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Olaf Ludwig

Olaf Ludwig is a former German racing cyclist. His career began at the SG Dynamo Gera / Sportvereinigung Dynamo; as an East German, he raced as an amateur until reunification of Germany allowed him to become professional with Panasonic team. As a sprinter, the highlight of his career was winning the points classification in the 1990 Tour de France. Other highlights include the Olympic road race in Seoul in 1988, a record 38 stage victories in the Peace Race, winning the Amstel Gold Race in 1992, podium placings in the Paris–Roubaix, he won the 1992 UCI Road World Cup. His sprinting rivals included Wilfried Nelissen and Djamolidine Abdoujaparov. In 1993 he joined Team Telekom T-Mobile Team. On retirement in 1996 he took up public relations for the team, he subsequently became principal team manager, but his involvement with the team finished at the end of 2006. Olaf Ludwig: Höllenritt auf der Himmelsleiter. Etappen meines Lebens. Herausgegeben von Helmut Wengel. RhinoVerlag, Arnstadt & Weimar 1997, ISBN 3-932081-18-8

North Charleston Fire Museum

The North Charleston Fire Museum and Educational Center is a fire museum displaying a collection of fire fighting vehicles dating back to the 1780s. On permanent loan from the American LaFrance Company, headquartered nearby until its closure in 2014, the 20,000 square feet facility displays more than 20 restored vehicles, interactive exhibits and simulators. Established in 2007 by the city of North Charleston, the museum is a popular rainy day activity for tourists. Retired and active firefighters from the area provide tours for groups and area available to answer questions about the equipment and fire safety. Other exhibits include a 4-D film on the history of firefighting, robotic presentation on fire dangers in the home and a small playground area with a fire-pole and slide; the Fire Museum is a stop on the route for some shuttle buses that operate between Charleston and its airport


Sunghursh is a 1968 Indian Hindi film directed and produced by Harnam Singh Rawail. It is based on a short story Layli Asmaner Ayna in Bengali language by Jnanpith Award-winning writer Mahasweta Devi, which presents a fictionalised account of vendetta within a thuggee cult in the holy Indian town of Varanasi; the film stars Dilip Kumar, Sanjeev Kumar, Balraj Sahni, Deven Verma, Durga Khote and Iftekhar. The music is by Naushad and lyrics for the songs are by Shakeel Badayuni. Naushad and Badayuni had worked together on many films and were "the most sought after" composer-lyricist duo of the time in Bollywood. Sunghursh was popularly mistaken to be a debut film of Sanjeev Kumar, it did well commercially on release and is called a "classic" Bollywood film. It is the last film where Vyjayanthimala worked together; the actors had done a great number of films together in the lead roles, every one was a commercial success. The director Harnam Singh Rawail's son Rahul Rawail, a director, paid a tribute to this film by titling one of his as Jeevan Ek Sanghursh starring Anil Kapoor and Madhuri Dixit.

Bhavani Prasad is a powerful Shakta priest at Kashi. Prasad, a devotee of the black goddess Kali and a thuggee, religiously follows a practice to murder wealthy travelers who stay in his pilgrim guesthouse and offers them as a sacrifice to Kali. Prasad's son Shankar does not agree to such practices, opposes his father and decides to leave the village with his wife and their three children: Kundan and Gopal. Prasad forcibly takes Kundan with him to follow in his footsteps and forbids him from seeing the rest of the family. Young Kundan is now being raised by his grandfather Prasad, who desires to have Kundan as his successor, head of a temple and pilgrim guesthouse on the banks of the Ganges river. Prasad mysteriously puts the blame on his enemy and nephew, Naubatlal. Prasad had earlier killed Naubatlal's father; when Naubatlal learns the truth, he decides to take revenge, but Prasad kills Naubatlal before he could do anything. Naubatlal's family decides to leave the village and settle down Calcutta where his two young sons and Ganeshi Prasad, work as merchants.

They learn about their father's death from their mother and swear to avenge their father's death by killing Prasad and his grandson Kundan. Kundan continues to serve Prasad in the Banaras temple, but does not follow the practice of killing people; when he is invited to his younger sister, Yashodha's marriage, Kundan gets a chance to visit his mother and grandmother and his siblings after many years. One day, Kundan meets Laila-E-Aasmaan, a courtesan, in the temple who has come from Calcutta after her madam's death. Kundan falls in love with Munni. Kundan proposes to Laila, but Prasad does not agree to the marriage, knowing that Laila was hired by Dwarka and Ganesh Prasad to seduce Kundan and bring him to them. Kundan decides to end the feud with Dwarka. Dwarka attacks Kundan, but gets killed my him; as repentance for his grandfather's sins, Kundan decides to serve Ganeshi and takes another identity, that of Bajrangi to make peace with him, only to realise that Ganeshi Prasad is in love with Laila and wants to marry her as his second wife.

Director Rawail had considered Sadhana to play the lead actress of the film. He had waited for months to sign her in his Mere Mehboob, but now the actress had developed thyroid problems and took a break from acting for treatment in Boston. Rawail signed Vyjayanthimala for the role. Dilip Kumar and Vyjayanthimala who had worked together for Naya Daur were said to have a romantic affair; the actors parted. Thus, most of the scenes between the two actors for Sungharsh were shot separately; when the film was near completion, it was rumoured that with the increasing conflicts between the two leading actors, Vyjayanthimala would be replaced by another actress, Waheeda Rehman. Rehman had replaced Vyjayanthimala in another Hindi film starring Kumar, Ram Aur Shyam, being shot with Sunghursh. Vyjayanthimala declined the claim of her leaving the film when it was about to finish its shooting. Sungharsh was the last film where Vyjayanthimala worked together. By both the actors had done the maximum number of films together and each was a commercial success.

