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Odra Opole
Odra Opole.png
Full nameOpolski Klub Sportowy
Odra Opole
Founded16 June 1945
GroundOdra Stadium
Opole, Poland Poland
ChairmanPoland Karol Wójcik
ManagerPoland Mariusz Rumak
LeagueI liga
WebsiteClub website

Odra Opole (Polish pronunciation: [ˈɔdra ɔˈpɔlɛ]) is a football club based in Opole, Poland, currently playing in the I liga.



The history of Odra Opole began on June 16, 1945, when in the town hall of former German city of Oppeln, a group of sports officials gathered to form a Polish sports organization. Under first chairman, lawyer Leonard Olejnik, Odra organized first sports competition in the now-Polish city: street running (July 1945); in 1948, Odra merged with Lwowianka Opole and Chrobry Groszowice, and in 1948 - 1958, the club was called Budowlani Opole. By 1950, Budowlani had several departments, including football, track and field, tennis, boxing, ice hockey and volleyball.

In 1951, managed by Mieczyslaw Bieniek, Budowlani won promotion to the second tier of Polish football system; in 1952, the team achieved promotion to the Ekstraklasa, after the playoffs with Wlokniarz Krakow (3-2, 1-1). The team from Opole debuted in the Polish top league on March 15, 1953, losing at home 1-2 to Gwardia Warszawa (the lone goal for Budowlani was scored by Augustyn Pocwa), after only one year, Budowlani was relegated back to the second division.

In 1955, Budowlani, with its top scorer Engelbert Jarek (who had been purchased from Polonia Nysa), returned to the Ekstraklasa; in the same year, Opole’s favourites reached the semifinal of the Polish Cup, losing 0-2 to Lechia Gdansk. Budowlani, whose name was in 1958 changed back to Odra, remained in the Polish top class until 1958, after relegation, Odra quickly returned to Ekstraklasa, and in the early 1960s, it was among the best football teams of the nation.

1960s and 1970s[edit]

In 1960 Odra, which at that time featured several players of the Polish national team was close to winning Polish championship. Managed by Teodor Wieczorek, the team lost in the final round to Gwardia Warszawa, eventually finishing the competition in the fourth place; in 1962, Odra won third place in the Polish Cup, after beating Cracovia 3-1.

In 1963/64, Odra was again close to winning Polish championship. Managed by Artur Wozniak, it finished in the 3rd spot, the best in club’s history, qualifying to the Intertoto Cup; in that year, Odra had 31 points in the Ekstraklasa, as many as the runner-up, Zaglebie Sosnowiec.

In 1966, Odra was relegated, to return to the Ekstraklasa in 1967; in the early 1970s, Odra, managed by its former star Engelbert Jarek, had several top class players, including Josef Klose and Zbigniew Gut (11 caps for Poland). Nevertheless, in June 1974 the team was relegated.

In 1975, Engelbert Jarek was replaced by Antoni Piechniczek, former manager of BKS Stal Bielsko-Biala, after one year, Piechniczek won promotion back to the Ekstraklasa. Odra’s Wojciech Tyc (1 cap for Poland) was in 1975/76 top scorer of the second division, together with Janusz Kupcewicz of Arka Gdynia. With new generation of talented players, such as Roman Wojcicki and Jozef Mlynarczyk, Odra on June 18, 1977 won the League Cup, beating 3-1 Polish runner-up Widzew Lodz, earning a spot in the 1977–78 UEFA Cup. There, it lost in the first round to East German side 1. FC Magdeburg (1:2, 1:1).

In the autumn of 1978, Odra was a sensation of the Ekstraklasa, after winning several games, including 5-3 vs. Legia Warsaw in Warsaw (October 29, 1978), and 3-1 vs. Ruch Chorzow in Opole (November 19, 1978), Odra emerged as the autumn round champion. In the spring of 1979 however, Odra lost several important games, eventually finishing the championship in the 5th spot, after this season, Antoni Piechniczek resigned, to be replaced by Jozef Zwierzyna.

1980s and 2000s[edit]

In 1979/1980 Odra finished in the 9th spot, and in 1980/1981, it was relegated, not to return to the Ekstraklasa. Odra’s last so far game in the top Polish class took place on June 14, 1981 vs Legia in Warsaw (1-1, goal by Wojciech Tyc), after relegation, Odra remained in the second division, to be relegated to the third level, in June 1984. With one exception (1985/86), Odra remained in the third league until June 1997, after promotion, the team finished in the 17th spot in the 1997/1998 season of the second division. Odra was not relegated, however, due to a merger with Varta Start Namyslow.

