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The Oak Park Arms in Oak Park, Illinois

The Oak Park Arms is an independent living and assisted living retirement community located at 408 S. Oak Park Avenue, Oak Park, Illinois; the Oak Park Arms was built in 1921[1] by Arthur E. Lorenz and was a luxury hotel and residence that hosted gala weddings and was host to many movie stars who stayed there as guests.[2] In the mid 1970s, the Oak Park Arms was purchased and converted into a retirement community for seniors.

The Oak Park Township Senior Services, The Lifelong Learning Center of Oak Park - River Forest are both located inside the Oak Park Arms. More than ten other providers of senior-centered care maintain offices at the Oak Park Arms.[3]

Run by the Polish National Alliance, WPNA, has been broadcasting since 1950 from the Oak Park Arms at 1490 on the AM dial and was formerly called WOPA in tribute to their location; the station's programming serves the diverse linguistic and cultural communities in the Chicago metropolitan area. Current-day urban AC iHeartMedia-owned station WVAZ (102.7) was originally WOPA's FM sister station and also broadcast in its early history from the Oak Park Arms.


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