Sanjeev Kumar, who had acted in theatre and other smaller film productions, was noticed through his performance of negative role through Sungharsh and he shot to fame. He was commended for his role while a newcomer as compared with established actors like Dilip Kumar and Balraj Sahni; the film was popularly mistaken to be his debut. As Sungharsh was set in Varanasi during the 19th century, Rawail took special care about the costumes and sets to create the look for the period; the actor-director Rajesh Roshan had worked as an assistant director on the film. The music for all the songs is composed by Naushad and the lyrics are written by Shakeel Badayuni. Naushad and Badayuni had worked together on many films and were "the most sought after" composer-lyricist duo of the time in Bollywood, their collaborations of Baiju Bawra, Mother India, Mughal-e-Azam and more are quite popular. They had worked with Rawail and had given the musical hit Mere Mehboob in 1963; the film's soundtrack has seven songs sung by Mohammad Rafi and Lata Mangeshkar with one song sung by Asha Bhosle.

All are solo songs where Naushad used the music fro


Canal 28 is an educational and public television station owned and operated by the government of the Mexican state of Nuevo León. It is part of Radio y Televisión de Nuevo León and broadcasts on 24 transmitters serving the entire state. XHMNL-TV, the Monterrey transmitter, signed on May 14, 1982, as part of the Televisión de la República Mexicana/Televisión Rural de México system; the original offices were located on the 28th floors of the Latino Building in Monterrey. In 1984 XHMNL broke from the network and became a station focused on Monterrey and Nuevo León, under the auspices of the state government. Channel 28's transmitter is located on Cerro El Mirador. On September 24, 2015, XHMNL in Monterrey shut off its analog signal and began broadcasting in digital on channel 28. Other transmitters followed in December 2016, with the state network adopting 28 as its virtual channel. In May 2017, TVNL began branding as Canal 28 with slogan. On September 5, 2018, the Federal Telecommunications Institute approved the conversion of Canal 28 into a common-concession state network that could build new repeaters anywhere in Nuevo León, with the existing 23 repeaters of XHMNL-TDT losing their individual concessions and callsigns and being moved to channel 28 to form a single-frequency network.

Canal 28 broadcasts a variety of cultural, public affairs, news and other programs. The state government owns 24 transmitters carrying Canal 28 programming. In March 2018, in order to facilitate the repacking of TV services out of the 600 MHz band, XHMNG was assigned channel 27 for continued digital operations

2014–15 Louisiana–Monroe Warhawks men's basketball team

The 2014–15 Louisiana–Monroe Warhawks men's basketball team represented the University of Louisiana at Monroe in the 2014–15 NCAA Division I men's basketball season. The Warhawks, led by fifth year head coach Keith Richard, played their home games at Fant–Ewing Coliseum and were members of the Sun Belt Conference, they finished the season 14 -- 6 in Sun Belt play to finish in a tie for second place. They advanced to the semifinals of the Sun Belt Tournament, they were invited to the College Basketball Invitational where they defeated Eastern Michigan and Vermont to advance to the best-of-three finals series against Loyola–Chicago. They lost to Loyola–Chicago in the finals 2 games to 0

Killer Instinct World Cup

Killer Instinct World Cup is an annual fighting game tournament held in Texas focusing on the 2013 Killer Instinct reboot. The event's first incarnation was in January 2016 which featured Killer Instinct with a total of 32 qualifiers; the finals uses a double-elimination format and includes various tournaments as qualifiers such as EVO and Combo Breaker. The 2016 Killer Instinct World Cup Finals was announced by Ultra Arcade's Brandon Alexander in December 2014, which had a $10,000 prize pool with 16 qualifiers, but was increased to a $30,000 prize pool with 32 qualifiers. Four last chance qualifying spots were held as well; the tournament was won by EVO 2015 Champion Jonathan "Rico Suave" Deleon, who used Shadow Jago in the tournament, however used Omen against Matt Rebelo in Winner's Finals due to the lack of TJ Combo matchup experience and Glacius in Grand Finals as a hard counter to Lenin "MyGod" Castillo's Sabrewulf. The EVO 2014 Champion, Emmanuel "CD Jr." Brito has notably tied for last, despite being seeded 3rd in the bracket.

The #1 player in points rankings Kenneth "Bass" Armas was notably upset in the first round of the tournament to one of the Last Chance qualifiers Joshua "Waterhorses" Vargas, while managing to blast through Loser's Bracket, while bowing out to FlipSid3 Tactics' Darnell "Sleep" Waller. However, one of the most unexpected placings was Canadian player Rebelo ending in 3rd place while being sent to Loser's by Rico Suave in Winner's Finals, followed by being eliminated by MyGod in a Loser's Finals runback from an early Winner's Bracket upset. Killer Instinct World Cup took place at the Fountain Bleu in San Antonio, Texas on January 30–31, 2016; the 2017 Killer Instinct World Cup was announced on April 5, 2016. The season would include more offline qualifiers than the previous season, as well as once again being a 32-man finals. In 2017, the KI World Cup issued a ban towards taunting and teabagging, following its frequent practice by NuckleDu in Street Fighter V; this would spark controversy from the fighting game community with members such as Echo Fox pro SonicFox and Iron Galaxy Studios dev Adam "Keits" Heart speaking about their disdain regarding the ban.

Lab monster Javits used Daigo Umehara's playstyle from EVO Moment #37 as a reference to mention that enforcing such rule would be impossible. The teabagging ban would be revoked following the controversy surrounding the rule, while there is still zero tolerance policies for threats and sexual harassment; the event took place from March 10 to 12 of 2017. The Kilgore DLC raised more than $50,000 towards the 2018 season's prize pool. Killer Instinct website Ultra Arcade Twitter Page Ultra Arcade Facebook Page Killer Instinct World Cup standings