Nikola III Zrinski

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Nikola III Zrinski
Zrínyi III. Miklós
Nikola III. Zrinski (1489-1534.).JPG
Image of Nikola III Zrinski on a silver thaler minted in Gvozdansko
Predecessor Petar II Zrinski
Successor Nikola Šubić Zrinski
Born 1488 or 1489
Died 1534
Buried Franciscan church of St. Margaret
Spouse(s) Jelena née Karlović, sister of Ivan Karlović
  • Jelena
  • Margareta
  • Ivan I
  • Juraj III
  • Nikola IV
  • Petar III
Father Petar II Zrinski

Nikola III Zrinski (1488 or 1489? – 1534) was a Croatian nobleman, a member of the Zrinski noble family, influential in the Kingdom of Croatia.


Born as the son of Petar II Zrinski (1435–1493), who had fallen in the battle of Krbava field, Nikola III Zrinski lived on his large Zrin estate in central Croatia. He was married to Jelena Karlović (Gusić), the princess of Krbava, a sister of Ivan Karlović (Gusić), future Ban (Viceroy) of Croatia. She bore him six children, among them Nikola Šubić Zrinski, one of the greatest military leaders in Croatian history and a national hero both in Croatia and in Hungary.

Nikola is known for his attendance of the 1527 election in Cetin when Ferdinand I, Archduke of Austria was elected the new king of Croatia. Among the seals of six Croatian noblemen on the charter confirming the election there is also his seal. Moreover, some historians believe that Zrinski was the one who played the crucial role for Ferdinand's choice.

In his Gvozdansko Castle, not far from Zrin, he had his own silver coins minted, like his father had done before. There were silver, gold and lead ore mines, smelteries, foundries and mints in his property.

In the time of the threatening Ottoman danger, Nikola III Zrinski died in Zrin and was buried in the neighbouring Franciscan church of St. Margaret (according to some historians: church of St. Mary Magdalene). He was succeeded by his son Nikola IV, future Ban of Croatia and hero of Szigetvár (Battle of Szigeth).

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