With a new sponsor, Odra was a sensation in the autumn 2000 round of the second division, with 13 victories, 3 ties and 3 losses, it was the leader of its group. In the spring of 2001 however, Odra lost several games and finished in the 4th spot, as was later revealed, Odra’s successes of autumn 2000 were based on corruption, as games were set up by Ryszard Forbrich, aka Fryzjer. In June 2002 Odra was relegated to the third level, to return to the second division in June 2006, after winning playoffs with Radomiak Radom (1-1, 1-1 and 4-2 in the penalty shootout); in October 2006, for the first time in club’s history, a foreigner, Dutchman Guido Vreuls was named Odra’s chairman. On January 9, 2008, another Dutchman, Rob Delahaije, became Odra’s manager, but his record was very disappointing: 4 ties, 2 losses.

In 2009, Odra Opole withdrew from the Polish First League after becoming insolvent; in June of the same year, a new club by the name of Oderka Opole was established. Oderka plans to apply for acceptance into the Polish Fourth League to which Odra's reserves had won promotion.[2] Oderka Opole played in Opolska (Opole) Group in Polish Fourth League and promoted to Opolsko-Slaska (Opole-Silesia) Group of Polish Third League in 2009–10 season. Oderka renamed her name to tradinitional one in 2011–12 season and promoted to Zachodnia (West) group of Polish Second League in 2012–13 season. However, Odra's return to third level was brief and relegated again to fourth one due to reducing teams for unifiying third level despite finishing as 12th.

League Participations[edit]

  • First Level: 1953, 1956–1958 (3 seasons), 1960–1966 (7 seasons), 1967–1970, 1971–1974, 1976–1981
  • Second Level: 1951–1952 (2 seasons), 1954–1955 (2 seasons), 1959, 1966–1967, 1970–1971, 1974–1976, 1981–1984, 1985–1986, 1987–1988, 1997–2002, 2006–2009, 2017-
  • Third Level: 1948–1950 (3 seasons), 1984–1985, 1986–1987, 1988–1997, 2002–2006, 2013–2014, 2016-2017
  • Fourth Level: 2010–2013, 2014–2016
  • Fifth Level: 2009–2010

Recent seasons[edit]

Year Division Position
1999–2000 Second League (II) 8th
2000–01 Second League (II) 4th
2001–02 Second League (II) 18th (relegated)
2002–03 Third League (III) 5th
2003–04 Third League (III) 4th
2004–05 Third League (III) 12th
2005–06 Third League (III) 2nd (promoted 1)
2006–07 First League (III) 10th
2007–08 First League (II) 13th
2008–09 First League (II) 17th (relegated)
2009–10 Fourth League (V) 1st (promoted)
2010–11 Third League (IV) 5th
2011–12 Third League (IV) 6th
2012–13 Third League (IV) 1st (promoted)
2013–14 Second League (III) 12th (relegated)
2014–15 Third League (IV) 2nd
2015–16 Third League (IV) 1st (promoted)
2016-17 Second League (III) 2nd (promoted)

1: promotion play-off won.


National Honours[edit]

International Honours[edit]

Club Records[edit]

  • first game in the Ekstraklasa: March 15, 1953, Budowlani Opole - Gwardia Warszawa 1:2 (0:0),
  • first point in the Ekstraklasa: April 19, 1953 Budowlani Opole – Gornik Radlin 1:1 (1:1),
  • first Ekstraklasa victory: June 7, 1953, Budowlani Opole – Legia Warszawa 3:2 (2:1),
  • record victory in the Ekstraklasa: September 8, 1961: Odra Opole – Lechia Gdansk 9:2 (5:0),
  • record loss in the Ekstraklasa: August 19, 1964 Polonia Bytom – Odra Opole 7:0 (5:0),
  • longest winning streak in the Ekstraklasa: 7 victories, 1979,
  • record all-time victory, Third League game 1984/1985: Odra Opole – WKS Wielun 13:0 (5:0)

Odra’s Players in Polish National Team[edit]

Current squad[edit]

As of 17 March 2018.[3]

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
1 Poland GK Tobiasz Weinzettel
3 Czech Republic DF Vaclav Cverna
4 Poland DF Aleksander Kowalski
5 Poland MF Rafał Niziołek
6 Poland MF Tomasz Wepa
7 Poland DF Robert Trznadel
8 Poland DF Rafał Brusiło
9 Slovakia MF Tomas Mikinic
11 Poland MF Mateusz Marzec
15 Czech Republic FW David Ledecky
16 Poland FW Bartłomiej Maćczak
17 Czech Republic MF Jakub Habusta
18 Poland DF Łukasz Winiarczyk
No. Position Player
20 Poland FW Szymon Skrzypczak
21 Poland MF Sebastian Bryłka
23 Poland MF Mateusz Peroński
24 Poland DF Mateusz Bodzioch
30 Poland MF Filip Żagiel
37 Slovakia DF Martin Baran
86 Poland MF Gabriel Nowak
88 Poland MF Marcin Wodecki
98 Poland MF Mateusz Czyżycki
99 Spain FW Iván Martín


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