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Nord-Frøya herad
Former municipality
Nord-Frøya herad is located in Sør-Trøndelag
Nord-Frøya herad
Nord-Frøya herad
Nord-Frøya within Sør-Trøndelag
Nord-Frøya herad is located in Norway
Nord-Frøya herad
Nord-Frøya herad
Nord-Frøya herad (Norway)
Coordinates: 63°47′44″N 08°48′28″E / 63.79556°N 8.80778°E / 63.79556; 8.80778Coordinates: 63°47′44″N 08°48′28″E / 63.79556°N 8.80778°E / 63.79556; 8.80778
Country Norway
County Sør-Trøndelag
District Fosen
Established 1906
Disestablished 1964
Administrative centre Svellingen
 • Total 139 km2 (54 sq mi)
  *Area at municipal dissolution.
Population (1964)
 • Total 4,348
 • Density 31/km2 (81/sq mi)
Demonym(s) Frøyværing[1]
Time zone UTC+01:00 (CET)
 • Summer (DST) UTC+02:00 (CEST)
ISO 3166 code NO-1620
Official language form Unknown
Preceded by Frøien in 1906
Succeeded by Frøya in 1964

Nord-Frøya is a former municipality in the old Sør-Trøndelag county, Norway. The 139-square-kilometre (54 sq mi) municipality existed from 1906 until its dissolution in 1964. Nord-Frøya included the northern part of the island of Frøya and all of the small islands to the north and northeast such as Sula, Mausund, Froan, and Halten in what is now the municipality of Frøya in Trøndelag county. The main church for the municipality was Sletta church (or Nord-Frøya Church) which is located at Svellingen (the administrative centre of the municipality) on the northern coast of the island.[2]


The municipality was established on 1 January 1906 when the old municipality of Frøien was divided into two new municipalities: Sør-Frøya in the south (population: 2,091) and Nord-Frøya in the north (population: 3,972). During the 1960s, there were many municipal mergers across Norway due to the work of the Schei Committee. On 1 January 1964, the municipalities of Sør-Frøya (population: 2,208) and Nord-Frøya (population: 4,348) were merged to form the municipality of Frøya.[3]


The municipality is named after the island of Frøya. The prefix Nord- means "northern", literally meaning the northern part of Frøya. The second part of the name comes from Norse mythology. Although Frøya is a variant of the name of the Norse goddess Freyja, the Old Norse form of the name of the island was Frøy or Frey (the ending -a in the modern form is actually the definite article - so the meaning of Frøya is 'the Frøy'). Therefore, the name of the island probably has the same root as the name of the Norse god Freyr, brother to Freyja. The names originally were titles: "lord" or "lady". The oldest meaning of the common word was "(the one) in front; the foremost, the leading" and here in the sense "the island in front of Hitra". Until 1906, the island and municipality name was spelled Frøien (-en is the definite article in Danish-Norwegian).[4]

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