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In Greek mythology, Oenopion was a legendary king of Chios, was said to have brought winemaking to the island, assigned to him by Rhadamanthys. Oenopion was the son of the Cretan princess Ariadne by Dionysus, he was born on Lemnos. By Queen Helike, Oenopion had one daughter, called either Merópē, or Aërō by Parthenius, he had several sons, namely Melas, Maron, Euanthes and Athamas, who all sailed with him to Chios from Crete. The most well known story of Oenopion is the one that deals with him receiving the famous giant hunter Orion as a guest, with Orion's subsequent attempt to violate his daughter; the story differs somewhat in different ancient sources. For the details, see Orion. Orion walked to Chios over the Aegean, Oenopion welcomed him with a banquet. In revenge, Oenopion stabbed out Orion's eyes, threw him off the island. Hephaestus gave him his servant Cedalion as a guide. Cedalion guided him east. Orion decided to kill Oenopion, but the Chians had built the king an underground fortress, Orion couldn't find him.

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William F. Allen (New York politician)

William Fitch Allen was an American lawyer and politician. He was born on July 28, 1808, in Windham County, the eldest son of Abner Harvey Allen and Cynthia Palmer, a sister of the mother of Sanford E. Church, he graduated from Union College in 1826. He studied law in the office of John C. Wright at Esperance, New York, in the office of C. M. and E. S. Lee at Rochester, New York, he was admitted to the bar in 1829, commenced practice in partnership with George Fisher at Oswego until 1833. In 1834, he formed a partnership with Abraham P. Grant which continued until his election to the New York Supreme Court, he was Supervisor of the Town of Oswego in 1836 and 1837. Allen was a Democratic member of the New York State Assembly in 1843 and 1844. From 1845 to 1847, he was United States Attorney for the Northern District of New York, he was a Justice of the New York Supreme Court from 1847 to 1863, sat ex officio on the Court of Appeals in 1854 and 1862. In 1863, he resumed the practice of law there, he was New York State Comptroller from 1868 to 1870, elected at the New York state election, 1867.

He resigned this office in June 1870. At the New York special judicial election, 1870, he was elected to the New York Court of Appeals, in July 1870 became one of the first judges of the new court upon its re-organization after the amendment of the State Constitution in 1869, he remained on the bench until his death on June 1878, in Oswego, New York. Court of Appeals history Bio at NYCoA history

The Rocket (2013 film)

The Rocket is a 2013 Australian drama film written and directed by Kim Mordaunt. It is set in Northern Laos, spoken in the Lao language; as an Australian production, it was the country’s entry for Best Foreign Language Film at the 86th Academy Awards but was not nominated. The Rocket won the Audience Award and the award for Best Actor in a Narrative Feature Film at the Tribeca Film Festival, it was screened at the AFI Fest. In the Laos mountains, a woman named, her husband's mother, Taitok says that the living child must die, because legend has it that when twins are birthed, one twin is blessed while the other is cursed. Believing her sole living son to be blessed, Mali refuses to kill him and so, she and Taitok keep it a secret from her husband, Toma. Seven years the living twin named Ahlo learns that a second dam is being built, so Toma takes Ahlo to see the dam, where a video is shown, revealing that the people of Ahlo's village will have to be relocated since the valley that they live in will be flooded between the two dams.

So Ahlo and his family move through the woods, after much dispute. With the help of a ploughing buffalo, they manage to get the boat half way up the hill, only for the ropes to snap, sending the boat crashing into Mali, killing her. Furious, Taitok reveals to Toma that Ahlo is a twin and that "he should have died". After burying Mali and his family ride a bus to their new village, which Taitok doesn't much like due to the running water and electricity that replaces their "traditions". Here, Ahlo meets a girl named Kia, who has lost her entire family and now lives with her uncle, a fan of James Brown. Kia shows Ahlo soft land for him to grow mangoes on, which he wishes to do in honour of his mother, but Toma forbids Ahlo from associating with them, making Ahlo destroy Toma's model house out of anger, he visits Kia and Purple again and learns that all the electricity, promised to the people are being used by the "hydro bosses". The following night, Ahlo sneaks out and attempts to get electricity for the people by hooking up some cables to the main power source, but owing to his bad luck, he ends up causing a blackout for everyone else except for Kia and Purple, who have electricity for their television set.

The next day, Ahlo tells Kia about his tribe's tradition about being a cursed twin. When he accidentally desecrates a sacred shrine, Ahlo and Taitko have their house and belongings burnt in retaliation. Along with Kia and Purple, they all sneak out of the village in a cart filled with undetonated bombs from the war or UXO, they journey for days and arrive at Purple's village, which they call Paradise, which seems to have no other inhabitants. Ahlo and Kia run off into the bushes to play, but Ahlo sets off a bomb in the event of smashing fruit that Kia threw to him. Toma proposes moving again due to the land being surrounded by these dangerous bombs. While journeying for yet another home and company cross paths with a parade of travelers, where he hears an announcer mention a rocket competition that gives out cash prizes. While settling down, they are met by the village chief who tells them that the purpose of the contest is to launch them into the clouds in which they'll explode and produce rain.

