japanese Noh and Kyogen theater by his father and his father's master, he has performed at theaters in Japan, at the Carnegie Hall in New York, Shakespeare's Globe in London. When he was 15, he moved to England to study at the Guildhall School of Drama. After graduation, he formed his own theater company, "Tea Leaf Theatre". Beneath, as The Wolf Gambit, as Akihira Kontaro The Railway Man, as the young Takashi Nagase Sen-nen no Yuraku 47 Ronin, as Shogun's Adjutant Tanroh Ishida on IMDb

Sarah Lotz

Sarah Lotz is a novelist and screenwriter. Sarah Lotz was born in England, she left home as a teenager and lived in Paris and Israel before settling in South Africa, where she lived for about twenty years, working as a writer and artist. She married, she received an honours degree in English at the University of Cape Town. In 2015 she returned to live in the UK. Lotz publishes under a number of pseudonyms, she is, with author Louis Greenberg, the urban horror novelist S. L Grey, with her daughter Savannah Lotz she is Lily Herne and she is Helena S. Paige when she writes with Helen Moffett and Paige Nick. Lotz is published by Little, Brown, she lives in Cape Town and Shropshire, UK. The Three Day Four Pompidou Posse The White Road Reborn Missing Person Dark Harvest Body in the Woods Skin Deep The Mall The Ward The New Girl The Apartment The Ward / The Mall / The New Girl Deadlands Death of a Saint The Army Of The Lost Ash Remains

Catholic University of Applied Sciences Freiburg

The Catholic University of Applied Sciences Freiburg was founded in 1971 through combining several predecessor institutions. It is one of the five Universities of Freiburg and one of the seven Catholic Universities of Applied Sciences in Germany; the Catholic University of Applied Sciences in Freiburg im Breisgau is the biggest University of Applied Sciences of Social- and Healthcare in the state of Baden-Württemberg. The responsible body of the Catholic University of Applied Sciences is the Catholic University of Applied Sciences Freiburg gGmbH; the shareholders are the archdiocese Freiburg, the diocese Rottenburg-Stuttgart, the German Caritas association, the Caritas association of the archdiocese Freiburg and the Caritas association of the diocese Rottenburg-Stuttgart. The Catholic University of Applied Sciences is state-approved; the Catholic University of Applied Sciences Freiburg offers seven Bachelor programmes and four Master programmes as well as eight additional voluntary courses of study.

1700 enrolled students are supported by 34 professors in teaching and executive education. The Caritas-Library is the largest specialised library for social sciences and healthcare; the Catholic University of Applied Sciences is part of a network with 15 European Universities as well as partnerships with universities in North and South America. The first Social Studies schools were founded in Freiburg after the end of World War I; the qualification of its staff has always been of central importance to the founder of the German Caritas association, Lorenz Werthmann. In 1920, the Caritas School Freiburg was founded based on the focus of preparing church communities for charitable work. In 1933, the school was renamed to "Seminar for social welfare worker" On 1 October 2010, the Catholic Technical College Freiburg was renamed to the Catholic University of Applied Sciences Freiburg. Christian view of humanity Interdisciplinarity Musical education Intercultural learning In 2007, tuition fees of €500 were introduced by the federal government of Baden-Württemberg.

In 2011, these fees have been abolished again for state universities. For the winter semester 2012/13, the tuition fees for the Bachelor programmes at the Catholic University of Applied Sciences Freiburg were reduced from €500 to €280. Available Bachelor programmes: Social Work Health Care Curative Education/Inclusive Education Management for Health Care Vocational Education for Health Care Management for Pedagogical and Educational Institutes Pedagogics/Educational StudiesMaster programmes: consecutive Clinical Curative Education Development of Social and Health ServicesFurther Education Applied Ethics for social and health care Management und leadership skills are offered as an open study programme within the framework of the programme Project and studies Media related to Katholische Hochschule at Wikimedia Commons Website