Believing this could break his curse, Ahlo announces his intentions to build a rocket and enter the contest to earn the money for them to buy a new home, but Toma and Taitko won't allow him, due to his presumed bad luck. Ahlo still decides to build his own rocket and runs off. While walking through the woods in search of things to build his rocket with, Ahlo comes across another unexploded bomb, but its hard casing proves to be usable for a rocket, but blows up seconds after Ahlo hits it with a rock. Ahlo manages to get Purple to help him build the rocket. Purple takes Ahlo to a bat cave to collect bat droppings that, according to Purple, can be used for blasting up the rocket. Inside the cave, Ahlo comes across a woman who considers him to be an evil spirit, causing him to run out of the cave screaming; the rocket festival begins the next day. While some people are launching their rockets, Ahlo is still in the woods trying to put his together, he grinds the bat droppings into powder, but tests it out on a few mini rockets, to no avail, so Ahlo tries urinating on the bat dropping powder.

In the contest, Toma launches his rocket, named Lucky, but lets go of it too soon and launches it poorly. A champion rocket named The Million is launched afterwards which reaches the clouds. Ahlo brings his rocket in, which he calls The Bat, but the announcer tells him that kids aren't allowed to launch. Ahlo asks Toma to launch it, but Taitko doesn't allow him to, believing that The Bat will blow everyone up because of Ahlo's bad luck. Nobody else volunteers to do so and Ahlo runs off. Toma decides to launch it anyway. Kia catches up to Ahlo and tells him what his father is doing, so he runs back to the contest, thinking the rocket will kill Toma, shouts his apology over the loud roaring of the rocket; the Bat is launched properly this time and it reaches the clouds. The Bat surprisingly explodes inside the cloud, causing it to rain. Ahlo is now no longer considered cursed. Sitthiphon Disamoe as Ahlo Loungnam Kaosainam as Kia Suthep Po-ngam as Purple Bunsri Yindi as Taitok Sumrit Warin as Toma Alice Keohavong as Mali The Rocket was met with critical acclaim, earning

Preston FM

Preston FM was a community radio station broadcasting on 103.2 MHz from its base on Cannon Street, Preston, UK, which commenced full-time broadcasting on 6 October 2008. It has no connection with the now defunct Northern Irish station of the same name; the station has broadcast on six one-month trials, in October 2005, March 2006, November 2006, May 2007, November 2007, 2–29 June 2008. The community broadcaster, led by station manager Richard Lace, subsequently received a full-time community radio licence from UK regulator Ofcom; the station was backed thanks to EU funding. As of April 2012, the station went independent due to the closure of the arts charity Prescap. 10 April 2015 Licence Number CR000158BA/3, designated to run until 5 October 2018, was registered to Preston Community Radio 23, a limited company differing in makeup, constitution, to Preston FM Ltd which had run the station from April 2012. From 4 May 2015, 103.2 Preston FM was re-branded as "CityBeat" with schedule. Many volunteers and staff will organise workshops that focus on teaching radio and broadcasting and mixing music along with oral and presenting skills.

The workshops have, since the station went full-time in 2008, reached out to colleges. Preston FM launched a project named 12 weeks of summer, where across a twelve-week period, the radio station went on a tour of six locations in and around the city of Preston, broadcast from each of the six locations for 2 weeks at a time, starting in Leyland at the Rococo Coffee lounge and moving on to Ingol, Garstang Discovery Centre, Moor Park at the Preston College Park campus and ending the tour with Preston FM broadcasting live from the City Centre, from inside the Guild Hall; the station's website can be found at City Beat Official Site

Not Letting Go

"Not Letting Go" is a song by British rapper Tinie Tempah. It features the vocals from British singer Jess Glynne; the song was released as a digital download in the United Kingdom on 21 June 2015 as the lead single for his third studio album Youth. It appears on the deluxe version of Glynne's debut album, I Cry When I Laugh. "Not Letting Go" samples the song "Not for Long" by American rapper B.o. B. and contains a sample from "There's a Better Way" from Jermaine Jackson's 1982 album "Let Me Tickle Your Fancy". The song entered at the top of the UK Singles Chart, giving Tempah his sixth UK chart-topper and Glynne her fourth. Tempah overtook Dizzee Rascal for most number-one singles by a British rap artist. Talking to Digital Spy, Tinie Tempah said, "I've been a fan of Jess since I heard her song'Home'. We spoke about doing something together. We both kept bumping into each other at festivals. We set a date for studio with Bless Beats, who produced the track, it just kind of happened." He said "Both being Londoners, I wanted to make a song that captured that London summertime feeling, always the best time of the year for me and the time where I've had my most romantic experience.

So it's an ode to a girl I met and our experiences in this amazing city we call home – London!" The song finished the year as the 36th-best-selling song of 2015 in the United Kingdom. The music video was directed by Joe Alexander, it features both Tempah and Glynne, was shot in Brockwell Park, South London. Tempah performed the song with Sasha Keable on The Graham Norton Show, as Glynne was having surgery on her vocal chords

Cinema Tools

Cinema Tools is a software program for filmmakers, to use in conjunction with Final Cut Pro. It facilitates the creation of an integrated film database, allowing the management of film material through telecine. Cinema Tools is software bundled with Final Cut Studio that combines film database tools with conversion tools, it is used to log and keep track of film as well as to reverse telecine or perform advanced pulldown from standard 30 frames per second to 24 frames per second. Since NTSC standards are 29.97 frame/s, digital formats must be recorded via telecine to NTSC standard from the 24 frame/s source. Cinema Tools pulls out the redundant frames and/or fields associated with the footage and converts it back to its native 24p format; the application was developed by Loren Kary and released as FilmLogic before being purchased by Apple. The application was released by Apple in 2002 as a stand-alone product, it was included as part of version 4 of Final Cut Pro. See a release history in context with the rest of Final Cut Studio